Chapter 389:

Chapter 389: The Mystery of Dayna’s Blood

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 389: The Mystery of Dayna’s Blood

Narrator: The heroes begin to figure out their next move.

*The heroes are still in the area that has a lot of trees*

Zaydra: So what is our next move?

Harmona: There’s no doubt that Dayna is somewhere close by. She couldn’t possibly command these werewolves from far away.

Zenfaro: In that case, maybe we should move through these trees.

Zeth: Wouldn’t that make it harder to fight any werewolves though.

Zaydra: Yes, but if we’re lucky, we could get by undetected.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Vollmond.

*Vollmond and a pack of werewolves are moving through an area with a lot of trees*

Vollmond: (Thinking) Just you wait, beings of light. I will show you the power of werewolves! Hahaha!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Dayna.

*Dayna is still in the room with her machine but someone then enters the room*

Dayna: Who are you?

*It’s Poleon and he is smiling*

Poleon: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Poleon and I am an acquaintance of your mother.

Dayna: You know my mother?

Poleon: Indeed, I do. In fact, we are working together on something.

Dayna: You look like a divine being. I don’t think I should trust you.

Poleon: I suppose that’s to be expected considering you never knew your mother. You will come to trust me. I promise you that.


Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*The heroes are still discussing their next move*

Zeth: So, are we going to split up again or go together as one group?

Harmona: In this kind of area, it’s probably not a good idea to split up. We shall proceed together.

*Commander Zupek is also with the heroes and he has a device strapped to his back. It is a communication device and it starts buzzing. He grabs the phone-like speaker attached to the device and answers it while holding it up to his ear*

Commander Zupek: Yes? Do you have a report?

*In Heaven communicating with Commander Zupek is the primary female Intelligence Officer*

Female Intelligence Officer: We have finished the DNA test on that note. There was not even a slight trace of mortal DNA on it. It was written by someone who was 100% a divine being.

*Commander Zupek’s eyes open wide*

Commander Zupek: What!? Are you absolutely certain of that!?

*The others look at the commander concerned. They can’t hear what the intelligence officer is saying*

Female Intelligence Officer: Yes, I am. That note was not written by Dayna. My assumption is it was written by her mother.

*Commander Zupek has a shocked and fearful expression on his face*

Female Intelligence Officer: If we find out more information, I will contact you again.

*The intelligence officer hangs up*

Commander Zupek: We were all wrong…

Harmona: What is it!?

Commander Zupek: The note was not written by Dayna. It was written by someone who is 100% divine being.

*Everyone is shocked*

Commander Zupek: Though she isn’t completely sure, she does believe it was written by Dayna’s mother.

*Harmona looks frustrated*

Harmona: Who is this mysterious woman? There isn’t even a single divine being that comes to mind.

Zeth: Then we’re just going to have to find Dayna and maybe we will get some answers.


Narrator: Back with Vollmond.

*Vollmond and his pack continue through the tree area and are now jumping on the tree branches to avoid the ground*

Vollmond: (Thinking) I can smell them! We’re almost there!

Narrator: Poleon is working with Dayna’s mother and it is now suspected the writer of the note is Dayna’s mother! The question remains… Who is she?

Chapter 389 END

To be Continued in Chapter 390: The Mother Revealed