Chapter 380:

Chapter 380: A Romantic Date to Remember

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 380: A Romantic Date to Remember

Narrator: The next night.

*Zeth and Sasha are walking in Reign City at night. They each are dressed nicely for their date. Zeth is wearing a gray button-up shirt with tan-colored dress pants and a brown belt. He is wearing black dress shoes Sasha is wearing a blue dress and brown dress shoes*

Zeth: I think I have a nice restaurant picked out where we can eat.

Sasha: I look forward to it then.

*Zeth and Sasha continue walking on the sidewalks of the city as they head towards their destination*

Sasha: I’m happy that it’s so nice out tonight. Not a single cloud in the sky so all the stars are easily visible.

Zeth: It’s a pretty cool night too. No heat or humidity at all.

Sasha: Well, it is February so that’s pretty normal for this time of year.

Zeth: That is true. I guess I should be glad that we confessed to each other now instead of during the summer.

*Zeth chuckles*

Sasha: So, what is the name of this restraint we are going to?

Zeth: We are going to The Packed Den. They have a lot of good food. I ate there as a child once when my step-parents took me there when we were visiting this city.

*They soon reach the restaurant. It has a large sign with red neon lights that spells the name of the restaurant. Within the capital D is a cave entrance design*

Zeth: We’re here.

Sasha: I can’t wait to try the food!

*They go into the restaurant and are greeted by a teenage girl working at the restaurant*

Teen Girl: Hi! Welcome to The Packed Den!

Zeth: We would like to be seated at a table for two, please.

Teen Girl: Sure thing! Right this way!

*The teen girl leads Zeth and Sasha to a table with cushioned seats. Zeth and Sasha sit down at the table*

*The teen girl hands them both a menu*

Teen Girl: I’ll give you both some time to look over the menu.

*The waitress walks away as Zeth and Sasha both look over the menu*

Zeth: It’s mostly meats that they have here and I thought you would like that the most.

Sasha: Very observant of you, Zeth. You know… considering… my… uh… appetite. Yeah, let’s just say that.

*Sasha rubs her head with a nervous smile*

*Zeth laughs*

Zeth: Yeah, I get what you mean.

Sasha: I guess I will get a steak. Cooked well done to be specific. What about you?

Zeth: Hmmm. I think I will get a grilled chicken sandwich. I always did like those back home in Kunasha City. Of course, I will also a take side of fries with that and for a drink, I plan to get a Diet Copesilla.

*The waitress soon comes back and she smiles as she speaks*

Waitress: Have you decided on what you want to order?

Zeth: Yes.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Zaydra leads Kurt into a dark room. The rest of her squad follows behind them*

Zaydra: This is where you will be doing your training.

Kurt: But it’s so… dark.

Zaydra: That’s the point. It will help you build up your ability to track magic. If you can’t see, you can’t rely on your eyes to find something. You must use your magic. To extra make sure you don’t use your eyes, I’m putting a blindfold over your eyes.

*Zaydra takes out a cloth and ties it around Kurt’s head so that it covers his eyes. She then walks him towards the center of the dark room*

Zaydra: Alright, sit down here.

*Kurt sits down and crosses his legs*

Kurt: Now what?

Zaydra: Give us a moment to set up your task.


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha talk while waiting for their food*

Sasha: I don’t think words can express just how happy I am right now. I have had feelings for you ever since I first saw you. I was lost and without anyone. You saved me. Sure, the others were there but you were the one that stood out to me.

Zeth: Maybe not to the same extent, but I feel the same way. My feelings for you grew over time.

*The waitress then returns to the table with the food*

Waitress: Here you go and you too.

*The waitress puts the plates of food on the table*

Waitress: Is there anything else that we can do for you?

Zeth: No, that will be all.

*The waitress looks at Sasha*

Waitress: I have to say, I really like your colored contact lenses. Black and red go together so well.

*Sasha does a nervous short laugh and rubs the back of her head as she smiles*

Sasha: Heh, yeah. Colored contact lenses. Yep, that’s what it is.

Waitress: I hope you two enjoy your meal. I’ll be around if you need anything.

Zeth and Sasha: Thank you.

Waitress: You’re welcome.

