Chapter 2:

A headache after party

Dreams of Reality

       I was staring into the ceiling, breathing heavily, recapitulating what I'd just been through. My pajamas were soaked like I'd run a marathon, and I was unsure about my location, but as I sat down and look around, I was relieved. All I saw was my room wrapped in darkness. I stood up and opened a window, so I could breathe fresh night air. After I had relaxed a bit, I went back to sleep.

       I woke up exactly 2 minutes before my wake up time. I stretched a bit and instantly started thinking about that dream. I felt weird because it felt like it was reality. I don't remember having such a lively dream ever in my life. I looked at my arms and saw nothing that I remembered having in that nightmare.

       No glass in my wrist, no stains of blood to be found. I've noticed that this retake of everything gave me creeps, so I stopped for my own good and went to dress up. I did all the necessary daily hygiene and went back to bed to wait for the right moment to go to school so I wouldn't come too soon.

       My school is quite close to my house, the same goes for the hospital and a few shops. Getting to the school doesn't take too long, so I don't have to wake up early. I don't hate attending school, but I would prefer to spend my time in another way. Even the subjects I enjoy are ruined by teachers who are just... bad. Sometimes I question how hard is to be a teacher.

       You study for so long, take all those nerve wracking exams and more, just to spend your entire life reading your notes, showing your presentations you made when you WERE studying, to your students.

       Yes, not all teachers are this way, but I've spent some time in school now, and I can see how the teachers are becoming more boring and tasteless, eventually evolving into the I will read this for 45 minutes and go home type. I came to class just at right time, a few minutes before the start.

       We have desks for one person only, so we all sit alone. I have a few people that I would consider friends, but I have noticed that in recent years I've become more distant from people. I don't know why. It's like I don't need social interactions that much anymore. I would not call myself the quiet kid tho. I always had friends and never felt excluded, unless I wanted to.

       As I was thinking about it. The teacher came into our class and woke me up from my half sleep and with that, yet another day in school begins. The time was slowly ticking away with every class in which I barely paid attention. I gazed at the clock hanging on the wall and counted that three classes have passed since the last time I checked.      

       In the middle of my thinking, someone knocked at the door and instantly opened it. Before I knew it, I was already looking at who entered our classroom. It was our principal. That was a little surprising, but I was shocked when I heard what he said, looking at me.

 "I am here to pick you up Nicolas, please pack your stuff."
      I immediately began rethinking my actions from past weeks to see if I have done something that would have to be solved in the office. I couldn't find any, mostly because breaking school stuff, arguing with teachers, and things like that were never my hobby. I asked why, but he reassured me that I had done nothing wrong, and asked me to stay calm.

       I feared that I did something wrong, but now I think that someone did something to me. I quietly packed my stuff and followed the principal. In the hallway, I again asked what was the matter. He said that something urgent happened, so I must go home. He looked at me and probably saw in my eyes that I wanted to ask what happened, so before I could open my mouth he said quite seriously,

 "Your parents will inform you more,"  he said while opening the main door and saying goodbye to me.

       I said my goodbye to him and approached our car where my father was sitting, leaning against the steering wheel. I got in the car and said hi to him. He said hello in a really gloomy way, which kinda said no to my play of asking him why I left school early. We arrived home in a few minutes.

       Without a single word, we got out of the car. As I entered the hall, I felt that something is different. I went upstairs to my room to get changed and then my father called me to go into the kitchen. Let me tell you. I really don't like situations like this when I have no idea what's going on.

       I walked downstairs into the kitchen as I was asked to and I saw both my parents sitting at the dining table. They all looked like someone just robbed their bank accounts, but when I gazed at my mother, I noticed that she had red and puffy eyes and a couple of tissues around her. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable and after a couple of seconds, my father finally began to talk.

"Today in the morning, your grandparents were driving to the library as they sometimes do. We were aware of that. But a few hours ago... police called us and they told us that they had an accident."

       my throat dried up and all I could say was "what" because I could not believe what I'd heard. My face froze, I wasn't even able to blink my eyes. But my father continued with the most shaking voice I've ever heard from him,

 "We were told that both of them didn't make it, but they did not mention how they ended."

       After hearing that, my mother began to cry again, and she was mumbling things like she told him that he was too old to drive. I was just shocked. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't find any words. " In times like this, we need to stay strong and together. If you need anything, feel free to ask us." my father said.

       I told him that I'll go to my room. As I was walking up the stairs, there was only one thought in my head, and it was the dream from last night. It made no sense. I didn't think that they would be somehow linked to each other. I decided that today would be a good time to start my diary. Maybe writing about it will help me overcome it, so I opened the drawer and decided that today was the start of my diary.

       When I opened that notebook, I was shocked by what my eyes saw. There was a full-fledged day of my life already recorded. I don't remember writing this. I was staring at it, analyzing the handwriting, searching for possible people who could write it. The more I looked at it, the more a recognized my handwriting.

       I had no words. The thought that someone else wrote it slipped away in an instant. I was staring at it in disbelief. There was nothing left than to say that I must forget it. I could believe that given to my circumstances. All I could do was turn the page and start "again".

2nd September 2456 
       Today was a total mess. So many inexplicable things happened to me. I am very tired. I barely can think straight, let alone hold my pen properly. I will try to calm myself down by noting it. So, my day started ordinary with things that everyone has, such as waking up, etc., etc. But in school, in the middle of a class, our principal picked me up and sent me home.

       The reason was quite shocking. It was because my grandparents died today in an accident. I don't know how my parents will handle it, but I am completely fine. At least now. The thing that terrifies me is the fact that I had a dream about it the night before it happened.

       What if these two things are somehow connected to each other? But how? I don't think something like this could be possible. Maybe just a coincidence? They were no longer at their best age, so sometimes I had thoughts about them not being here anymore.

       But now that it is true, a reality, I don't know how I feel about it. Now that I think about it, I don't feel as sad as my parents. I am more shocked because I basically knew it before they told me. I'll try to get some sleep and not think about it that much. When I got this done, I went to bed really fast because I was so tired.