Chapter 3:

What Happens in MakDi

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Masterful politics is about having a winning armed force. If you don’t have it, then the opposition party will crush you. Sure, you can have public support, but if the armed force disagrees with you, then please greet the coup. Thus a president wannabe should gain the sympathy of the armed force through their charisma and crafty policies, Damian thought, while he was crafting another robot in the landfill.

So, who the hell backs Dent? Verdandi Army? Verdandi Air Force? Or both? In the military, who are the influential political actors who back Dent? I have to eliminate those actors. And that’s sufficient because the majority of people can only complain, and they cannot do anything to control the influential political actors. Some even don’t care.

Damian put his screwdriver into his toolbox. Now he had three functional robots that he hacked and modified, excluding Bunny. “Ace, Balzac, and Carmine. That’s your name,” Damian said.

Ace had a skeletal body, but some of its bones were sharp, and its right arm was a blade.

Balzac’s body was big and round, and the body’s middle part was glued by screws so the body could be opened like a mouth. There was a fan on both of Balzac’s palms.

Carmine wore a black suit and a monocle, but Carmine didn’t have any redeeming quality.

“Master, why don't they have 'Junk' in their name?” Bunny asked.

“They don’t have an intelligence like you, so they won’t piss me off,” Damian replied.

“Oh, damn.”

After Damian wore the officer’s uniform, Damian, Bunny, and Balzac walked to the city. They avoided the city’s gate and chose to enter the city through another location.

When they arrived in front of the city’s wall, Balzac turned around and opened its body. There was a trampoline inside its body.

“Bunny, see if it's safe on the other side,” Damian instructed. Bunny jumped onto the trampoline, and he bounced higher and higher. Balzac also pushed upward Bunny’s position with its fans, supposedly.

Bunny then landed and said, “It’s safe, Master.”

Good. Damian grinned. “Let’s go to the other side, Bunny. And you, Balzac, go back to the landfill after we are on the other side of this wall.”

Damian and Bunny jumped and bounced onto the trampoline, and then they bounced to the other side of the city’s wall.

When Damian and Bunny landed on the other side, Damian found that there were two persons in front of him. “Why didn’t you say that some people are here?” Damian asked Bunny.

“You didn’t instruct me to,” Bunny replied calmly.

“Damn you.”

“And I inferred that those suspicious people weren’t dangerous.”

One suspicious person that Bunny mentioned was a black-haired man in his 20s who sat on a chair that was much smaller than him. The chest and six-pack of that man could be seen through his white t-shirt.

The other suspicious person was a woman in her late teens who had a high, orange ponytail and wore a black visor hat, a white long coat, and a black button-down shirt. She put her left knee onto the suspicious man’s right thigh and wrapped the man’s shoulder with her arms. She looked tiny because the man could cover almost her whole back with his palm.

They looked at Damian and Bunny with their mouth open. Damian observed that the woman’s shirt was rolled up so her bare skin could be seen.

Yeah, they are suspicious but not dangerous, Damian thought.

“We don’t see anything,” Damian said, and Bunny nodded in agreement.

“WHA-” the woman shouted.

“Th-this is a misunderstanding! Gabe never does any fun thing to Lexi!” that man said.

“THAT makes this more suspicious, Gabe!” Lexi then looked at Damian. “He-he just tried to plug his finger into my body! Wait, HOLD UP.”

“Yeah, Lexi is a cy-”


Lexi slapped Gabe. “Stupid! Don’t say that in public!”

“I get it, I get it. A huge muscle guy and a loli. That's fine,” Damian commented.

“WHAT did you say?!” Lexi jumped off Gabe’s thigh and took out two sharp pens from her coat. “I’m NOT FLAT!”

“Hey, you are the one who implies that,” Damian said.

Lexi puffed her cheeks and stretched her right arm toward Damian. “Apologize!” she said.

“Ah, yeah, yeah, I apologize,” Damian took off his police hat and put the hat on his chest. “Stupid brat,” Damian mumbled, but Lexi could hear him.

Lexi puffed her cheeks again and lifted her chin further. “I CANNOT forgive you! And you aren’t a perfect adult!”

