Chapter 3:

The Mansion

Power of Fear

"So your boyfriend's name is Ketsuki Douji huh, interesting." Ken said with an evil smile.

"Well yes, i have been wanting to ask this....can I go home already?" 

"Of course not because you may be infected." Emi said with a slight disappointment in her voice.

"What?! How do you even know that for sure?"

"Douji are you an otaku?" Ken asked.

"How is that important?"

"Just answer."

"W-well I have watched a few shows b-but its not like I really really like it or anything-" 

"That makes it easy then.... Kumojoshi said its something like stand users attracting other sta-."

"Understood." Ketsuki salutes with respect.

"Good! so lets get going."

After a few minutes they reach the mansion. It was brown in colour and had a red roof on it. Behind it there was a garden.

"Wow thats huge! Why did you sell such a beauty Emi?" Ketsuki asked.

"Come on lets go in... I want you to meet the rest of us idiots." Ken said while opening the door.

"Welcome beautiful ladies and hmmmm.........Aina's boy!" Said a mysterious  black haired man with a brown coat, a hat and glasses.

"Hello- ....W-wait why do you know my mother's name." Ketsuki was confused.

"We haven't started the explanations yet Jin. Lets introduce ourselves first." Ken said with an angry tone.

"Oh! My apologies. I am Jin and my fear is 'for' newspapers basically I can know any information that has occurred that is known by atleast 6 people." Jin explained while cleaning his glasses.

"I have a fear of blades thats it. Its pretty simple." 

"Now Emi, explain!" Said Jin pointing at Emi

"W-well I dont exactly get it but its something like the fear 'against' feeling like a total loser so I feel confident most of the times but these glasses which I have can turn me back....well....into a loser...again."

"Oh hey cutie are you the new boy that Jin said was gonna come." A gorgeous blonde girl with curly hair and green eyes hugged Ketsuki out of the blue.

"K-Kumojoshi! Give him some breathing space!" Emi yelled at Kumojoshi.

"Oh~ is he your boyfriend? If thats the case then I will leave himmmm~."  


"Anyways." Kumojoshi left him. "I am Kumojoshi and I have a fear for spiders! Spooky right? I can well control spiders and also produce them from my hair."

"Yall have brought another idiot huh? Everyone is gonna die anyways, sooner or later" said a guy on a wheelchair. He had white hair but he wasnt old. His condition was horrible he looked like he could die any second.

"And this useless pessimistic piece of shit" said Ken "is Yowa. He doesnt reveal what his fear is or help." 

"I help IF I can!" Yelled Yowa.

"This feels like hell and heaven at the same time." Ketsuki said while looking at Kumojoshi.

"Tomorrow we will show you how we do things here so for the time being share a room with Emi." Ken said like its no big deal.

"W-wait isnt there any other room available for him?!" Emi said furiously.

Ken came closer to Emi and quietly said, "The only other room available is beside Kumojoshi so if you want I could send him there." She winked at her.

After a few seconds Emi said "Lets go Ketsuki."

"U-hh s-ure..i guess." Ketuki said in an embarrassed tone.

"Hurry up." Emi proceeded to drag Ketuki to her room.

"They look good together dont you think!" Kumojoshi said happily.

"Haha you are right about that." Ken smiled.