Chapter 7:

The greatest fight of all part II


So Yakaza gains the power's of the 3rd Demon King and teleports back to Onigashima where he has seen that some of the Elemental Kings ware injured pretty badly. And the arrive of the Elemental Army to fight the army of the Demons was just a blood bath noumerus death's in both sides and a huge distruction that they did was just shocking. The 6th King of Ice Hataro Yuburo and the 5th King of Stone Kime Hasaburo had arrived but the 10th King of Water was nearly dead and that a huge amount of the demon's had been invading all of the region's and put Kuri on fire and than he goes to he's wife Harakiro Yakadon and to he's two son's Edymaro and Domimaro to teleport them to Yakadon Village and to take a goodbye from them.

So Yakaza enter's in an even stronger mode the Concetrated Moon mode gained after infusing the 3rd Demon King's manna with he's and he charge's towards the Demon King and uses the Dimensional Blast  but he counter's it with using again the 2nd Dark Technique the Black Hole and when the two massive attack's collided it made a huge explosion and it teleported a part from the island where the fight was back to the island of Demon's. Yakaza didn't expect such an outcome but he was told by the 3rd Demon King that he's opponent need's to be weakened before it could be teleported in a distant dimension and that the 2nd Dark Technique the Black Hole was created to counter this all mighty attack but to be aware because he can use it maximum 2 times before even he runn's out of manna.

The Demon King was raging that it took him 30 years to brake the curse put on the Holy Gates to keep every demon away by the human wrold by Isogita Yakadon the former Lightning God and now he is back again in the island with nothing achieved yet but he say's that here he has the advantage of being home and after he kills all the Elemental Kings he will go back to Wano and claim the world as he's kingdom. The majority of the Lightning and Wood army's was teleported to the island aswell. The Demon King used the most devastating techinque that was invented by demon's the 4th Dark Technique the Eternal Darkness wich was a huge slash wich brought darkness to the sky and ereased everything that stood in his way. Hataro The King of Ice used the 7th Ice Technique the Hoarfrost:Boddhisatva and transformed in to a huge Ice Buddha statue and sent millions of slashes of frosting ice, Kime the king of Stone used the 5th Stone Technique the Arcs of Justice wich was a colossal blow made by he's axe, Mazumi the King of Sand used the 4th Sand Technique the Sand Storm wich unleashed a massive sandstorm just by a slash Danaka the King of Fire used the 7th Fire Technique the Hell Fire wich made by a slash bigger flame's than the hell's and Yakaza topped again of with the 11th Moon Technique the Catasrophie-Crescent Moon all of this attack's couldn't counter the Demon King's attack and it injured them hardly Danaka and Kime died on the place unfortunatly Hataro and Mazumi ware uncontios due to the heavy injuries they have suffered.

Yakaza and the Demon King now could fight 1on1 and it happened to be one of the biggest clashes on the history of the Elemental World. So the Demon King attacked Yakaza with the 1st Dark Technique the Dark Slash but Yakaza tried to counter it with the 5th Moon Technique the Moon Spirit-Eddy wich was a techinque invented by the 3rd Demon King and in this form it would have a 10x stronger slash than used in usual manner's and it is more powerfull than the Demon King's attack and it knock's him down. Yakaza need's some time to use the Dimensional Blast again so this time he uses to help the Elemental King's and teleport them back to Kuri and he does this with everybody from he's army but he ereased their memory so they wouldn't remember that he had a mask on when they saw him.

When he get's back the Demon King was already on his foot and ready to fight him again they are exchancing some heavy Blow's at the speed of light just the dark thunder's could be seen by the demon's viewing the clash. And when Yakaza feeled that he could use the Dimensional Blast he was by the 3rd Demon King told that combining the 4th and 5th Moon Technique's he could perform an even bigger and stronger blow to the Demom King and he just does that he uses the Moon Spirit-Eddy and the Eternal Moon on the same time and slashes the Demon King's arm's down and make's an even bigger wound on his chest and after this he flyes in to the dark sky and perform's the Dimensional Blast the Demon King couldn't regenerate he's arm's that fast and he couldn't dodge the huge blast and he just disapear's from the battleground as well and the blast of the attack sends Yakaza flying in to the ocean and he lost he's consciousness.