Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 (Got chosen)

Ankh Holder (Season 1)

"Once upon a time, An advanced alien civilization which somehow had some connections with humans buried their most powerful weapon in a planet, to prevent wars. The Taterians have been searching for that weapon for a long time. They'll pay me a load of money if I can find it and give it to them. So, Zeya, you better take that weapon from the ark and give it to me or else I'll kill all of them" said Koed

"You are a F!cking traitor, Koed !!!. Zeya, don't...... don't do it for me. Don't let the thing into the nasty hands of Taterians" Lora said to Zeya in blazing eyes. "So, anyway, after her, I'll shoot everyone in this Group, Unless you open the ark for us," Koed said. Zeya looked at him as a disgusting creature. Xuron didn't say anything. He regretted that he had taken a kid away from his home and to these problems. So this time, he wouldn't mass it anymore. Zeya was so stressed out. His body was sweating beneath spacesuit suit. He wanted to save everyone, including Lora. But if he did that Lora would hate him for sure.

Finally, "Well, Lora, you can hate me for eternity," he said in his mind. He had determined and went closer to the ark. "Zeya, don't!!!" Lora yelled. He tried his best to ignore her, closed his eyes, and touched the ark. He didn't turn into ashes like the Gammian soldier. When he had opened the ark, he found a thing inside. It was a symbol of the Ankh, made out of a type of metal and jewelry. It's only about half-meter long. He grabbed it.

As soon as he grabbed the Ankh, strange lights emitted from it, making the whole room glitter. Suddenly, Zeya found himself in a place. Stars were beneath his feet. Behind him was a void of space. He wasn't at the pyramid for sure. He saw a man. His face looks like a middle-aged human. He has a yellowish skin color and has white beards

He was wearing a white robe and holding a cane. The cane was made out of copper and had a symbol of a snake. He came to Zeya and looked at him. Zeya couldn't speak any words. Then, he grabbed Zeya's hand and said, "You, you are worthy to hold my powers. Be Careful, your journey has just started," he said.

Then, Zeya was at the pyramid again. At the same time, when he was holding the Ankh. But, the ankh went missing. He was just holding it and then he couldn't find it. "Where is it? the weapon? " Commander Koed yelled at Zeya. And he aimed his gun at Lora. Zeya said No!! and a wave emitted from his body. Everyone in the room was pushed backward by the wave. He heard a gunshot.

After that, Zeya saw the most unforgettable scene in his life. Lora was on the ground with blood around her chest. Koed had accidentally shot her when the wave hit him. He ran to her and held her. She was in excruciating pain as the gunshot was near her chest. She held his arm and rubbed his face. There were tears in Zeya's eyes, "Please don't...." he said. His face looked so worried. She slowly rubbed his tears and her hand fell. Zeya burst out crying. Tears rolled down from his eye like a flooding river. He called her name repeatedly even though he knew she was gone.

Koed and his troops surrounded him. Zeya's face changed. He rubbed his tears. His face was turning serious. With Anger, he held his fist tightly. His eyes became blazing red. Zeya said "You all deserve death" in a deep, cold voice. In a flash, he held Koed's neck, crushed him with the wall and strangled him. His soldiers were standing still in fear. Zeya lifted him with bare hand. Koed was choking in pain. Zeya said, "You better feel the pain Lora had suffered" and crushed him with the wall again. At that time, Xuron and the hostages were freed and fought against Koed's soldiers. Zeya had choked Koed to death. Then, he turned his back at Koed's soldiers and tried to kill them all. But Xuron yelled "Zeya, don't let yourself turn into a disgusting creature like Koed!!" And Zeya tried to keep his mind calm.