Chapter 1:

1 - Encounter Part 1


Once upon a time, in a world full of hatred. Violence is an answer to every question. The stronger monopolized the weak. Poor being a slave to rich. Women were treated like toys. Children can't wish. A man was desperate for peaceful heaven. He leaves on a journey to find hope in the misery. On his journey, an angel came to him. Offering him an absolute power to judge people and bring peace into the world. In exchange, he must devote his life to those powers to protect the world from evil.Bookmark here

-Demon of Angel by SavianBookmark here

January 2018Bookmark here

"Read us…" a mysterious unclear mixed voice of woman and man whispering from the book on the bookcase. The books covered with a layer of dust were arranged neatly without any deformities.Bookmark here

The light pierced through the window around the wall shining upon the gallery of human wisdom. Bookmark here

The clock, hanging on top of the counter in the middle front, shows 3:59 p.m already meaning there's not much time left until the library closes its doors for today. There's no librarian taking care of the counter.Bookmark here

"Read us…" a bunch of books shaking by themselves on the bookshelf at the back.Bookmark here

In the middle of the library, six tables with six seats each are provided. Near the window between the two doors, seven complete computer builds are placed with the simple wifi password "ScabiosaLib3" written on the paper that is attached to the window. With the seat that can be loaded for over 43 people at the same time, only two people willingly warm the seat there. A teenage boy and a teenage girl. Sitting on the front table.Bookmark here

The two of them have no idea of the eerie voice coming from the book as it doesn't reach them.Bookmark here

10, 9, 8… the boy counting in his head. Bookmark here

His right index finger knocks the table repeatedly parallel with his countdown. His left hand became a stick to keep up his head off the table. The breeze from the medium air-conditioner chilled through his skin.Bookmark here

"Hm? What are you reading Yama? It is so rare for you to not doze while reading a book."Bookmark here

A girl with semi-long black hair completed with a bang that covers almost her forehead asks. She's wearing a long-sleeve, white uniform with a silver stripe on some parts. Matched with a semi-long silver skirt with white stripes. With black school shoes for standard students. Her soft slow voice doesn't seem to be able to attract the attention of the boy beside her who seems to dive deep into his thoughts. Completely ignoring the girl's calls.Bookmark here

7, 6, 5… the boy is still counting, unfazed by the girl's calls. His eyes concentrate solely on the book, yet he's not even paying attention to the book. The countdown in his head has nothing to do with the book in his hand.Bookmark here

"Yama?" She touches the boy's broad shoulders to awaken his senses. She can feel the softness of his long-sleeve persian blue colour uniform with an azure stripe on some parts.Bookmark here

"Huh…oh, what Yua?"Bookmark here

Behaving like someone who is just waking up from daydreaming. Yua’s effort finally have the attention of the boy with middle-parted hair. There’s some blue-coloured part in his hair, like a grizzle but instead of grey, it’s blue ocean. He lay his hand on his all-white trousers.Bookmark here

"What's the book you're reading?"Bookmark here

"Oh... just some... book," he answers straight in a disappointed tone with his husky voice. His blue sapphire eyes wander around the empty library searching and waiting for something to happen.Bookmark here

"Oh, I see..." Yua seems disappoints by his answer.Bookmark here

3, 2, 1… In the middle of their conversation, he is still counting alone in his heart. Yua's question doesn't seem to bother him.Bookmark here

The clock shows precisely 4.00 p.m.Bookmark here

He grabs the girl's right hand immediately. His warm beige skin overlaps Yua’s soft warm porcelain skin.Bookmark here

Hm, nothing happens...why I'm not surprise… Yama monologues in his head.Bookmark here

"Let's go home, Yua," he says, not even bothering to answer Yua's question as he's not focusing on her.Bookmark here

She just nods to him with a smile on her face without feeling dispirits by Yama's ignorance. She takes the book she's reading into her bag with her left hand after Yama grabs her right hand with his rough palm. They push the chair under the table.Bookmark here

While holding each other's hand, they go straight to the main door of the library. Yama just left the book on the table. Bookmark here

----Bookmark here

" my existence here disturbing your lovely atmosphere?"Bookmark here

A sudden man's deep voice, as calm as a deep forest, can be heard from their front. It stops their step toward the door. But to their disturbance, no one in front of them can be classified as the owner of the voice. Just an image of the main library door can be seen through their eyes.Bookmark here

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