*The waitress walks away and they begin eating. Zeth continues the conversation they were having before the waitress came back*

Zeth: Finding out that our feelings were shared during our fight against the snaggers gave me a sense of relief. And then you told me that you actually first confessed to me back after I had fallen unconscious from the corruption 42 years ago.

Sasha: My emotions were in overdrive during that moment. I couldn’t keep my feelings inside any longer. Before that, I was way too nervous to make any confessions. But during that moment… I was so scared.

Zeth: And that’s when you overcame your nerves?

*Sasha begins to get emotional as she speaks*

Sasha: Yes. When you had finally fallen unconscious, I found you. I was scared… Scared that you were going to die. So my emotions skyrocketed and I confessed my love for you… and then kissed you… and then fell unconscious too.

*Zeth’s eyes open wide as he listens to Sasha*

Zeth: Sasha… I… I’m sorry for scaring you like that.

Sasha: No… It’s alright. After all, I was corrupted too. But now we can move forward.

Zeth: Let’s finish eating. There is one more place I want to take you before we go to the final location of this date that I think will turn out to be very special.


Narrator: Back in Heaven.

*Kurt is still sitting down in the center of the dark room with a blindfold covering his eyes. He is charging up his magic and is being watched by Zaydra’s squad*

Zaydra: We have put a magic object somewhere in the room. You must detect it without actually looking at it. That is the first step. Pinpoint its coordinates.

Kurt: This is more difficult than I thought. I’m not getting anything.

Zaydra: I never said it would be easy. The goal is to create a link between your aura and the magic you are trying to detect. Very few people can actually do this but your Aura Magic makes you capable of doing it. That is why you can be Kerdon’s successor.

*Kurt’s aura begins to thin in the direction of the magic object*

Kurt: (Thinking) I’m getting something!

*Kurt’s magic then makes a connection with the trail of magic from the object*

Kurt: I got it!

Zaydra: Good. You’re making great progress.


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are walking on the sidewalks of the city*

Sasha: So, where are we going now?

*Zeth smiles with excitement*

Zeth: I’m taking you to an arcade.

Sasha: An arcade?

Zeth: Yep! They are super fun! And we are just about there! Just a little bit more.

*Soon, they reach the entrance of the arcade. It’s called Sam’s Blasting Arcade*

Zeth: We’re here. Let’s head on in.

*Zeth and Sasha walk into the arcade. The whole place is filled with various arcade cabinets as well as games that are not video games*

Sasha: There sure are a lot of people in here. Lots of noise and colored lights too.

Zeth: I know and it’s awesome! Come on!

*Zeth grabs Sasha’s hand and leads her farther into the arcade. As they walk through the arcade, Zeth smiles but Sasha looks around with a nervous expression*

Sasha: I’ve never played anything like these before.

Zeth: That’s okay! I can teach you!

*Zeth takes her to a specific arcade machine. The arcade machine allows for two players with each having a joystick and five buttons*

Sasha: What is this?

Zeth: This game is called Mega Road Combatant II. It’s the most popular arcade fighting game out there!

Sasha: Why are there so many buttons?

Zeth: It’s a fighting game based heavily on using combos. Two of the buttons are for various punch attacks and another two buttons are for various kick attacks. You get one button for a special attack. Let’s give it a try.

*Zeth inserts a couple of coins for them to begin playing*

Zeth: Before we start, you have to select a character to play as.

Sasha: Does the character matter?

Zeth: Each character has its own sets of combos. This is your first time playing though so pick whoever you want.

*Zeth picks a gorilla character and Sasha picks a humanoid lizard character*

Zeth: We can also pick the stage but that doesn’t matter much outside of the background.

*Zeth selects a stage that takes place in a jungle*

Zeth: Alright, the game is starting.

*The game starts and their characters appear on a 2D plane. As they play, Sasha looks nervous as she tries to learn how to play*

Zeth: I know you are bound by the rules of the game, but it might be helpful to imagine yourself as the character in a real fight.

Sasha: I will try…

*As they continue to play, it is clear that Sasha is not learning the game all that well. Zeth is easily beating her*

Sasha: You’re so good at this.

Zeth: I think I’m decent at the game. This game is more advanced than what I was used to as a kid so even I’m still learning.

