Chapter 2:

Angel and blades

Power of Fear

"So listen you filthy animal!" said Emi while dragging Ketsuki and running at high speeds.

"Yes maam... (I am getting used to your insults now)."

She sighs and says "Im only going to explain this once so listen up. There are some annoying powers that arise in a few people for some reason we dont know yet we call them 'infected'. These powers are related to that of the thing the person fears the most ."

"Soo you have one of these powers?"

"No way in hell im gonna share that with you. Anyways the power is either 'of' the fear or 'against' the fear. I know a stupid idiot like you wont understand so let me give you an example. If someone has a phobia of spiders-"

"Then they get to control spiders and if its 'against' it it will be a spider killing specialist or something bla-bla i get it, im not thaaat stupid now"  Ketsuki says with a look of satisfaction.

"Did you just interrupt-" she suddenly stopped mid sentence and threw Ketsuki in a garbage bin nearby.

"Hey what was that for!" Ketsuki shouted as he got out of the bin.


"Huh?" He got out ignoring the warning and saw that in front of him was a monstrous being ,but also strangely divine. It looked like a giant white ball with a giant eye in front of it. There were also rings floating around it which had many eyes on it.

A beam of light came out of its eye aiming at Ketsuki. He froze and couldn't move. It was not out of fear but because of how majestic it looked.

Before it hit him Emi kicked him out of the way and the beam hit her right leg.

"Aaagh! You fucking idiot, the hell were you just standing there for!" Her leg was burned up, she could still stand but it was clear to even Ketsuki that she could not fight in that condition.

As the angelic being was preparing for another attack, a sword flew into the monster's eye.

"AHH BLOOD!" Screamed Ketsuki.

"Emi take your boyfriend and get to a safe distance. Ill deal with this." A long red hair woman suddenly appeared in front of the monster.

"He is not my boyfriend Ken!" Shouted Emi who was now hopping on one leg.

"I know its quite late but what is this 'thing'?" Asked Ketsuki.

"This 'thing' is an angel if it wasn't obvious. They are made by 'Julius, the one who fears for God' who is someone I will explain later when we get to my mansion" said Ken while summoning a sword from her hand.

"Wait, Emi didnt you say it was your mansion?" Ketsuki said while avoiding to look at the blood.

Emi looked away and said, "W-well it 'was' my mansion just a few days ago but i had to sell it to her for some cash...."

"Enough talk, let me take care of our pretty angel now ." She threw her sword in the air and kicked it from its pommel into an eye of one of its rings. The angel gave an eerie scream.

"Now come!" The sword stuck in the ring and the other sword stuck in its eye spinned and came back to Ken only for both of them to be kicked back by her again.

"Come, come, come!" She was dominating the angel. It wasnt even getting a chance to attack.

"The way she constantly says come really turns me on." Said Ketsuki from a distance.

"Pervert, how can you say that after Rachel-........sorry."

"No its fine. She tried to kill me so why would I give a shit about her."

"Not entirely true. Im very positive she was infected."

"What would a person who is sooo good at everything and sooo fearless fear?"

"Love..." Emi said in a low voice.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing! Just figure it out yourself." She blushed and looked away.

Now back to the fight, the angel started regenerating its eyes.

"Huh? You have a faster regeneration rate than the others. Such a pain I dont like to fight anyways ,so I will finish you in one blow." She proceeded to take out a black sword which was burning in white fire and aimed it at the angel.

"By my command vanquish my foe, for the holy has sinned and the evil has desired now purify , Angel of hell!" A beam of light and darkness emerged from the blade consuming the angel and leaving behind a coffin.

"Phew all done now come here you two!" She smiled and waved at them.

"Come. Hehe."

 "Shut up Ketsuki."

Taylor Victoria