Chapter 391:

Chapter 391: Battle Against the Werewolves

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 391: Battle Against the Werewolves

Narrator: Continuing with Dayna, Rayna, and Poleon.

Poleon: I think I will be taking my leave now.

Rayna: Where are you going?

Poleon: With the werewolves about to attack, I think I will finally fight Harmona.

Rayna: Can you win?

*Poleon starts leaving the room but pauses for a moment. He looks back at Rayna and confidently smiles*

Poleon: I’m not just going to win. I’m going to outright kill her. She will pay for the extinction of the Zorens.

*Poleon then leaves*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Vollmond.

*Vollmond and his pack of werewolves are waiting in the trees and look down at the heroes that are still in the same location that they have been in while discussing their next move*

Vollmond: (Thinking) I didn’t think Harmona would be here too. I guess I’m going to have to come up with a plan before attacking.

Zaydra: It’s time that we get moving. Kurt, put what you learned in training into action.

*Kurt closes his eyes and starts using his aura magic*

Zaydra: Track where that magic that is powering the werewolves is coming from.

*Kurt starts to get a magic connection. Kurt then detects multiple figures that have that magic in the trees*

*Kurt opens his eyes*

Kurt: There is a pack of werewolves in the trees right next to us!

*Everyone is alerted*

Vollmond: (Thinking) Damn! We have to attack now!

*The werewolves start launching down from the trees to attack*

*The heroes spread out as the werewolves attack them. Some of the heroes start running into the trees*

Zeth: We should have figured it wouldn’t have taken the werewolves long to find us!

*Zeth punches a werewolf but is then punched by another werewolf, sending him flying back until he smashes into some trees*

Zenfaro: Zeth!

*Zenfaro goes to help him*

Emily: I didn’t think werewolves would be as annoying as vampires but they most definitely are!

*Emily attacks a werewolf with arrows but a different werewolf tries to slash her from behind. However, Keith teleports in and kicks it back*

Keith: That felt good. I may have been a non-factor against the vampires but that won’t happen here!

Joe: I bet werewolves don’t like lightning!

*Joe attacks a few werewolves with lightning strikes but a werewolf from behind slams him down*

Kurt: I can assist all of you!

*Kurt assists his friends by attacking a few werewolves with his Aura Fly Trap. The Aura Fly Traps chomp on the werewolves, trapping them in their mouths and doing a lot of damage*

Zaydra: What are you doing here, Vollmond!?

Vollmond: I have my reasons for being here.

*Zaydra and Vollmond get in a punching contest before Vollmond lands a few blows and kicks Zaydra back*

*Vollmond then dodges a chop attack from Harmona. Harmona looks angry*

Harmona: Just tell us! Did Dakame order you to come here!? This isn’t supposed to be a Dark Goddess operation!

Vollmond: It isn’t. I’m just interested in the one known as Dayna’s werewolf power-ups.

*Harmona releases a Shooting Star at Vollmond but he jumps high up to dodge it*

Vollmond: I hope you haven’t forgotten my high mobility. You won’t land your attacks easily.


Narrator: Meanwhile, far away from the rest of the heroes.

*Zeth and Zenfaro finish off the few werewolves near them*

Zenfaro: It looks like we have been separated from the rest of our group.

Zeth: Look at this.

*Zenfaro turns around and sees Zeth pointing. Zenfaro looks in the direction that Zeth is pointing*

Zenfaro: Is this what we are looking for?

*They have found a building of some sort hidden in the tree area*

Narrator: The battle against the werewolves has started but Zeth and Zenfaro have stumbled upon a building! Could it be Dayna’s base?

Chapter 391 END

To be Continued in Chapter 392: A Three Battle Front