Chapter 6:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

The Spider's Web kingdom

-Hurry up Y1ng, just take what you can carry with 4 legs and leave the other 4 to run, just take what is most important to you and let's go.

-I choose Y4ng (answered the big guy with a deep hoarse voice).

-The big black tarantula took her little albino sister because she knew that she was twice as big, twice as strong, and twice as fast, she did not know it with knowledge, it was a matter of instinctive information, knowledge is a word reserved for those who can think, for the intelligent, for the smart ones like her sister, who was twice as smart, twice as beautiful, but also twice as fragile.

-It was dawn, in the burrow of the Web kingdom, kilometers of tunnels arranged like labyrinths, formed the niche of the most advanced city in terms of technology in all insectopia, the city that never sleeps! they called it, an incredible place, if not for the way in which the ruler treated its citizens.

-Every inhabitant of the Spider's Web kingdom, had to deliver a new invention at the end of the cycle, no matter the age, no matter the class, no matter the resources, no matter if you divided your time between working, inventing or living, what mattered was to deliver a new invention at the end of the cycle, this rule had to be fulfilled or else the cloth bag, which corresponded to your invention of the cycle, was filled with your head, and hung in the central square as a constant reminder of the duty of every citizen of the kingdom.

There were only two rules in the lawless kingdom..:
1.- Deliver a new invention on the last day of the cycle, (each cycle composed of 13 solar days).
2.- NOT to leave the kingdom without authorization of the ruler.

-To comply with the first rule, half of the population composed of intelligent spiders, endowed with great creative and technological skills, were able to meet the quota, sacrificing their time of life, without eating, without sleeping, without resting after their ordinary workday, because they all needed to work on everyday things to survive and get money to buy materials and tools.

However, the deadline of the cycle was not the only challenge, and the other half of the population, lacking the talent or creative intelligence, used all their resources of time and money to steal inventions, stalk their own neighbor to kill him just when the invention of that cycle was finished, there was a hidden enemy right next to each citizen, which created a chronic feeling of being able to lose your life at any moment, considering that there was no law outside the 2 sacred rules, everything was allowed, espionage, plagiarism, homicide, patricide, infanticide, even organized gangs that kidnapped inventors, it was common to hear of whole families kidnapped, or worse, whole families that killed each other, all in order to save their own heads.

-But even with all the chaos, the city survived, even with everything against them, the twins were still alive, not so their parents who gave their inventions on their behalf, not so their 14 brothers who also sacrificed their inventions, not so their friends, of all, they only had themselves, and of course, Y4ng had his master, the smartest crazy genius spider of all, she taught him everything a teacher could teach a student, but the best thing she taught him was to distrust everyone, even him, and thanks to that, she had discovered his evil plan, the reason why they had to leave immediately to the sunflower kingdom before it was too late for everyone.