Chapter 377:

Chapter 377: Important Discussion

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 377: Important Discussion

Narrator: Back at the Council of Demons meeting.

Dakame: I think we shall start wrapping up our meeting now.

*Vollmond feels a disturbance and opens his eyes wide. He gets up and starts leaving*

Dakame: Where are you going?

Vollmond: Please excuse me. I have something I need to take care of. Let’s just say that it is werewolf business. I am a demon werewolf after all.

*Vollmond leaves the room. Hamura was standing by the door. She just smiles at him*


Narrator: Over to Kurt and Joe.

*Joe and Kurt are at a cemetery in the early evening. They are looking at the graves of Kurt and his father, Beck*

Kurt: It’s not often one gets to see his own grave.

Joe: I’m sure it’s not often that one gets reincarnated as an angel either.

*Kurt laughs a bit*

Kurt: True that.

Joe: Your mom came here a lot. It was hard on her with her husband and only child gone.

Kurt: That is another reason why I will make Gentorious pay. He will die by my hands.

Joe: All of us will be with you along the way. I know you said that we can’t adventure together anymore but we still want to support you in any way we can.

*Kurt looks a bit sad*

Kurt: Joe… You apologized to me but now I want to apologize to you. I’m sorry about Emily.

Joe: Why?

Kurt: Perhaps if I were there to help fight, she wouldn’t have become a vampire.

Joe: We can just cure her. There is nothing to apologize about.

Kurt: Can we though? Daniel’s words sounded like there was no known cure.

*Joe opens his mouth and his eyes wide in despair*

Joe: No…


Narrator: Back in Heaven.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Emily meet with Harmona and a male angel doctor in the doctor’s office*

Emily: I want to cure my vampirism. How do I do it?

*Harmona then has a sad expression and the doctor slowly exhales*

Emily: What’s wrong?

Doctor: I regret to say this but there is no known simple cure.

Emily: What are you talking about!? I can feel my hunger for mortal blood continuing to increase! I need a cure!

Doctor: I understand how you feel but it would take a crazy and hard-to-replicate method like what happened with Zeth in order to do it.

Harmona: The vampirism is so ingrained in your blood that we would need to extract it to cure you. Obviously, you can’t live without blood though.

*Emily looks speechless*

Zeth: How long have vampires been around!? How can Heaven not find a cure in that time!?

Harmona: The mother of the current Dark Goddess created them so they have been around longer than I have been alive but attempts to find a cure have been unsuccessful so far. Because of this, those that are turned into vampires are usually executed.

*Emily now has a look of fear*

Zeth: Executed!? Even if they were turned against their own will!?

Harmona: Yes.

Zeth: But why!?

Harmona: Their death is done painlessly and they transition nicely to Heaven but the rule was put in place by my mother, Zothena. The rationale is that there is nothing you can do for them and you don’t want them infecting even more mortals. The previous Dark Goddess was a genius inventor. She created a demon type that can easily spread to non-demons. Her lesser power was made up for by her skills at creation. However, I don’t agree with my mother’s decision and I continue to have our researchers try to find a cure. Don’t worry, I won’t send you to execution. You have been very helpful to us. We will try everything to accommodate your situation.

*Emily feels better*

Emily: Thank goodness…

Doctor: I should also mention that vampirism means your aging has now ceased entirely and what effects it has combining it with the fact that you are also an Enigmus is currently unknown.

Harmona: Now, there is another important matter to discuss. Zeth, you must be careful when using Blood Form. I won’t always be around to save you from losing control. You went into Stage 4. It’s not safe to go beyond Stage 3. You could have killed many of your friends and allies… Trust me. I’m speaking from experience.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Emily look at her curiously*

Zeth: Experience?

Sasha: You killed your own friends and allies?

*Harmona has a regretful look*

Harmona: Yes. When I led an invasion of Hell when I was 34 years old, I went into Stage 4 Blood Form. I became a fearsome monster. I killed the previous Dark Goddess but I also killed many of my own allies while they tried to tranquilize me. (Author’s Note: As a reminder, this was revealed back in Chapter 255).

Harmona: Remember what I told you when we first met at the Temple of the Light Goddess? Blood Magic is supposedly a curse from a deity known as the “Blood Deity”. It’s helpful when its power is used in moderation but taking it to enough heights makes it dangerous for your own side.

Zeth: I just remember my anger at seeing dad getting pierced by Kazan’s beam and then… I lost myself and don’t remember much.

Harmona: What’s worse is that Stage 4 isn’t even the final stage. There is a Stage 5.

Sasha: Stage 5? Even more monstrous than what Zeth became?

Harmona: Yes. Once you become Stage 5, there is no turning back.

*Zeth looks scared*

Zeth: And I could have reached that…

Harmona: There is currently a Stage 5 out there right now.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Emily look shocked*

Harmona: You remember Armageddon, right? Armageddon is someone that became a Stage 5 Blood Form.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Emily are shocked again*

Harmona: That’s right. The current Armageddon is not the first Armageddon and as long as Hell continues to be evil, it certainly won’t be the last Armageddon. All Dakame ever has to do is get someone into Stage 5 Blood Form and then she has a permanent all-powerful beast among her collection of monsters. The only thing stopping her from trying to make an army of them is that they can’t be controlled. Stage 5 Blood Form monsters will try to destroy everything.

(Author’s Note: Something that was easy to overlook back in Chapter 236 was that the Dark Goddess said that after their invasion of Earth is successful, she would kill the current Armageddon and then create a new one because it can't be controlled, basically confirming what Harmona is saying here.)

Narrator: Harmona has revealed that Emily’s vampirism can’t be cured and that Blood Form can be extremely dangerous along with Armageddon being a Stage 5 Blood Form person! What disturbance does Vollmond feel?

Chapter 377 END

To be Continued in Chapter 378: Who is Dayna’s Mother?