Chapter 387:

Chapter 387: House Trap

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 387: House Trap

Narrator: The family of werewolves have been strengthened by a mysterious energy.

*Sasha is surrounded by the powered-up werewolf family*

Sasha: I don’t know what just happened to you all but I am ready for anything you can throw at me. Rise, my Hellhounds!

*Sasha summons six Hellhounds*

Sasha: Rip them to shreds!

*The Hellhounds go to attack the werewolves. They start jumping on the werewolves and biting them. The werewolves start thrashing about as they are in pain from the bites of the Hellhounds*

Sasha: Don’t think I’m just going to sit back either!

*Sasha forms a Dark Spear and goes to help attack the werewolves. She stabs the father to deal a lot of damage to him. However, the rest of the werewolves fight off the Hellhounds*

*Those werewolves rush towards Sasha and land a slash on her, knocking her back into the table*

*The werewolves start charging magic energy beams in their mouths*

*Sasha opens her eyes wide*

Sasha: Shit!

*Sasha jumps out of the way just in time to avoid the blasts and then she starts running up-stairs*

Mother: Don’t be like that, sweetie! We just want some food!

*As the werewolves begin rushing up the stairs, the mother, who is front, gets pierced by a thrown Dark Spear*

Mother: Rrraaaaahhhh!!

*A Hell Ape then attacks and punches her in the face, knocking her back against the wall*

Father: We don’t approve of violence in our household!

*The father, son, and daughter all try slashing the Hell Ape. They soon smash the Hell Ape against the wall*

Sasha: If I’m being too violent, what exactly do you consider what you all are doing then!?

*The mother removes the Dark Spear that pierced her and they all continue up the stairs*

Daughter: If you want to be a guest in our house, you must abide by the rules!

Son: And that is that you are our food!

*Sasha finishes making a moon symbol with her arms as they get to the top. Suddenly, blood is dripping on the floor*

*Sasha has pierced the father in the heart with her hand. Sasha pulls back her hand as the father coughs up blood and falls down dead*

Daughter: Father?

Sasha: He’s dead. There’s nothing you can do.

Son: How dare you!

*The three remaining werewolves begin rushing towards Sasha but she runs into a different room. When the werewolves reach that room, Sasha is gone*

Daughter: Where did she go!?

*They can then hear noises in the ceiling*

Mother: She’s in the ceiling! Cover all rooms that she could escape into!

*The werewolves split up*

*The daughter goes into the bathroom and hears noise in the ceiling above her*

Daughter: I got you now!!

*The daughter charges an energy beam into her mouth and releases it at the ceiling. Sasha breaks through the ceiling in a different part of the bathroom and kicks the daughter*

Sasha: You were wrong!

*Sasha rips off the toilet seat and bashes the daughter with it. Sasha then grabs the daughter by the back of her head and slams her face into the wall*

Sasha: I hope you made peace with your short life…

*Sasha stabs the daughter in the back with her hand. Sasha pulls out her hand and then the daughter falls over dead*

*Sasha looks at her blood-covered hand and then sadistically smiles*

Sasha: I now have the blood of two werewolves on my hand.

*The mother and son rush into the bathroom to find the daughter dead but Sasha is not in there*

Mother: Oh no! My poor daughter!

*They start sniffing around*

Son: Where did that bitch go!?

*The son is then pierced in the head from above by a Dark Spear*

Son: Gggaahhtt!!

*The son drops dead and then Sasha drops in from the ceiling*

Mother: You monster! You couldn’t beat us in a fair fight so you played dirty!

Sasha: I believe four-on-one is not a fair fight. I was also at a disadvantage in this cramped house so I did what I needed to do. But hey, if you want to fight fair now, I’m open to that.

Mother: I’ll kill you!!

*Sasha forms a Black Energy Ball and shoves it against the mother’s body, causing it to explode. The mother is blown down to the first floor by the blast as most of the second floor is destroyed*

*Sasha jumps down to the first floor*

*The mother coughs up blood but still is able to stand up with anger*

Mother: Damn you!!!

*The mother tries to attack some more using her claws but Sasha is able to dodge them easily*

*Sasha kicks the mother face down and puts her in a strangle*

Sasha: Tell me… What is this power that you werewolves received?

Mother: I- I don’t know.

*Sasha strangles her harder*

Sasha: All of you werewolves are connected! Your family may not be particularly strong werewolves but you still got this power! Tell me!

Mother: I- sw- swear! I don- don’t know!

*The mother is in tears now*

Sasha: So not only did you try to kill me, but you are also useless to me as a means of gathering intelligence. Pathetic.

*The mother is full-on crying now*

*Sasha snaps the mother’s neck and she dies*

Sasha: I’m guessing everyone else has encountered werewolves too. I better get going.

Narrator: Sasha has defeated the werewolf family that attacked her! She must now regroup with her friends.

Chapter 387 END

To be Continued in Chapter 388: The Werewolf Horde