Chapter 5:


Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Disinformation and threat. Those are the keys to this operation.

A blue light was forming Damian’s car velg. With his S-Class car, Damian raced to the house of the Commander of the Verdandi National Armed Forces, General Zach.

The preparation is complete. It’s time to rebel, Damian thought.

Damian wore a military uniform of the President’s Special Force that he tailored. As the Super Creator, he had an abundance of knowledge about how to make almost everything in the current industries. The duty of the President’s Special Force was to guard the president.

After some minutes, Damian arrived in front of General Zach’s house. It was at 03:20. He then tapped the “X-Com” icon on his flip smartphone and made a broadcast. “Are you in your post?” he asked.

“I have secured the Urd Air Force Base, Master. The hacked humanoids welcomed me well. Over,” Bunny replied.

“VCM’s headquarters is secured,” Carmine reported.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Damian said.

X-Com application encrypted any kind of message before the message was sent, so a mobile service provider could have not understood what the f*ck Damian was saying. Damian developed X-Com for the sake of this day.

I hacked 2,000 P2 humanoids, those are robots with maid costumes. I also hacked the P3 humanoids in those high-ranking military officers’ houses. P3 is suited for combat, while P2 is not. But I can control P2 to steal their master’s car or their master’s knife. Still pretty useful.

Damian got out of his car with Ace and pressed the bell on General Zach’s fence. Now, wake up your master, my dear hacked humanoid.

General Zach opened his door and walked to the fence with his P3 humanoid. “Who are you?” Zach asked.

Damian gave Zach a salute and said, “Lieutenant Xavier, General. Mr. President asked you to meet him right now. It’s an emergency.”

Zach was thinking for a moment, and then he said, “Alright, I’m going to change my clothes.”

“No, you don’t, General,” Damian replied.


Zach’s humanoid stabbed him from behind with a kitchen knife, and soon after that, Ace crouched, jumped, and somersaulted toward Zach. Ace then directed its blade to Zach’s head.

“Argh!” Zach blocked Ace’s blade but his right arm was cut.

Damian pushed and broke the fence with his cyborg strength.


Zach turned around and punched his humanoid’s head. The humanoid’s head rotated, and its body collapsed. However, Ace cut Zach’s left leg so Zach fell.

“Sorry, General, you must die today.” Damian crushed Zach’s head with his fist and killed Zach. He then fixed Zach’s humanoid. “Now, tell Mr. President to head to the Urd Air Force Base. A plane is ready to depart for his safety because there is a terrorist attack.”

“Ace, kill anyone inside that house and any witness, but don't kill babies,” Damian said. He then put Zach’s body into his car and waited for Ace.

“Now, Ace, let’s go to the Urd Air Force Base,” Damian said, and then he and Ace went to his car.

The other hacked humanoids must be kidnapping and killing other high-ranking military officers now. When the heads are cut, confusion arises. The presidential palace must also be secured by hacked humanoids, so I can control the President's movement.

After some minutes, Damian arrived at the Urd Air Force Base. It was at 04:20. There were many hacked humanoids in front of the Urd Air Force Base.

"You," Damian pointed at one hacked humanoid and said, "bury this general with the other generals somewhere." He then went inside to meet Bunny.

Bunny sat on the floor and had a laptop on his thighs.

“Bunny, tell Carmine to broadcast in the VCM’s morning news that there is a terrorist attack under the Supreme Generals, and General Zach is fighting the terrorists so they cannot do any harm to Mr. President and this nation. Also, other armed forces must cooperate with General Zach and wait for his command,” Damian said.

“Okey dokey,” Bunny replied, and then he typed a command with his laptop.

Damian then used his smartphone to execute a command.


Damian cut the telecommunications cables in the city with bombs that were carried by hacked humanoids. Now, I have the scapegoats, and General Zach was killed by those scapegoat generals. Communication and coordination outside VCM also become hindered.

Disinformation, success. Let’s wait for Mr. President for the finishing touch.

At 07:30, Dent Wolfman arrived at the Urd Air Force Base. One hacked humanoid guided Dent to a room and called Damian. Damian and Bunny then went to the room.

“Is that you, Number Ten?” Dent asked.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. President,” Damian replied.

Dent laughed. “After we messed up your body with components, you just said, ‘hentai, hentai.’ We fixed you, but you were still like an idiot. So we dumped you. I never thought that you would stand here as a rebel.”

“This is not a rebellion, Mr. President. We are fighting the terrorists under the Supreme Generals. This is a counter-revolutionary operation.”

