Chapter 392:

Chapter 392: A Three Battle Front

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 392: A Three Battle Front

Narrator: The heroes continue to fight the pack of werewolves that are attacking them.

*As most of the heroes fight the lower members of the pack, Harmona faces off against Vollmond*

Vollmond: I’ve always wanted to get the chance to fight you, Harmona. This will give me the chance to see just how strong I am!

*Harmona dodges a slash from Vollmond and then punches him in the shoulder to stun him. She follows that up by kicking him back*

Harmona: You will fare no better than any of the other Council of Demons members that I have fought!

*Vollmond gets up while moving his shoulder around*

Vollmond: It’s been a while since I have felt a hit like that.

*Vollmond looks at Harmona with a confident smile*

Vollmond: I guess we will just have to test your claim!


Narrator: Going over to the other heroes.

*Sasha saves Zaydra from a werewolf attack using her Hell Serpent*

Zaydra: Thanks for the help!

Sasha: Of course! Let’s finish these guys off so we can move on to our true objective!

*The other heroes are also having success in their battles as Emily, Joe, Kurt, Keith, Commander Zupek, and the angel soldiers all have dealt major blows to the werewolves. Emily uses this battle as a chance to use her Ability Sword again*

Emily: Sword. Teal.

*Emily’s Ability Sword turns to a teal color.

Emily: Let’s go!!

*Emily thrusts her sword forward, causing a teal magic line to shoot forward. The line starts bouncing around a bunch of trees to create a square shape around a group of werewolves*

Emily: Goodbye!

*The square teal line quickly encloses on the werewolves and carves through their bodies, significantly injuring them*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro enter the building that they found. After entering, they start crouch walking around, looking for anything*

Zenfaro: (Whispering) Wait. I see someone.

Zeth: (Whispering) That looks like a Crow Beak Divine Killers soldier. This must be their base in this country.*They slowly move behind the soldier. Zenfaro stabs him from behind with his hand, causing the soldier to fall over dead*

Zeth: (Whispering) Great job.

Zenfaro: (Whispering) It doesn’t feel right having to kill a mortal though…

Zeth: (Whispering) They are probably all werewolves at this point. They abandoned their humanity a long time ago. Let’s keep going.

*Zeth and Zenfaro continue sneaking around*

*Zeth peaks around a wall into a room with a high ceiling. There are ladders that lead to higher platforms. After looking into the room, Zeth’s expression turns to shock. The reason for that is he sees Master Dom, Jane, RAG, and Sandy in the room. His shock causes him to make a noise and then he quickly hides back behind the wall. However, the four of them noticed the noise*

Zeth: (Thinking) What are they doing here!?

*The four slaves start investigating the noise*

Zenfaro: (Whispering) What is it?

*Zeth stands up and walks out into the open, Zenfaro ends up doing the same*

Zeth: Why are you four here?

RAG: Intruders! Execute them!

Zeth: What!? It’s me! Zeth!

*Sandy starts charging her magic and then a large bowling ball falls from above Zeth. Zeth notices just in time to jump out of the way, only to be hit by Dom’s Aura Punch*

Zenfaro: They must be under Dayna’s control somehow!

*Jane tries to rapidly punch and kick Zenfaro, though he has no problem blocking all of her attacks. Zenfaro stares into Jane’s eyes while doing so*

Zenfaro: It’s faint but, in her eyes, I can see a foreign magic.

*Zeth continues fighting Dom and Sandy*

Zeth: Any ideas on how to break it?

Zenfaro: I’m not sure but defeating the caster may stop it.

*Zenfaro dodges a punch from RAG*

*Zeth kicks Dom back while avoiding another bowling ball attack*

Zeth: (Thinking) Wait a minute! These are all the people that started getting younger! I didn’t know Sandy was too but there has to be a connection to this! Someone created the idea of a Spring of Youth to lure people there! I have to check something!

*Zeth starts running towards Sandy. Sandy is not prepared for a close encounter and Zeth easily grabs her. He then folds her right ear to look behind and what he finds are very thin bite marks, just like what were found on Goma*

Zeth: I knew it!


Narrator: Back with Harmona.

*Harmona is still fighting Vollmond but she blows him back by releasing a wave of strong magic*

*Suddenly, something starts coming down from the sky*

*Poleon lands on the ground near Harmona and his strong impact creates a small crater*

Poleon: Hello, Harmona. I bet you didn’t expect to encounter me right now.

*Harmona is shocked*

Harmona: Why are you here!?

Poleon: I’m going to finally kill you.

Narrator: There are now three battles in progress! The most critical is Harmona vs Poleon! Can Poleon really kill Harmona?

Chapter 392 END

To be Continued in Chapter 393: The Hell That Creeps Back