*It doesn’t take long for Zeth to emerge victorious. Sasha looks a little disheartened about her performance*

Sasha: I’m sorry. I’m no good at this.

Zeth: That’s okay. You can get better over time. For now, let’s check out something else.

*Zeth grabs Sasha’s hand and walks her over to a light gun arcade cabinet. The game is called Zombie Park of the Apocalypse*

Zeth: Check this one out. It’s a light gun game.

Sasha: Guns? That’s more of Emily’s thing.

Zeth: Yes, but light gun games are super fun to play. These games are also known as first-person-shooters. You play from the perspective of your character’s eyes.

Sasha: That sounds interesting.

Zeth: You just take the light gun and shoot zombies as they appear on the screen. It’s very simple and has a much easier learning curve than a fighting game.

*Zeth inserts a couple of coins and then they both pick up the light guns*

Zeth: It’s starting.

*The game takes place in an amusement park and as their characters walk in first-person, zombies start appearing on screen*

Zeth: Now, aim at the zombies and start pulling the trigger.

*Zeth and Sasha shoot the zombies in the game. In this game, Sasha is excelling. Her aim is very accurate. She looks very excited as she kills the zombies*

Sasha: Wow! This really is fun!

Zeth: See!

*Zeth and Sasha continue to play the game and have a great time as they kill zombies with great precision. Eventually, Sasha’s excited smile turns a little sadistic. Zeth notices*

Zeth: Sasha? Are you getting sadistic pleasure out of killing zombies in the game?

*Sasha finally realizes this and shakes her head. She then looks a little embarrassed*

Sasha: Oh, sorry! I didn’t even realize it!

*Zeth laughs*

Zeth: It’s okay. It shows just how much fun you were having.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Zeth and Sasha walk out of the arcade*

Sasha: I loved that game!

Zeth: Yeah, I had a great time playing with you. And we beat it without having to use too many coins.

Sasha: What is the name of the genre again? First… uh…

Zeth: First-Person-Shooter.

Sasha: Yeah, that! I would like you to introduce me to more of those.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: Of course. But right now, I have one more place I want to take you to for our date. Follow me.

*Zeth and Sasha start walking on the city sidewalk until they start leaving the city*

Sasha: We’re leaving the city?

Zeth: Yep! The place I’m taking you to is just outside the city.

*There is a grassy hill up ahead*

Zeth: See that hill? That’s where we are going.

Sasha: What’s over it?

Zeth: Oh, it’s not just simply what is over it that is important.

*Zeth grabs Sasha’s hand and they start running towards the hill. Once they reach the hill, they start running up it*

Zeth: You’re going to love it!

*They reach the top and look over it. Sasha opens her eyes wide*

Sasha: It’s beautiful!

*On the other side of the hill is a beautiful field full of grass and flowers and just a general great view*

Zeth: I knew you would like it! Come on, let’s sit down.

*They sit down while looking at the wonderful view*

Zeth: You want to know what this field and view represent?

Sasha: What?

Zeth: It represents the future I want. The future I want to have with you.

*Sasha is in awe*

Zeth: A future where we can live in peace and not have to worry about a conflict between Heaven and Hell.

Sasha: That’s what I want too!

*Zeth points up at the stars in the sky*

Zeth: And up there! There are other worlds like ours! But maybe most of them are peaceful. I don’t know what started the conflict between Heaven and Hell in our world but it’s time it came to an end. We will keep working! Keep training! We will fight for the future that we want!

*Sasha is even more in awe as she becomes teary-eyed*

Sasha: Those are very inspiring words!

Zeth: All the more reason to be motivated!

Sasha: We will be side-by-side, fighting! We will stop anyone that gets in our way!

Zeth: That’s what I want to hear! Come on, let’s run down the hill and into the field!

*Zeth stands up. He grabs Sasha’s hand and pulls her up*

*They then start running down the hill and into the field. They are smiling and laughing along the way*

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha go on their date and have a great time! They run down the hill and into the field towards the happy future they want to build. A future where they can be happy and in peace. This was a romantic date to remember!

Chapter 380 END

To be Continued in Chapter 381: The Night Creature