“Number Ten, I’m not naive. The terrorists don’t exist. The explosion incident from two months ago was the mischief of my daughter, not a terrorist. General Zach also hasn't reported to me directly. So I don't believe you right now,” Dent said.

Damian aimed his stolen rifle at Dent. “Mr. President, just play along and appoint me as your Minister of National Research Affairs. The current minister is already killed. Otherwise, you die here and Kievan will be on fire. I planted many bombs in this city.”

I’m lacking legitimacy and military support if I become the next president. So at least I can be the Minister of National Research Affairs to build larger troops and legitimacy. However, if Dent doesn’t play along with me, this whole military operation is doomed, Damian thought.

Dent glared at Damian, but then his eyebrows became loose. “My daughter has a strong base, and she is soft but not weak. So support her in the next election. Now, kill me, Damian Ford.”

F*ck. Damian replied, “Are you in your right mind, Mr. President? Think again. Carefully. Think about your daughter and your people. Do you think they will be alright?”

Dent chuckled. “Humans aren’t rational beings, Damian. They can be rational, but they are mostly guided by their emotion. Look at the news: a gang-banged wife, a liar who doesn’t want to acknowledge that she is wrong, and a rapist. Anxiety, pride, and lust. All are driven by emotions.

That’s why you have to force them to submit to you with those emotional drugs and watchdogs. Dystopia is the only way to materialize your vision of an ideal society. God gives humans choices, and humans decide. Freedom only means chaos.”

An unarmed soldier entered the room and gave Dent a salute. “Mr. President, General Xerxes asked you to get out of here. General Xerxes has gathered 60,000 soldiers, and we are going to attack this base in the evening. General Xerxes concludes that there is no counter-revolutionary operation, there is only a rebellion by a hacker,” the soldier said.

Who the f*ck is General Xerxes? How can he conclude like that and persuade other troops to be under him in the middle of misinformation?! Damian was dejected. Alright, Plan B!

Bang! Bang!

Damian shot the soldier and Dent to death. “Bunny, tell Carmine to spread that General Xerxes is doing a coup, and he is trying to kill the President. Let’s slander him and get out of here. Cancel the operation!”

Damian asked one hacked humanoid to bury the soldier. Then he and Bunny went to his car, and they went to a highway to go home.

On the highway, the velocity of Damian’s car was 100 km/h. Damian erased the memories of the hacked humanoids. He then heard a police siren and looked in his rear-view mirror. He saw Lexi who rode a police motorcycle.

Lexi’s right eye was covered by her visor hat, and her long coat was partly blown. So she radiated a cool person vibe, though she was short.

She is also a cyborg, right? Her muscle friend said so. Then I guess she is the Super Police, but she didn’t wear a helmet. What a brat, Damian thought and chuckled.


Lexi rolled on her bike’s throttle. She caught up with Damian’s car and looked at Damian from the right side of his car. She then took one sharp pen from her coat and aimed at Damian.

Is she left-handed? Anyway, that pen won’t pierce my bullet-resistant window, Damian thought.


Lexi’s pen made a crack in Damian’s window.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Damian thought. He then taunted, “Hey, brat! Where is your mama? Riding a bike is dangerous!”

“SHUT, UP! YOU TERRORIST!” Lexi shouted and took another sharp pen.

"I'M NOT!" Damian shouted. He then noticed that Gabe was approaching from the opposite direction. Gabe used modified inline skates and moved fast to Damian’s car.

Damian pressed down the accelerator pedal. Let’s see who has the bigger balls, Muscle Guy.

They were closer and closer to each other, and they were also faster and faster. The distance between Damian’s car and Gabe became 10 meters.

Sh*t, he is crazy! Damian thought and turned his steering wheel, but Gabe suddenly leaped and then went down to smash the asphalt.

“GAAABE!” Gabe shouted.


The asphalt crashed down, and the rear of Damian’s car was lifted by the pavement: the seesaw effect.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Damian’s car was rotating forward in the air, and Bunny bounced repeatedly in the car. “Ow! Ow!” Bunny said.

Damian’s car reached a highway turn and approached a pump at a gas station.

Damian panicked. SH*T! SH*T! SH*T!



Once again,

Disinformation and threat. Those are the keys to this operation.

A blue light was forming Damian’s car velg. With his S-Class car, Damian raced to General Zach's house.

The preparation is complete. It’s time to rebel, Damian thought.

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