Chapter 381:

Chapter 381: The Night Creature

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 381: The Night Creature

Zeth: (Narrating) Three months have gone by since the defeat of the vampires in Vandox. It is now May 18th, Year 162. Zaydra and I were able to get training from Zenfaro on the next evolution of Star Shine Blast which is Shooting Star.

Narrator: At night in Heaven.

*Zeth and Sasha are lying in Zeth’s bed and are nude under the covers. Sasha is asleep but Zeth is awake and stares at the ceiling*

Zeth: (Thinking) I want to get her something. A nice gift to be specific. Hmmm…

Narrator: A few minutes later.

*Zeth is dressed and begins leaving the room but he looks at the sleeping Sasha for a moment before fully leaving*

*Zeth then goes outside in Heaven*

Zeth: (Thinking) It’s probably not a good idea to just randomly get up in the middle of the night and head down to Earth without telling anyone but I’m sure it will be fine. How long could it take to get a gift? But then again, I should probably let an angel know so that I have a way to get back.

*Zeth walks around, trying to find an angel. He soon spots a female winged angel that is talking to a wingless female angel. He walks up the angels to speak to them*

Zeth: Excuse me.

*The angels turn to look at Zeth*

Winged Female Angel: Ah! Prince Zeth! What can I do for you?

Zeth: I’m going to head down to Earth because I want to get a gift for Sasha. I was just wondering if you could give me a lift back here after I’m done.

Wingless Female Angel: Awww. How adorable!

Winged Female Angel: Of course, Prince Zeth!

Zeth: Thank you. I will be heading down to Earth now.

*Zeth heads to the edge of Heaven and uses the transportation pad to transport himself down to the mortal world*


Narrator: A little bit later in Reign City.

*Zeth is walking through Reign City on the sidewalk*

Zeth: (Talking to himself) I wonder what kind of gift Sasha would like? I want to surprise her in the morning.

*Zeth suddenly starts to feel nervous*

Zeth: (Thinking) I’m suddenly feeling dark energy near me…

*Zeth starts walking faster and sweats a little*


Narrator: Meanwhile, on the hill where Zeth and Sasha ended their date at.

*A werewolf standing on two legs is sniffing around. It then sees Reign City in the near distance. The werewolf then starts heading towards the city and its mouth is salivating*


Narrator: Back to Zeth.

Zeth: (Thinking) I can still feel that dark energy getting closer!

*Zeth becomes even more nervous and begins running. As Zeth runs, he accidently runs into a woman while doing so*

Woman: Hey, watch it!

Zeth: Sorry!

*Zeth keeps running*

Zeth: (Thinking) I’m not liking this one bit!

*Zeth turns a corner and keeps running*

Zeth: (Thinking) No matter how much I run, it feels like the dark energy is getting closer to me, not farther away!

*Zeth crosses a street and then turns another corner*

Zeth: (Thinking) It continues to get closer! Now I’m sure of it! It’s after me! I need to find a place away from people to confront this dark energy!

*Zeth keeps running and eventually runs into a dark alleyway. He turns around, waiting for whatever the dark energy is to show up*

Zeth: Come out, whoever you are!

*Suddenly, visible dark energy surrounds the whole alleyway. Someone then appears and does a slow hand clap a few times*

???: Bravo. There’s no doubt you are getting good.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide*

Zeth: You… are you!?

*The person approaching him is Hamura*

Hamura: Indeed, it’s me, Hamura. The lovely older sister of Sasha. I believe this is the first time we will actually have a conversation. The fact that you detected me shows your improvement. After all, the first time I went to have a chat with my sister, she didn’t detect me until I started talking to her. Stalking you and my sister is so much fun.

Zeth: You’ve been stalking us!?

Hamura: Yes. Constantly.

Zeth: That’s weird!

Hamura: Maybe to you. Anyway, I have come to you because I want to have a little discussion with you.

*Zeth looks at her nervously*

Zeth: Discussion?


Narrator: Meanwhile, back with the werewolf.

*The werewolf has entered the city and starts rushing on two legs towards people. Cars start crashing into each other because of the werewolf*

*People start screaming and running*

Woman: Monster! It’s a monster!

Man: Someone, help us!

*The werewolf continues to run after people and is ready to attack*

Narrator: Zeth goes to Reign City to get Sasha a gift but is forced into a discussion by Hamura! A werewolf has entered the city and begins terrorizing and attacking the civilians!

Chapter 381 END

To be Continued in Chapter 382: Werewolf Havoc