Chapter 379:

Chapter 379: The One I Want to be With

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 379: The One I Want to be With

Narrator: It’s now the evening in Heaven.

*Zeth is walking around outside. He sees a bench and decides to sit down on it*

*Zeth looks up at Heaven’s sky and takes a deep breath*

Zeth: So just where am I going in life, I wonder? It would be just so nice if we could have peace. Has there always been conflict?

*Harmona is walking around and sees Zeth sitting on the bench, looking up at the sky*

Harmona: (Thinking) What is he up to?

*Harmona walks over to the bench and sits next to him*

Harmona: You look like you are in deep thought.

Zeth: I am.

Harmona: You know, even after all this time, it’s like we haven’t really just sat down and had a talk. I don’t mean official business talk. I mean just talk about… stuff. You’re still young. It’s important that you get to talk with others.

Zeth: I suppose there are things I want to talk about at the moment.

Harmona: Perfect. Let’s talk.

Zeth: I haven’t really thought about this until we got back to Heaven but where are the mortals that die and come to Heaven? They’re just… not here.

Harmona: There is a separate section of Heaven where mortals go. It is a paradise for them. Only the ruling god or goddess and select angels can actually go there.

Zeth: Why is that?

Harmona: Heaven can also be invaded just like Hell and the mortal world. We don’t want to put their souls in danger if we do get invaded.

Zeth: That really does mean I can’t see dad until I can become the Light God because he can’t get angel reincarnation.

Harmona: That is correct. I really do wish I could have reincarnated him as an angel but he sacrificed that possibility to save you.

Zeth: I know… That’s why I feel guilty.

Harmona: Don’t feel that way. Kyle may not have gotten angel reincarnation but he is in paradise. He is happy. I promise you.

Zeth: So… where do we go upon death? Devine beings in general I mean.

*Harmona stares at him for a moment. At this point, it has become dark enough to see stars*

Harmona: Have you ever looked at the stars and tried to explain them?

Zeth: Huh? What does that—?

Harmona: Just think about it. Every star is a sun. Every sun has planets that circle it. Every solar system has at least one planet that has mortal life on it and so…

Zeth: All of those planets have a Heaven and Hell.

*Harmona smiles*

Harmona: Yes, very good.

Zeth: Now that I think about it. Zaydra did once tell me that every planet with life has its own God of Death so I guess that shouldn’t be very surprising.

Harmona: Yes, but there is more to it. Now think… beyond the stars. Think about the center of the galaxy.

Zeth: There’s a black hole there, isn’t there?

Harmona: Well, that’s what mortals think. In truth, at the center of the galaxy is… the Divine World.

Zeth: The Divine World?

Harmona: Yes. Mortal eyes can’t comprehend it so it looks like a black hole to them. This galaxy’s Divine World is where all divine beings of this galaxy originate from. It is the home of our species.

Zeth: Whoa. That’s incredible…

Harmona: I’ve never been there myself. There is a door in both Heaven and Hell that leads to it but once you go, you can’t come back. The only way to go and come back is if you are summoned there but that has never actually happened to me. Usually, when a god or goddess feels like they are done ruling, they decide to go through the door to the Divine World.

Zeth: Just leaving it all behind, huh?

Harmona: As for our deaths, it does involve our souls returning to the Divine World. However, it’s not simple like how mortals simply get sent to Heaven or Hell. But that is a conversation I will save for another day. Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Zeth: Yes… Recently I have discovered that….

Harmona: Go on.

Zeth: …That Sasha is the love of my life.

*Harmona looks a bit surprised but then giggles*

Harmona: Well, I’m surprised you want to talk about it but I’m not surprised you feel that way. You two are very close. Everyone can see that.

Zeth: I don’t care that she is technically a being of darkness. She is the one I want to be with. Forever and always.

Harmona: There is certainly nothing wrong with feeling that way. After all, the legends state that the first rulers of Earth’s Heaven and Hell ended up being together and they had a child that became known as the Deity of the Divide.

Zeth: I know she feels the same way about me but I don’t know how I should go about it. I have no experience with… romantic stuff.

Harmona: Just be straightforward. You already know she feels the same way so express yourself.

Zeth: Thanks, mom. I will give it a shot.

*Zeth gets up*

Zeth: I needed that talk so once again, thanks, mom.

Harmona: Remember that I will always be here for you so that you can talk to me about anything when you need to.


Narrator: Meanwhile, elsewhere in Heaven.

*Kurt meets with Zaydra and her squad at the grave site of Kerdon in Heaven’s cemetery*

Kurt: You wanted me to meet with you?

Zaydra: Yes. We want you to join our squad.

*Kurt is surprised*

Kurt: You do?

Zaydra: Yes. You will not be Kerdon’s replacement. Rather, you will be his successor. We will train you to use his tracking ability. Will you join our squad?

*Zaydra has a serious look on her face*

*Kurt thinks and then has a serious expression too*

Kurt: I will.


Narrator: Later that night in Heaven.

*Sasha is walking in the outdoors of Heaven and hears her name called behind her. It’s Zeth*

Zeth: Sasha.

*Sasha turns around*

Sasha: Zeth?

Zeth: Sasha… um… do you want to go out on a date?

*Sasha’s eyes open wide*

*Sasha then smiles and starts running towards Zeth and hugs him tightly*

Sasha: Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Narrator: Zeth had a good talk with his mom and Kurt has agreed to join Zaydra’s squad to be Kerdon’s successor! Now Zeth x Sasha is even more canon after becoming canon in Chapter 300.

Chapter 379 END

To be Continued in Chapter 380: A Romantic Date to Remember