Chapter 4:

Preparation for the Rebellion

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

“Here is your order, Sir.” Anastasia brought the plate to Damian, and then she went back to the cash register.

Damian took a sip of his tea, and then he bit his burger. His teeth squashed the buns, and he could feel a liquid that flooded his tongue and stimulated a contrasting taste with the buns. Yes, he bit the tomato.

Verdandi only has one political party, the Supreme Party of Verdandi (SPV). A technician like me, not a celebrity or such, cannot be an influential figure in that party if I join it. So I don’t think peace is the answer to change this nation. Yes, peace is never an option, Damian thought and chuckled.

Damian felt a rough surface and a bitter taste on his tongue: he bit the salad. How many soldiers do I need? Two battalions? One company is 150 people, and one battalion has two or more companies. So at least I need 600 robots to stage a rebellion. How the hell do I get that many robots?

Damian poured a sauce onto his burger and took another bite. When I searched on the search engine, I found that I was a missing person. So I don’t think it’s a problem if go back to Bartfort, but it does spark a question if I make so many robots without a clear purpose. However, it’s not a bad idea if I steal some components.

Damian’s burger had been devoured, so he grabbed the chicken on his plate. The majority of people won’t notice that I’m a fake officer, but those from the police may notice it. So I need to go home as soon as possible.

Damian noticed that Anastasia walked and went outside. His eyes naturally followed Anastasia’s position. Probably she is going to smoke, Damian thought.

“Master, is that tasty?” Bunny asked.

“Yes,” Damian replied.


WHAT THE F*CK. Damian heard an explosion.

Anastasia walked in and said, “Sir! A terrorist attack! Please go through the back door. It’s in the kitchen.”

Terrorist? Are they my potential buddies? Damian said, “But I’m a police officer, Ms., it’s my duty to investigate it.”

Anastasia curled up her lips and combed her hair so her right ear could be seen.

This damn witch! She tries to seduce me even in this situation!

“There is no robotic bunny that accompanies a police officer, Sir. Police and military officers are only accompanied by a P3 model,” Anastasia said.

“Master, your disguise is busted,” Bunny said.

Sh*t, I don’t know that.

Damian instructed, “Alright, let’s go, Bunny.” He then walked to the kitchen.

“Do you know about Super Syntax, Sir? It may be useful to you,” Anastasia said.

Damian stopped for a moment. Super Syntax? And does she know me?

Damian turned around and said, “If that’s the case, thank you for your information, Ms.” He then continued to walk and opened the kitchen door.

When Damian opened the kitchen door, he noticed the back door right away and a blood stain on the floor. Why is there a bloodstain? Damian traced the stain and found a fat man’s body in the corner of the kitchen. On the man’s back, there was a hole that was big as a fist.

Holy sh*t, someone punched this man to death and dragged him here. Anastasia? F*cking witch!

“Who dunnit?” Bunny asked.

“Curiosity killed the cat. Let’s just get out of here,” Damian replied. He then went fast to the back door.

The back door led Damian to another street.

“Where are we going now, Master?” Bunny asked.

“My lab, Bartfort University Applied Physics Laboratory. It’s not far from here,” Damian said.

“No one works at this hour, Master.”

“That’s the reason.”

After a few minutes, Damian arrived near his laboratory. The laboratory was wide and surrounded by palm trees. A nice place to chill in the afternoon. It even had a food stand.

A place to date? What kind of laboratory is this? The head must be stupid.

“Wait here, Bunny. Warn me if someone is coming,” Damian said.

Damian used a handkerchief from his pocket as a mask and walked to the laboratory’s entrance.


Damian just hit the front door and broke it.


Damian then threw his gun at a humanoid receptionist’s head in the lobby and made the humanoid dysfunctional. Now, where the hell do they store the components?

Damian took his gun and began to explore the laboratory. He didn’t shoot because he worried that the shooting was too loud.

Found it. Damian found a room that was filled with scattered components of a robot. There were also a laptop and an unfinished robot. He illuminated the room with his smartphone.

With his cyborg strength, he broke the door and took a card box. Then he began to collect the components.

After one hour, Damian went back to Bunny with the card box.

“Master, stealing is a crime and bad,” Bunny said.

“I know,” Damian replied nonchalantly. “Now let’s go to our new home, Bunny.”

After walking for a few minutes, Damian arrived in front of his house. The house had a garage, and it was surrounded by a high fence. Barbed wires and CCTVs were installed on the fence. Tight security, as expected from me, the Demon Lord! Damian thought.

“Only one floor? Lame,” Bunny commented.

“Shut up. It’s called frugality, Bunny,” Damian said.

Damian knew his address from the map application of his smartphone. He also had three keys in his pocket when he woke up in the landfill.

Damian used the first key for the gate, and he opened the gate. Then he used the second key for the front door, and he could open the door. The third key must be for my car.

Damian put the card box in the living room, and then he locked the gate and the door. He searched for his bedroom and a place to keep his money. He found a safe in his bedroom. I noted “13-37-80” on my smartphone. This must be the combination lock, right?

After he checked his safe, Damian lay on his bed and played with his smartphone.

I have enough money for two months. That’s sufficient.

In that time frame, I need to locate the military bases, the presidential palace, telecommunications cables, and the VCM’s headquarters.

I can just search or hack to find the identity of high-ranking military officers and the Minister of National Research Affairs. Everything is on the Internet these days. Even someone's favorite food!

The government is stupid. I found that each household has at least one P2 humanoid model which serves as their watchdog, and each humanoid is connected to a government server. So if I can hack the government servers and create botnets, then I can have a battalion of robots easily. Of course, hacking isn’t that easy, but it’s doable for me.

I also need to bring Ace and Carmine here.

Damian took a deep breath and closed his eyes. It’s time to start the rebellion.

“Master, why do you act like a cool person? Aren’t you just a sh*tty person?” Bunny asked.

“Shut up, Bunny. Just go somewhere else and preserve your energy. It’s time to sleep.”

“Okey dokey,” Bunny replied. He then walked to the living room and put himself into sleep mode.

Two months had passed. It was the time for REVOLUTION!
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