Chapter 6:

Heart disease (End)


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With his head down, Liam smiled and blushed at the thought of him and Keily being together.

‘I found her, she is the one!’

In between his thought process, a 39-years-old bald man entered the class. Having a french beard, he looked hilarious and cool at the same time.

Tight jeans and full sleeve shirt showed his thin physic. His name was Charles.

Narrator: Charles Xavier?

Charles Oscar. Just because he is bald and a teacher, doesn’t mean he is P**f. X.

Charles noticed that half the class didn’t acknowledge his arrival. To get everyone’s attention, he slammed the files he was holding in his hand on the standing desk.

Which startled everyone, including Liam, making him snap out of his imaginary world and raise his heartbeat. With his heart pounding, Liam weirdly looked at Charles, remembering the same thing he remembered when Keily smiled at him.

‘Umm… maybe I have heart disease.’

Having everyone’s attention focused on him, Charles cleaned the whiteboard and wrote his introduction.

‘’Name’s Charles Oscar, your head teacher starting today till the end of your graduation.’’

He pointed a finger up, ‘’unless… I die.’’

Grabbing a book from the desk, and opening it, Charles continued, ‘’my job is to make your report cards.’’

‘I have been saving this one since summer break started.’

‘’Take your attendance three times a day…’’

Charles made a goofy face, ‘’and goof around.’’

Half of the class laughed.

‘Yes… they liked it, and my wife calls me a man with no humor.’

‘So sucking up to teachers is common in mixed or an all-boys school, huh.’ Liam realized the reality, the reality of the students no one likes, the suckers, found everywhere, in every shape.

‘’Let's start with the introductions, it helps me to know which beautiful face goes with what beautiful name.’’

Charales walked in between the lines while flipping pages.

Everyone was enthusiastic while introducing themselves, meanwhile, Liam had only one thought, ‘introductions! That’s a perfect way to know her name.

Soon came that moment, Keily stood up, and introduced herself, ‘’Keily Young, 15, I like everything with strawberries, playing volleyball, and in my middle school I was on the volleyball club team.’’

Liam’s heartbeat was high again, making him render useless of thinking anything but her name, ‘Keily…’

‘What a beautiful name.’ He took a deep breath, dozing away from reality.

‘And she likes strawberries too!’

Liam was happy beyond words, evident through the smile forming on his face. All he thought was about Keily, not paying attention to the voices or appearances of other students who were introducing themselves. And that was about to throw him in an awkward situation.

Charles said ‘’next.’’ when it was Liam’s turn. However, unlike other students who had their attention on Charles and thoughts focused on what to say when it's their turn. Liam on the other hand was far away from that class.

So far… he was marrying Keily in his thoughts.

‘’Hey, Kid, I’m talking to you.’’

Charles came near Liam and rubbed his head, seeking his attention. That worked, and Liam stood up, but what he said wasn't expected by Charles.

‘’I think it's fate.’’

The whole class stared at him in silence, just like cats judge their owners.

‘’Earth to Mr. sleepy head. Were you sleeping or just pretending to ignore me?’’

Liam realized the stares and the situation he was on.

‘Crap, I spoke out loud.’

‘’Sorry… hehe… I couldn’t sleep much last night.’’

‘’Ah! The excitement is understandable. However, try not to sleep while you are in school.’’

Those words by Charles helped Liam. The judgmental stares stopped, but one person was still judging him.

Keily’s eyebrows were showing signs of confusion, ‘he was like that when I told him to change seats too… is he on… maybe I’m just being judgemental.’’

‘’Introduce yourself, I want to finish this quick.’’

‘’Liam Reid, 15, I like strawberries…’’ Liam moved his eyes towards Keily, ‘’been on the volleyball team in middle school, and hope to join the same club.’’

‘Is he copying what I just said?’

Narrator: wrong, the writer is the one copying, not Liam, what a lazy guy. I mean, they have similar tastes… (there, now drop that pan.)