Chapter 384:

Chapter 384: Plan to Invade Basiege

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 384: Plan to Invade Basiege

Narrator: Zeth has found a threatening note on the werewolf’s dead body. A new mystery begins.

*Zeth stands in the middle of the road where he defeated the werewolf. He still holds the note in his hand*

*In the background, the police are trying to restore order*

Zeth: This note… It had to have been written by Dayna. I should take this note back to Heaven… Except that I never gave the angel a specific time to pick me up….. And I haven’t actually learned the technique to get back on my own… just great. I might as well help these people out while I’m here.


Narrator: About an hour later.

*Some angels fly into the city. The female winged angel that talked to before he left Heaven is carrying Sasha*

Sasha: Zeth!

Female Winged Angel: Sorry about the wait, Prince Zeth!

*The angel puts Sasha on the ground. Sasha runs up to Zeth with a worried expression and hugs him. She then looks angry*

Sasha: What the hell were you thinking, leaving in the middle of the night without even leaving me a note!?

Zeth: I’m sorry. I just wanted to come here and get you a surprise gift.

*Sasha cries into Zeth’s shoulder*

Sasha: I don’t need a surprise gift! I just want you to be alright!

*An angel finally speaks*

Male Winged Angel: Prince Zeth, what happened here?

Zeth: A werewolf attacked this city. I killed it but found a note on its body.

*Zeth shows the angel the note. Sasha looks at it too. They are both shocked at what they read*

Male Winged Angel: We need to take this to Heaven right away!

*The angels return to Heaven and carry Zeth and Sasha there*


Narrator: The next day in Heaven.

*The heroes, Harmona, some angel commanders, and the intelligence officers are meeting*

Male Intelligence Officer 1: While the threat in the note is very alarming, we are thrilled that the note was handwritten. We can do a DNA test on it from the skin cells left on it. It seems obvious that this was written by Dayna but we can get some insight into her bloodline.

Harmona: Indeed, but what does she want with Zeth and Sasha? If her goal is to kill divine beings then why not demand all of us come? Something is fishy about all of this.

Zeth: Either way. I’m going.

Sasha: So am I.

Commander Zupek: Is that really a good idea?

Zeth: We wouldn’t feel good knowing that us being safe means putting a lot of people at risk.

Harmona: Very well. But this time, I’m coming from the beginning.

Zeth: Really?

Harmona: Yes. If I go, it won’t matter what she has planned. She won’t succeed.

Female Intelligence Officer 1: That is a good idea.

*Harmona looks at her commanders*

Harmona: Make sure there is a watchful eye in the at-risk locations.

Commanders: Understood.


Narrator: A little bit later in Heaven.

*Emily approaches an angel blacksmith*

Emily: How is my Ability Sword coming along?

Male Blacksmith: Ah, actually I just finished it yesterday.

*The blacksmith gives the sword to Emily*

Male Blacksmith: I strengthened it up just as you requested. I would say it has gotten quite a bit stronger. I think it will be up to the task when you take part in divine battles.

Emily: Thanks. I certainly could have used it during the battle against the vampires but that’s my own fault for not keeping it in good condition.

Male Blacksmith: Very understandable. 42 years is a long time for a mortal-made sword. But now it is improved and stronger than it was before. Anyway, that should be all. Enjoy the sword.

Emily: I will.

*Emily raises the sword upward to get a nice look at it*


Narrator: Meanwhile, in an unknown base.

*Vollmond meets with Dayna*

Vollmond: I think it’s about time you let me in on your plans. After all, anything involving werewolves can’t avoid my attention. That was the disturbance I felt three months ago.

Dayna: I will use the power of my Crescent Moon Stone to make werewolves even more powerful.

Vollmond: I think the fact that you even have one is quite interesting. Same with those Dark Divine Eyes. Who are you really?

Dayna: I am the daughter of Goma. I will destroy all divine beings.

Vollmond: That’s even more interesting considering you must be a divine being too.

Dayna: I don’t care who I am. All that matters is that I avenge my father and destroy the divine beings.

Vollmond: Whatever, I guess. I like your plan to strengthen werewolves so I will go along with it for now.

*Vollmond starts leaving the room but stops at the room’s exit and looks at Dayna again*

Vollmond: But I think you will find destroying divine beings to be a lot harder than you think it is.


Narrator: On the northeast edge of Harmone.

*All of the heroes are gathered on the northeast edge of Harmone and will board a ship*

Harmona: Like with Vandox, we will go to Basiege by ship rather than potentially drop in the middle of a dangerous area.

Zeth: That sounds good. Get ready to be defeated, Dayna.

*They all look out to the ocean as they prepare to board the ship*

Narrator: The heroes are prepared to go to Basiege to take on the threat!

Chapter 384 END

To be Continued in Chapter 385: The One of the Black Mist