Chapter 393:

Chapter 393: The Hell That Creeps Back

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 393: The Hell That Creeps Back

Narrator: Harmona finds herself in an unexpected battle against Poleon!

*Both Harmona and Poleon start charging up their magic*

Poleon: I have been waiting a long time for this moment.

*Poleon thrusts his hand forward and a wave of magic is released. Harmona blocks it using her own wave of magic*

*Harmona dashes towards Poleon with a lot of speed. When she reaches him, she tries to punch him but he blocks with his own punch*

*Harmona is surprised*

Harmona: What!?

*Poleon kicks her back*

Harmona: I still don’t understand how you went from non-fighter to being on my level in 30,000 years! You had no natural fighting abilities!

Poleon: I guess we all have our secrets now, don’t we?

*Poleon launches towards Harmona and seemingly vanishes. He then almost instantly reappears next to Harmona and punches her hard in the face, knocking her back*

*Harmona stands up and wipes the blood from her mouth*

Harmona: It looks like I really will need to access more of my power. His power is just so baffling.


Narrator: Meanwhile with the other heroes.

*The other heroes continue to fight the werewolves*

*Zaydra blasts away a werewolf but gets slashed on the back by Vollmond leaving large cuts*

Vollmond: Sorry about that. Someone rudely interrupted my battle against Harmona. You will just have to do, Zaydra.

Zaydra: Damn you...

*Sasha’s Hell Serpent tries to attack Vollmond but he grabs its mouth and struggles with it while being pushed back*

Vollmond: Yes, this is quite the beast you have, Princess Sasha…!

*Soon, Vollmond stops the giant snake*

Vollmond: …But it’s nothing compared to me!

*Vollmond punches it hard to knock it back*

*Zaydra and Sasha attempt to attack Vollmond by punching him but he is able to block and dodge their attacks. He then kicks Zaydra back and then slams Sasha down on the ground*

Vollmond: Ah, Princess Sasha. You will be punished for your betrayal.

Sasha: It’s not betrayal if I was never on your side to begin with!

*Sasha kicks Vollmond off of her*

Vollmond: Oh really?

*Sasha jumps at an arc towards Vollmond*

Sasha: Yes, really!!

*Sasha tries to rapidly punch and kick Vollmond but doesn’t have much success. Vollmond then punches Sasha and starts charging magic into his fingers*

Vollmond: You have long since passed the point of being able to be forgiven. You will die here.

*Zaydra’s Shooting Star is launched from behind Vollmond. However, Vollmond is aware and jumps while releasing five magic beams at Zaydra. A couple of the beams hit Zaydra and blow her back. At the same time, Sasha is blown back from the Shooting Star explosion*

Vollmond: Princess Sasha… or rather, just Sasha, you have killed many of our own soldiers just for fun when you were a child. However, I’m far stronger than any demon that you ever killed. It must be a shock for you to encounter a demon that you can’t beat.

Sasha: I hate you…

*Sasha tries to get up but is grabbed and thrown into a tree by Vollmond which knocks over the tree*

Sasha: Damn it…

*Sasha then hears Hell Sasha’s voice in her head*

Hell Sasha: Remember your demonic side. Only then can you compete with Hell’s strongest warriors.

*Sasha appears in her own subconscious and faces Hell Sasha*

Sasha: Why can’t I just use all of my power!? I’m me! I know me the best!

Hell Sasha: You still have not accepted me. You still have not removed her.

Sasha: Damn it! You still won’t explain “her”!!

Hell Sasha: You know everything that I know. What you fail to grasp is your own fault. Accept me! Remove her!

*Sasha becomes extremely angry and a dark aura appears around her as she begins venting her frustration to Hell Sasha*

Sasha: Don’t play these games with me!!! If I actually knew, I wouldn’t be asking you!!! If you continue to mess with me, I will carve out your insides and feed them to my Hellhounds!!!

*Suddenly, a hellish door appears behind Hell Sasha*

Hell Sasha: Yes, that’s how you need to feel. You even brought back the door.

*The hellish door behind Hell Sasha opens and Sasha stops yelling when she sees the door*

Hell Sasha: Go in the door. Use your power. But do not think it’s permanent for you still must accept me and remove her.

*Sasha looks like she is in a trance and starts walking towards the door with a blank stare on her face*

Hell Sasha: I can see it. Your mind and body wish to unleash your demonic side. Do it. Go in.

*Sasha goes into the door. Hell Sasha smiles as the door closes behind Sasha*

Hell Sasha: I am the Hell that creeps back.

*Back in the real world, Vollmond is about to stomp on Sasha but overwhelming power surrounds her body and blasts Vollmond back*

*Sasha stands up in her Stage 2 Blood Form (Author’s Note: As an appearance reminder, she has gray skin, horns, claws, pointy ears, sharp teeth, and a black devil tail.)*

Sasha: I’m going to crush you!

*Sasha fades away and reappears right in front of Vollmond and gut punches him to make him cough up blood*

Vollmond: Gaah!!

*Sasha disappears and then reappears behind him to kick him into a large rock*

*Sasha releases a black burst of energy at Vollmond to do even more damage*

*Sasha smiles with sadistic pleasure while Zaydra is watching in utter amazement*

Zaydra: This is Sasha’s true dark powers!?


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro are fighting the four slaves. The four slaves are no match for them, however, as they are defeated*

*Zeth and Zenfaro knock all of them down to the floor from the high platforms. They then jump down but then a wide door opens*

*Dayna and Rayna’s projection walk into the room*

Dayna: Hello, divine scum.

*Zeth is angered*

Zeth: It’s Dayna!

Narrator: Harmona has started her battle with Poleon and Sasha has entered her Stage 2 Blood Form, Black Devil! Zeth and Zenfaro encounter Dayna and Rayna.

Chapter 393 END

To be Continued in Chapter 394: Harmona’s Anger