Chapter 394:

Chapter 394: Harmona’s Anger

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 394: Harmona’s Anger

Narrator: Harmona continues her battle against Poleon.

*Harmona releases multiple Shooting Stars at Poleon but he dodges them all. Frustrated, Harmona immediately launches at Poleon and kicks him down to the ground. Once she lands, she stomps on him*

Harmona: You have already become too big of a threat. I’m taking you out. I refuse to let you take your anger out on anyone else.

*Poleon tail-hips Harmona to knock her off*

*Poleon stands up and starts forming magic purple raptor heads in a circle around his body*

Harmona: What is this?

Poleon: They represent the souls of the Zorens you killed. They are made of plasma.

*Poleon launches towards Harmona. Harmona does a chop with her hand but all she hits is an afterimage. Poleon then appears behind her and she immediately does a chop while turning 180 degrees and, once again, hits an afterimage*

Harmona: Such speed!

*Many afterimages start surrounding Harmona*

Poleon: Can you find the real me, I wonder?

Harmona: I don’t need to.

*Basketball-sized stars start surrounding Harmona’s body*

Harmona: Star Ring Blast!

*The stars shoot out in all directions. One of them hits Poleon and blows him back*

Harmona: Such a simple trick was not going to work on me!

*Harmona launches towards Poleon*

*Poleon releases one of the raptor heads at her but she dodges it*

Harmona: I won’t fall for that!

Poleon: That’s not the one you should be worried about.

*Harmona’s eyes open wide as she realizes that two of the raptor heads are missing, not one. The other raptor head bites onto her shoulder from behind and she tumbles to the ground*

*Harmona looks like she is in a lot of pain*

Harmona: What does this do!?

Poleon: Oh, don’t you know? Plasma inside the body is quite painful.

Harmona: Yes, but not like this!

Poleon: I never said it was ordinary plasma either.

*Poleon smiles sinisterly*

Poleon: To be specific. It’s Dark Matter.

*Harmona’s eyes open wide in shock*

Harmona: Just what have you been doing over these last 30,000 years!?

Poleon: Let me complete my plan and you will find out! Hahahahahaha!

*Harmona gets angry and goes into Raging Star Mode*

Harmona: You’re not a vengeful guardian! You’re an evil bastard!

*Harmona almost instantly appears in front of Poleon using a Blur Dash and tries to punch him but she just hits an afterimage. She then immediately thrusts her elbow backward and hits Poleon in the gut as he appears, dealing him damage. She then turns around and kicks him away*

*Harmona looks at Poleon angrily*

Harmona: If you think that I’m going to fall here then you are severely mistaken…!

*Harmona grabs the plasma raptor head that is biting down on her shoulder and crushes it*

Harmona: You won’t complete your plan. You will die here.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha is in her Black Devil form and slowly walks towards Vollmond while she has a sinister smile*

Vollmond: Now this is something…

*Sasha fades away and appears in front of Vollmond, but this time Vollmond is able to dodge her punch*

*Vollmond jumps away from her*

Vollmond: Though you are my enemy, you remind me so much of the Dark Goddess. I can see it. You desire my death. You really are the daughter of the Dark Goddess. But I can also see how you might be similar to “him”.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro converse with Dayna and Rayna*

Zeth: If you’re Dayna, who is the other one?

Rayna: My name is Rayna. I am Dayna’s mother.

Zenfaro: So the mystery mother finally reveals herself.

Rayna: It figures that my slaves wouldn’t stand a chance against you. They are just mortals after all.

Zeth: What business do you have with the Crow Beak Divine Killers!?

Rayna: Hmhmhm. Fool. I’m the one responsible for founding the Crow Beak Divine Killers. Hehehehe.

*Zeth and Zenfaro are shocked*

Zenfaro: We figured you might be pulling the strings of the Crow Beak Divine Killers but being the one who founded it!? Why!?

Rayna: My hatred for both Heaven and Hell runs deep.

Zeth: That reasoning sounds like Poleon’s.

Rayna: Poleon and I are working together. In fact, he is in the process of killing Harmona right now.

*Zeth and Zenfaro are shocked again*

Zeth and Zenfaro: What!?

Rayna: Don’t worry, one of you will be joining her once Poleon has finished her off while the other will be used in my plans.

*Rayna looks at Dayna*

Rayna: Now my daughter, show me your power in a fight against these two.

Dayna: Yes, mother.

*Dayna steps forward*

Dayna: I’m going to destroy you both. You divine scum will taste the floor you stand on!

*Zeth and Zenfaro power up and look angry*

Zeth: You’re in for a shock once we overwhelm you!

Narrator: Poleon has angered Harmona! Vollmond is reminded of the Dark Goddess from Sasha’s murderous desire and Zeth and Zenfaro will now fight Dayna.

Chapter 394 END

To be Continued in Chapter 395: Scared of Her Own Shadow

Author's Comment: Fun Fact: This was the last chapter that I wrote before the Nintendo Switch released. Once the Switch released, I put BTS on hiatus so I could play Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Writing progress was pretty slow overall in 2017.