Chapter 385:

Chapter 385: The One of the Black Mist

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 385: The One of the Black Mist

Narrator: The heroes’ mission to investigate Basiege is about to be underway.

*The heroes are about to board the ship when someone calls Zeth’s name from behind*

???: Prince Zeth.

*Zeth turns around to see a male angel with flat brown hair that holding a small square-shaped object*

Male Angel: Prince Zeth, my name is Nofore. I was the “spy” that your father used when he was in Vandox. I came here to give you this mini-altar.

Zeth: What is it for?

Nofore: Kyle wanted me to give this to you should he not live to pass his power on to you.

Zeth: Pass it on?

Nofore: Yes. The ability to access some of his powers. Most notably, Raging Impact Mode. I should have given you this three months ago but… I was afraid of it all just hurting you emotionally. Please forgive me.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: That’s okay. It was fine but I’m happy you considered my emotions.

*Zeth takes the mini-altar*

Zeth: Thank you.

Nofore: Be safe, Prince Zeth.

Zeth: I will. I’m certain this mission won’t take anywhere near as long as the mission to take down the vampires.


Narrator: Later, on the ship.

*The ship is sailing on the ocean waters towards Basiege*

Zeth: I guess I should use this thing now. No sense in waiting.

Sasha: Will it really give you Kyle’s Impact powers?

Harmona: Yes. In some cases, we will design and use miniature altars to pass on powers to compatible people. Being Kyle’s son, Zeth should have no trouble acquiring Kyle’s Impact powers.

Zeth: Alright, here I go.

*Zeth activates the mini-altar and can feel the magic entering him*

Zeth: Whoa, it really is like the altars.

Sasha: Can you demonstrate its power?

Zaydra: That altar is not like the ones you have been using.

Sasha: What do you mean?

Zaydra: The altars you have been using simply unlocked hidden power within you. This altar gave Zeth someone else’s power. It’s going to take time to learn how to access and use it and even more time to master it, even if he is the son of the power’s owner.

Zeth: I guess that means I won’t be able to use it in upcoming battles then.

Zenfaro: That is correct. The next time we can train, I will help you out with that.

Zeth: (Thinking) My older brother’s generosity is incredible.

*The ship continues heading towards Basiege*


Narrator: Later.

*The ship arrives on the southern shore of Basiege and everyone gets off the ship. They get ready to move*

Harmona: We will move as one group but will split up to search any settlements.

Everyone Else: Right!

*They all begin moving*


Narrator: A little bit later.

*They eventually find a town up ahead*

Harmona: We’ve reached our first stop.

Zenfaro: I know we aren’t that close but it doesn’t look like there is anyone traveling outside.

Harmona: That is odd indeed. Alright, we’re splitting up. Search this town.

*They start moving towards the town and begin to split up to search it*

*Someone is watching them from a high hill in the distance. It is Poleon*

*Poleon smiles*

Poleon: In just a short while, I will make my move. Zeth, Sasha. You both will be mine.

*Suddenly, a dark mist forms behind him. The mist has a pair of floating Dark Divine Eyes*

*Poleon notices the mist and turns around to look at it*

Poleon: Oh, so you’re here?

Mist: Don’t mess this up.

Poleon: So, you’re worried I can’t complete our goals?

Mist: I have a right to be worried. After all, our goals could have been completed long ago if you didn’t let yourself get sealed away by Korobu 42 years ago.

Poleon: That may as well be a slight delay considering how little that small amount of time means to us.

Mist: Why don’t you go get them now?

Poleon: I’m not arrogant enough to think I could take on all of them at once when Harmona is around. If my ways bug you so much then why don’t you come out and do it yourself? You’ve done nothing but hang around in the background for all the time I have known you.

Mist: I must continue working from the shadows. I have put too much work just getting this all set up.

Poleon: Maybe I will have to change my strategy a little.

Mist: And what would that be?

*Poleon smirks*

Poleon: I think you know.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Dayna and Vollmond.

*Dayna and Vollmond are meeting near a machine of some sort*

Dayna: I will now be putting my plan into action.

Vollmond: I look forward to seeing the results.

*Vollmond starts the machine and the Crescent Moon Stone on Dayna’s forehead begins to shine*

Dayna: At last, the Crescent Moon shines!

Narrator: The heroes have landed on Basiege but are overlooked by Poleon! Who is the one of the dark mist?

Chapter 385 END

To be Continued in Chapter 386: A Welcoming Family