Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 (The new Zeya)

Ankh Holder (Season 1)

"Commander Koed, a traitor? How could this be? He had served us loyally for a decade" The voice of the Gammian King filled the hall. Many generals showed agreement to the King's words. "But my lord, me and my scout teams and the spy teams are the witnesses. Lord, if Zeya didn't save us, you won't see us alive like this," said Xuron. The king nodded his head slowly. "I can understand, Zeya used the ankh. I'm sorry about his girlfriend too but I still couldn't believe that Koed would betray me like this," the king said. Xuron said "My Lord, Taterians are so tricky you see, even one of your loyal commanders was their spy"

Zeya had been standing at the hall for about half an hour listening to what the King and Xuron were talking. His face looked like a statue. The king looked at him and said "So, as Xuron has said, you are having the powers from the ankh, tell me what are your powers" Zeya looked at him with cold eyes and said, "Lord, I still don't know. Flight and super-strength are all I've known about my powers recently ``''Can you show us your powers" said the King. Xuron said "But, Lord, It's not a good time to..."

Even though Xuron hadn't finished his speaking, Zeya flew to the ceiling of the hall and broke the stone chandelier from the middle of the ceiling with bare hands. The king looked at him doing it with complete amazement. The stone chandeliers from Gammian Palace were so heavy that it took many Gammians to put them on that place. Zeya carried the Chandelier and dropped it near the King. "Wonderful, really powerful!!, you can now take special missions," the king said. Zeya didn't respond at all. He knew that would happen. After all, which king doesn't want a super-soldier? The Gammian king just hit the jackpot.

And so, Zeya had to take part in special missions. Unlike the spying missions he had done before, these missions were harder and more dangerous. Like rescue missions of captured Gammian soldiers Zeya could do most of them well. But, he had become a different person. His face always looked serious and angry. He only cared about the missions. As a result, he got medals and awards. But on the other hand, he was turning into a literal robot. Xuron visited him recently just to make him feel better. He felt bad to see Zeya in this type. Whenever Xuron visited him at the camp, they spent most of the time looking at each other, talking only a little.

On one visit, Xuron couldn’t unsee this anymore and said “Zeya, I’m sorry for your loss. I feel so bad to see you like this. I know Lora meant a lot to you. But I want you to keep going ``''Keep going, what?” Zeya interrupted. "I've lost my home. But I got Lora. Now, I've lost both of them. And also, I hate these powers. I… I literally killed her because of them" Zeya said. Tears appeared in his eyes.

Xuron said "No, you didn't. You were just trying to save her. It was an accident.. And with those powers, you have saved me and other team members. So, please, it's time to move on. I'm not telling you to forget Lora. Lora won't like to see you in this type" and held his shoulder. Zeya didn't respond to him….