“Gabe hates a bully!” Gabe said.

“Master, you just make things worse,” Bunny commented.

Oh, sh*t. Damian got down on his knees and smacked his forehead to the ground. “I’m SO SORRY, I’m DRUNK! I didn’t mean it!” Then he lifted his butt higher and said, “I’m a LOWLIFE! I even have to put my forehead lower and lower to the ground just as it should be!”

“Hm…” Lexi crossed her arms. She then sighed. “Alright, alright, I get it. Lift your forehead, you are forgiven.”

Damian looked at Lexi and said, “Oh, thank you!” He then took his dropped hat and stood up. “Then, excuse us. Bunny, let’s go.” Damian walked past Lexi and Gabe.

“Don’t try to do anything funny in this city, Mr.,” Lexi said without looking at Damian.

Damian stopped for a moment and replied, “I’m just going to buy food, Ms.”

Damian got out of the alley, but he didn’t see anybody on the street. A capital city is supposed to be busy even at this hour, Damian thought. It was at 23:00.

No matter. At least MakDi still opens. It’s amazing that it still exists in the 23rd century.

Damian walked to a burger restaurant and entered it.

There was a slim woman behind the cash register who wore black jeans and a white blouse with a black tie. She had long silver hair.

When she noticed Damian, she curled up her lips, and her eyebrows became loose as if she met someone dear to her. Her red lipstick made her lips stand out, but her blue eyes also didn’t let any gaze stray away.

That woman’s expression brought Damian into witnessing a light source in the middle of darkness: everything around her became blurry and unnoticeable, and somehow there were white lilies that were forming a photo frame of her face. Damian also felt that something poked his chest, and he didn’t move any single part of his body.

“Master, you fall in love,” Bunny looked at Damian and said that. When Bunny looked at Damian, Bunny lifted his chin because he was short.

SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! I was BEWITCHED for a moment. How dare she did that! Damian thought. But too bad, I’m not a fool. It was just an appreciation of art. It wasn’t love, but it's an intellectual endeavor and a meticulous observation of mine. Man, I almost become a simp, Damian just babbled.

Damian walked toward the cash register and said, “One chicken burger, please. I eat here… Ms.”

“My name is Anastasia,” the woman replied, and she didn’t let her smile go away. “Please have a seat, Sir.”

No one here either. Is this a dead city?

“Master, why didn’t you order anything for me?” Bunny asked.

“You cannot eat. You absorb energy from the Sun.”

“Oh, damn.” Bunny then followed Damian and took a seat in front of Damian.

“Here is your order, Sir.” Anastasia brought the plate to Damian, and then she went back to the cash register.

A fat man opened the kitchen door and said, “Ana, come here for a moment. We need to talk.” The man rubbed his lower part, and when he saw Damian, he smirked. Anastasia just sighed and followed the man.

Oh, sh*t. Isn’t this that thing? You know, that kind of incident! That man leads Anastasia to the corner of a locked room and pushes her to the wall... Anastasia is struggling, but she cannot do anything. She just says, “Ma-maneja, ya-yamete! Ah! AH!”

Damian whispered to Bunny, “Bunny, follow that woman and take a peek. Don’t forget to record her.”

“Master, you are gross,” Bunny replied.

“Nah, I’m just doing my duty as a police officer. It is called collecting the evidence, Bunny. For research.”

“Yeah, I cannot say no anyway,” Bunny jumped off his chair and walked to the kitchen door.

Good times. Damian took a sip of his tea, but then he felt that his throat was pierced from the inside. Wha-what’s going on?

Damian couldn’t stand to use his eyes, and he had the desire to lie down. Am I… poisoned? That damned ugly bastard… F*CK YOU!


This was the third time,

Something is wriggling on my right foot, Damian woke up. Yeah, it’s definitely a cute caterpillar, or NOT.

Damian was surprised. Strangely, he didn’t find any caterpillar when he looked at his right foot, but he spotted a cockroach.

“Get away!” Damian took a can near him and threw it to the cockroach that had moved. The cockroach and the can were smashed.

Damian brushed garbage off his jacket. Then he stared at garbage, and his mind went blank. Who am I?

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