Chapter 388:

Chapter 388: The Werewolf Horde

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 388: The Werewolf Horde

Narrator: Having defeated the family of werewolves, Sasha moves to go meet up with the others.

*Sasha runs out of the house. Out in the areas between homes, she finds the other heroes finishing up werewolf battles outside*

Sasha: So I was right. The others were having the same problem.

*After the battles finish, they all regroup*

Joe: This town is full of werewolves.

Zeth: And more of them are coming. Look!

*The heroes look out into the distance*

*There is a horde of werewolves heading their way. They all have purple aura*

Harmona: In hindsight, we should have expected that many people in this country have become werewolves. It doesn’t spread as easily as vampirism but this was definitely a likely scenario.

Sasha: It would be best if we did not take them all on at once. We should go somewhere else for now.

Kurt: I agree with that. Let’s get out of here.

*The heroes begin leaving town to get away from the werewolves heading into town*

*When the werewolf horde does reach the town, they start sniffing around trying to find the heroes*

Werewolf 1: They aren’t here anymore. Damn.

Werewolf 2: Lady Dayna was certain we could kill them all with our combined power.

Werewolf 3: I’m certain this means they were aware of us. It’s going to be hard to even attack them now without spreading out and that is not what we want. We need to attack as a pack.

Werewolf 1: We will stick around for a while and then head back if nothing happens.

Narrator: If one were to look at the town from above. They would see just how many werewolves were in the horde. So just how many werewolves were heading to the town? 100? 200? 300? No. The total number of werewolves heading to the town totaled 1,289. Every single one of those werewolves had received the purple energy buff, making them all much stronger. Although the heroes had Harmona with them, this was a battle not worth fighting.


Narrator: Meanwhile at Dayna’s base.

Vollmond: It looks like the werewolves didn’t get there before they got away.

Dayna: Unfortunately for those divine scum, those weren’t the only werewolves. How about you go after them?

Vollmond: I hate those beings of light so it will be my pleasure.

*Vollmond leaves the room*

Vollmond: (Talking to himself) I’ve been looking forward to the chance to take you all down. This will be glorious.


Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*The heroes are all running towards an area with a lot of trees*

Zeth: You know, I’ve been wondering after fighting some, but is it possible these werewolves are being mind-controlled?

Harmona: Maybe. It’s hard to say but it’s definitely possible.

Sasha: The werewolves I fought didn’t seem to be mind-controlled. I think it’s more likely that they are part of a collective. They have all given their allegiance to someone.

Harmona: That is also a valid theory. We will find out what the truth is.

*The heroes enter the area with a lot of trees and then find a good spot to rest*

Harmona: We shall stay put here and have a discussion. We need to decide on our next move.

Narrator: The heroes escaped before the werewolves reached the town! Now, they must figure out their next move.

Chapter 388 END

To be Continued in Chapter 389: The Mystery of Dayna’s Blood