Chapter 0:


How To Scam Your Way Into A Top University Quickly

Ever since entering Senior High School, there are only a few questions all students will dread. But the most frustrating one is "So, what do you plan to do after?"

To which, one has few answer options. One, to say that you're going to start working. Or two, go to university. Of course, there is also "I have no idea what I want to do with my life." And although the latest is the most likely true and fitting for an eighteen-year-old, the chances of your family's nagging and shaming falling upon you are too high to risk it.

Now, for the students of the prestigious Kiyose Senior High School, not going to university is not even an option. It is a must. It is what is expected of their students. After all, one's family would not pay such high tuition fees.

There are no students of Kiyose High that do not go to a university after. Everyone knows that. The question then changes to "which university?"

"A top one, right?"

"Why would one study at Kiyose Senior High if they — or their family — would not aim that high?"

And maybe it was that pressure that put the base of Kiyose Selection. A smart, cunning way to ensure a green pass into your dream university. The secret of Kiyose Senior High School.

The one thing, that maybe if Satsura Haruto knew, he would have not ended up listening to that lunatic. But as the principal held her speech…buzz, buzz!

Buzz, buzz — it could be heard more and more throughout the crowd of seated students. One by one, students would check their phones, eyes wary of their parents. But not all students. Satsura Haruto took out his own phone.

"Was there a pattern? Someone playing a joke?" He thought.

In an anonymously created group chat, all seniors could read one text:

blank: Your last year of high school has officially started. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Everyone was waiting for this, right? As your humble guide, let me offer you all a warm welcome to the Kiyose Selection!
You have until the end of the year to win your chance to win a spot in the top university of your choice.
Exciting, right?