Chapter 378:

Chapter 378: Who is Dayna’s Mother?

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 378: Who is Dayna’s Mother?

Narrator: The next day.

*Zeth, Sasha, Emily, Kurt, Joe, Zaydra, and Zenfaro attend a meeting that Harmona is having with her commanders, generals, intelligence officers, and other high-ranking angels. The meeting is being held in a large arena-like building that has a giant screen hanging from a wall. Harmona stands on the podium behind the lectern. All of the high-ranking angels are sitting in the stands looking at Harmona, waiting for her to begin. The heroes stand at the entrance of the massive arena room, also looking at Harmona to listen to her speak*

*Harmona soon begins and she speaks into the microphone*

Harmona: Good afternoon. I have gathered all of you to discuss a disturbing revelation. The person known as Dayna, the daughter of the Crow Beak Divine Killers leader Goma, now has Dark Divine Eyes and a Crescent Moon Stone on her forehead.

*The giant screen turns on. On the giant screen is a picture of Dayna*

Harmona: This was an image that Sapphire took when Zaydra’s squad ran into her.

*Everyone sitting in the stands starts talking with each other for a moment before going silent*

*Soon, someone speaks up*

Male Angel: Are we sure the Dark Goddess didn’t have another child?

Male Intelligence Officer 1: Yes. We have looked into it and are positive that Hamura and Sasha are her only children.

*This gets everyone talking to each other again before it again goes silent*

*Another angel speaks up*

Female Angel: Could she be Hamura’s child?

Female Intelligence Officer 1: We… we didn’t even think about that possibility.

*Everyone starts talking to each other again*

*Sasha looks like she is thinking*

Zeth: You look like you have something on your mind.

Sasha: I do.

*Sasha walks up to Harmona while everyone keeps talking to each other*

Sasha: I think I have information that can disprove that.

Harmona: Is that so? Well, you better tell everyone.

*Harmona looks at the audience as they keep talking to each other*

Harmona: Quiet down, everyone!

*Everyone stops talking and then looks at Harmona*

Harmona: Sasha has information that she thinks can disprove that theory.

*Harmona looks at Sasha*

Harmona: Go on, Sasha.

*Sasha steps up to the lectern and speaks into the microphone*

Sasha: So, we know that Dayna is the daughter of the leader of the Crow Beak Divine Killers. Well, 42 years ago during the Corruption incident, Hamura revealed to me that she wanted to lure out the Crow Beak Divine Killers so that she could kill them. She clearly did not like them and there were piles of their dead bodies near her to prove it.

Male Intelligence Officer 2: That is a very good point.

Male Intelligence Officer 1: If only we had a DNA test for her to prove she really is the daughter of Goma though. But we can only go off of what we do know so we will continue forward under the assumption that she is indeed Goma’s biological daughter.

Female Intelligence Officer 2: It should be mentioned that Goma did have those unknown bite marks behind his ear and Dayna did not always have Dark Divine Eyes so she must have some mortal blood.

Male Intelligence Officer 1: That is also a good point. That should all but confirm it. But this meeting is to figure out who her mother is and, on that note, we have no leads.

Female Angel: And those bite marks weren’t vampire bite marks, correct?

Male Intelligence Officer 1: Correct.

*Sasha has walked back to where the other heroes are so Harmona walks up to the lectern again and speaks into the microphone*

Harmona: We have never seen bite marks like those before.

Female Intelligence Officer 3: I have thought about those bite marks. I don’t mean to cause alarm but I’m thinking it is from a dark being. Perhaps even a deity.

*Everyone in the meeting gasps*

*Commander Zupek speaks up*

Commander Zupek: Impossible! If there were any deities in the mortal world, we would know! You’re supposed to be the intelligence officers, not the theory officers!

Harmona: Calm down! We have no knowledge of these bite marks! We have to be open to the possibility of anything! May I remind you that we didn’t know that Poleon was setting up bases in the mortal world until the mansion incident.

Commander Zupek: That was different.

Harmona: How so?

Commander Zupek: When saying Deity, that means a divine being in the Dimension of Deities. That does not apply to Poleon.

Harmona: Normally, that would be a good point but the facts are starting to point to a deity. I think it’s safe to say the one responsible for the bite behind Goma’s ear is also the mother of Dayna.

*A different angel speaks up*

Female Angel: So, are you saying…?

Harmona: Yes. I am saying that this deity might be the true mastermind of the Crow Beak Divine Killers.

*The angel general, Grinton, speaks up*

Grinton: But why would a deity want to be a part of an organization called the “Divine Killers”? It just makes no sense.

Harmona: I know. I can’t figure it out either. Does anyone have any ideas?

*There is nothing but silence around the room*

Harmona: This meeting shall come to an end then.

*Harmona looks at the Intelligence Officers*

Harmona: I want more resources being put into figuring out this mystery. Be open to any possibility.

Intelligence Officers: Yes, my goddess.

Zaydra: Just great. We figure out the vampire mystery only to be rewarded with an even more difficult mystery.

*Zeth rubs his chin in thought*

Zeth: Whoever it is, she must be a very cunning person.

Narrator: Though some conclusions were made, nobody in Heaven was able to figure out just who is the mother of Dayna.

Chapter 378 END

To be Continued in Chapter 379: The One I Want to be With