Chapter 7:

Follow the dream to crush it (1)


Rozarakh all-boys middle school.

A white-painted three floors tall building was the place Liam spent his middle school years in. The school wasn’t big considering its 300+ students who had enrolled there. However, they did have a playground on the backside of the building, which by modern standard was something enough to overlook the small structure.

‘’Saroshin got himself a girlfriend, that lucky bastard.’’

A 14-year-old student, wearing a blue t-shirt and black pants spoke with excitement in his voice.

He had moles all over his face, brown curly hair, and yellow round eyes. In addition to that, his body was a bit buffed, much like a pro athlete,

‘’He went to a mixed school after elementary so it’s not a surprise, but why are you speaking of him now? Hank.’’

Liam spoke, giving off a hint of jealousy. His appearance was much different from his high school self. Long ponied back hairs, a silver earring in his left ear, and a bored look on his face. He was wearing the same uniform as Hank.

‘’Nothing just trying to talk about something. Gotta pass time before that pain in the ass comes here.’’

Both of them were sitting on the stairs. Sweating, with the upper buttons of their shirts open.

‘’Well, since we are talking about it, my parents agreed on letting me join a mixed school.’’

Liam seemed happy as he explained that.

‘’Wow! Though, what are you even gonna do there? Those schools demand male students to be, you know less like us.’’

Hanks pointed at both of them while saying that.

‘’What else, I’m going to find love, and possibly be in a relationship. And well, that was one of my parent’s conditions, first being they get to choose the school I enroll in.’’

In front of the stairs where Liam and Hank were sitting, around 10 kids wearing the same uniforms were lying unconscious, beaten roughly by the two of them.

‘’Even, if you change, and leave me too, as I’m not planning to be a chicken, I don't think you have a chance of finding a girlfriend, Liam.’’

‘’Huh! Why is that?’’

‘’It’s simple, you never talked with any female outside of your family, you won’t have the balls to speak to any girl in high school.’’

‘’Eh? I will handle it when the time comes, but thanks for the motivation you as*hole.’’

‘’But there is one more thing you might not be able to handle or fix.’’

‘’And what is that?’’ Liam replied while looking toward Hanks in confidence. Thinking there is nothing he lacks or can’t fix.

‘’It’s your ugly mug, you can’t fix a manufacturing error.’’

‘’Oh… f*ck you.’’

‘’Ha ha ha ha…’’ both of them laughed.

‘’Gonna miss you bud.’’

‘’Don’t get emotional on me now, we still have a few weeks before middle school ends.’’

‘’Well, we gonna get suspended for those weeks after this, so… better now than sorry.’’

‘’Yeah, we sure will, anything for the club and friends.’’

As Liam spoke, they connected fists, showing the strength of their bonds.

‘’Says the one, who is leaving me for some random girl.’’

Back to Y.C.S.C high.

The time was nearing lunch break, Liam was still in his thoughts about Keily, yet again remembering something he read on the internet.

‘I should start a small talk during lunchtime.’

‘I read, it’s the best way to build any kind of relation.’

‘Talking and seeing where it goes might be the only answer that can bring me close to her.’

Liam moved his eyes towards Keily. The seat where Liam was sitting gave somewhat of an open view of Keily, having only one male student between them as the second row was empty after the first 2 seats.

‘Asking her to eat lunch together can start a conversation, but I didn't bring anything, thanks to my parents.’

Liam’s eyes became dull, remembering about morning and his breakfast.

‘Wait, that’s not bad, we can share… maybe not, that’s going too far too quick.’

‘’That’s all for today, if anyone got any issues, they can talk to me in the office or during the first 10 minutes tomorrow.’’

A female teacher spoke before she left the class.

Seeing her go, Liam got up from his chair and advanced toward Keily, however, as soon as he got up, Keily left the class in a hurry.

‘Shit… she is going out, I better hurry and follow her.’

Liam rushed behind her, for a moment as he entered the hallway, he appeared to have lost sight of Keily because of the hoard of kids present there. But he found her, going up to the first floor through the stairs.

‘Is she going to the cafeteria…’

Liam followed her.

‘No lunchbox like me, I guess?’

Liam was imagining himself and Keily sitting at a table and eating together in the cafeteria. He planned to accidentally sit with her and make it a conversation starter. He hopped behind her like dogs follow their masters.

He was so busy in his world of flowers that he didn’t notice how many turns they took or the stairs they walked on.

On the third floor, Keily entered a room, closing the door behind her. Liam reached there and glanced at the name written above the door on a wooden piece.

‘Drama club? Is she planning to join it?’

Liam grabbed the doorknob as another thought made its way into his head, ‘perfect! If I Join it too, I will be able to stay close to her.’

‘’Wait… what the fu*ck are you even talking about?’’

‘’I hate repeating myself, but I will say it again, you have joined the anti-couple squad, and our job is to prevent any and all forms of female and male contact on the school ground.’’