Chapter 8:

Follow the dream to crush it (2)


Opening the door of the club, the first thing Liam saw was Henry. Henry was standing near the door trying to reach out for some papers stacked in a closet.

'A new student?'

"Are you here to join the club?"

Henry noticed Liam entering the room, at first he processed his face through his memory, trying to remember if he had seen him before or if he was an old student.

Liam opened the door a bit more, trying to peek inside and possibly see Keily. And he did, Keily was sitting on one of the chairs present around a big table.

Inside the room, was a main table and chair for the Club President, two sofas placed parallel to a coffee table, and 12 chairs around a big table. Furthermore, there was a door leading to another room within, 12 lockers, and a wall closet. A bookshelf was also present in one of the corners, and an LCD with a carpet in front of it had many sitting pillows stacked.

The room was big and appeared to have been made by combining three rooms which was clear by the portions of the walls left there for support.

To give more perspective to the readers, here is an example of how the main furniture was present in the room, using quirky text.


| <•   [•]  <|> /-

|________/ __¤|

<• chair and table of the president.

[•] two sofas with a coffee table.

<|> the long table with chairs.

/- door within.

\_ main door of the club.

Zoey was also present in the room and these were the only three inside at that time. Zoey was sitting next to Keily, they seemed to be talking about something.

'Join the club? I'm having second thoughts about this, being in the same club as Keily is great, but this guy…'

Liam moved his eyes back towards Henry.

'He is a nightmare of any man, Mr. Steal your girlfriend kind. Damn, he is good-looking.'

Narrator: Music…


I was born with good charms,

Born with strong arms,

Born a hot bomb,

Ring the fire alarms.*

The full version will be available, after 100 million views.

Liam was in a state of jealousy, his confidence dived the worst at the presence of this tall and handsome man. Liam wasn't at fault here, Henry's whole existence screamed, "I will protect you from anything." and that's what most girls see as attractive in a man.

"Henry, Who is it?"

Not giving attention to the door, Zoey asked Henry after she heard him talk.

"It's a new student, I think he wants to join our club."

Henry turned in Zoey's direction. He held the papers in his hands, the ones he was looking for in that closet.

"Oh!" Zoey bent forward to peek at Liam, Keily was sitting next to her which blocked most of her view, "don't let him just stand there, bring him in!"

Keily also moved her eyes towards Liam, the moment she looked at her a thought made its way into her head, 'that's the guy who was staring at me!'

"You heard her," Henry moved his head back at Liam, "come inside if you want to join the club."

Keily poked Zoey's stomach to get her attention, chills rushed through Zoey's body making her bounce and sit straight again.


"That's the guy I texted you about," Keily whispered as she went near Zoey's ears.

"Oh?" Zoey's eyes moved towards Liam as he walked near that table.

Liam who was doubting his idea of joining the club at the sight of Henry's charms before was now calm, seeing Keily's face made all those thoughts go away, leaving just one.


"Have a seat," Henry pulled a seat for Liam, "I will get something for you to drink."

As Liam was sitting down, Henry passed the paper he was holding to Zoey before going towards the door that was inside that room.


Liam settled with his eyes and mind only focused on Keily.

"Why do you want to join our club and squad?"

'Cuz I want to be with Keily…'

Not even listening properly to what Zoey said, that's how focused his mind was on Keily.

"I'm just a big fan of the work you guys do."

'So he is also against couples!' - Zoey

'I don't think he knows what this club does.' - Keily

"That's great to hear," Zoey advanced a 5-page paper toward Liam, sliding it on the table along with a pen, "You can write your name and sign in the boxes on the front page, and read the details on the rest."

'Oh Keily… so heavenly and beautiful.'

Not even reading the headings on the main page "drama club / A. C. S" Liam signed and added the info in a few swift seconds. And passed the papers back towards Zoey.

At the same time, Henry also came, placing a glass of juice near him and sitting alongside Zoey.

"You already signed? That was quick!"

Henry grabbed the pages and signed on them in the box allotted for the student council president.

'Keily… what wouldn't I give to be with you'

Liam took a deep breath.

'There it is, the same look he had in the morning, I bet he doesn't even know where he is.' - Keily

"Welcome to the anti-couple squad we are happy to have you," Zoey was joyful as she spoke, "let's stop love together."

"HUH… wait what?"

Liam snapped out of his wonderland after hearing the words "stop love."

'Knew it.' - Keily

"You have joined both the Anti couple squad and drama club. We are happy to have you, member no. 8."

Hudson was also joyful.

"Anti… what now?" Liam drank the juice out of confusion, having no clue what was happening. He gulped it faster than an ant gets attracted to sugar.

"Anti couple squad, we break couples, not bones."

Keily mocked Liam, seeing the state of confusion he was in.

'Break couples? Stop love? What the actual f*ck of Satan's Santa ride.'

"I'm sorry, can you explain a bit, I don't know what anti-couple squad even is."

Liam's eyes were widening as sweat formed on his face.

Zoey opened the paper Liam signed and pointed to one of the pages.

"As I was saying, we are the drama club…"

As Zoey spoke, the room around Liam became darker, making Zoey's voice seem heavy and scary, even her appearance was slowly changing into a monster with red teeth and flaming eyes.

"And we are the anti-couple squad. We make sure nothing relating to love happens on the school grounds, our members enforce rules to keep females and males away from each other at all cost."

Liam's face opened wide and his eyes got wider. He was scared and shocked at the same time.

"To have a solid representation of our rules, our members can't and won't date or have a relationship even outside of the school grounds."

‘’Wait… what the fu*ck are you even talking about?’’

Liam got up, with his sweating face, but his eyes and mouth were back to the original state along with the surroundings and Zoey's appearance.

'People can date girls who don't go to the same school? I never knew that…'

‘’I hate repeating myself, but I will say it again, you have joined the anti-couple squad, and our job is to prevent any and all forms of female and male contact on the school ground.’’

Zoey moved her eyes up at Liam. While Keily was enjoying everything and Henry was amazed at Liam's foolishness.

'That's what you get for doing d**gs. You hobo.' - Keily

'He reminds me so much about Mathew. Poor guy, he came here to act in a drama script.' -Hudson

"If that's cleared, I expect you to be here at 2 pm for the meeting."