Chapter 386:

Chapter 386: A Welcoming Family

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 386: A Welcoming Family

Narrator: The heroes have all split up to investigate the town.

*The heroes start going in different directions throughout town. Some of them knock on doors hoping for people to answer*

*After Emily knocks on a door, she hears movement on the other side of the door*

Emily: Hello? Please answer the door.

*The door starts to slowly open*

Emily: (Thinking) I better be ready for anything…

*The door is opened by a man who has scared family members which are a mother and three teenagers that are shivering in the back of the room. They all have vampire eyes*

Mother: Please don’t hurt us, miss werewolf…!

Emily: Miss werewolf?

*They all notice Emily’s vampire eyes*

Father: You aren’t a werewolf. You’re a vampire just like us?

Emily: Yes. Why did you think I was a werewolf?

Mother: For a while now, werewolves have taken over this region. They hate vampires like us.

Emily: I’m with the forces of Heaven and we are investigating this area. So, thanks for the information.

Mother: You’re not going to report us to anyone, are you?

Emily: (Thinking with a sad expression) Considering my own situation, it wouldn’t be fair.

*Emily then notices some containers of mortal blood around*

Emily: I can promise that but can you let me drink some of that mortal blood you have?

Father: That seems like a fair trade.

*The mother walks over to the containers and grabs one to bring to Emily*

Mother: You can have two if you want.

Emily: No, one will be enough.

*The mother brings one container over to Emily. Emily drinks the blood she is given, wipes her mouth, and then begins to leave*

Emily: Thank you for the information and the blood container. I really appreciate it.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha is welcomed into a family’s house. The family consists of a husband, wife, teenage son and teenage daughter. They seem like a very happy family*

Mother: Come, have a seat. We will serve a meal while talking.

*The mother presents some food to Sasha who is sitting at a table. The father sits across from her*

Father: So, what would you like to know?

*Sasha eats a bit and then talks*

Sasha: Have you noticed anything weird going on around here?

Father: Such as?

Sasha: Anything like werewolves for instance?

Father: Can’t say I have.

Sasha: Okay, but what about anything else you would consider out of the ordinary?

*A silhouette of a claw appears behind Sasha*

Father: Well, nothing that’s considered out of the ordinary around these parts.

*Sasha finishes eating*

Sasha: Okay then. Thanks anyway. I will be on my way. The food was really good.

*The mother appears behind her while turning into a werewolf*

Mother: That’s because it makes you all the better to eat!

*Sasha opens her eyes wide and jumps away from the chair as the mother slashes at the chair, destroying it*

*Sasha sees that the rest of the family is turning into werewolves that all stand on two legs*

Sasha: All of you are werewolves!?

*The mother licks her lips*

Mother: Yes, and now that we have fattened you up, you will be our meal.

*Sasha looks down at herself. She doesn’t look any bigger than before*

Sasha: Fattened up? I don’t look any different.

Daughter: It’s an expression from a story loved by werewolves.

*The daughter launches towards Sasha and tries to slash her. Sasha dodges and then kicks her back*

Sasha: Unfortunately for you, I have experience in fighting monsters!

Son: I love it when the prey tries to fight back. It makes the hunt all the more thrilling!

*The son launches towards Sasha*

*Sasha surrounds her fist with dark magic and gut punches the son, making him cough up blood*

*Sasha gives a stern look*

Sasha: I am the princess of darkness. None of you stand a chance against me.

*Sasha then attacks the whole family one after another with her fists*

Sasha: I will blow you all away!

*Sasha releases a dark wave from all sides of her body and all the werewolves are blown back against the walls*

Mother: We’ve never fought such strong prey before! What is this!?

Sasha: Your worst nightmare.

*Suddenly, a purple-colored aura starts surrounding all of the werewolves and magic in the shape of a crescent moon appears on their foreheads*

Sasha: The crescent moon? Their power has gone up significantly.

*They werewolves look even more ferocious now*

Narrator: Sasha has found herself in the trap of a werewolf family. They have received a power boost.

Chapter 386 END

To be Continued in Chapter 387: House Trap