Chapter 11:

The unexpected visitor


So the unexpected visitor was the current Fire King Danaka Miyamara wich wasn't visiting that often that place but this time he had an realy dark aura and dark eye's and he said to Azuwa that he need's to go with him in an intance because ther has been an incident in the capital and they need he's power but Azuwa feel's that something is wrong with Danaka and that he wasn't like that when he joined the Fire Army. And he said that he need's to complete hes mission here and that he didn't complate he's training with the former Commander of the Fire army Rikibata Takatane who teached to him the Sun Technique's.

When Danaka got angry and said that this is an order not an ask and said that if he doasn't go in the easy way he would use force to take him to the capital. This is when it got extremly suspicius so he said that surely he can't beat the current Fire King but he would try to  make time until Rikibata arrive's to the place where they were because he announced him that something seem's of with Danaka-san. So he tryes to attack him by surprise with the 1st Sun Technique them Dancing Flash wich was a very fast and fluent cut wich had the flame's of the sun with it but Danaka quikly countered it with the 6th Fire Technique the Rengoku wich was an direct slash with immanse power and flame power wich countered and even sliced down Azuwa.

So Azuwa angry that he's Sun Technique was countered with eas by an Fire Technique wich is obviously a weaker Technique but Danaka had some demon energy flowing out from he's moves. So Azuwa had to use he's strongest techinque he could perform beacause that was the single way to defeat him so he used the 4th Sun Technique the Burning Bones Summer Sun wich where multiple slices with speed from long range and the last one from close range but when he could possibly cut Danaka he used the 2nd Sun Technique the Clear Blue Sky and sliced through Azuwa's attack and knocked him out when he used this technique the enormous dark manna wich was in Danaka had transformad half of his head in to a demon this was the last thing that Azuwa had seen.

So back to Kuri where ther had been 1 week since Yakaza had come back and he was offered by Yashira Kojuseki the current Lightning King to take back he's role as an King but he denied that saing that he will go in a year of trainng in the mountain's with he's wife and son's and after that maybe he will come back as a ruller of the Land of Wano.In the major festival peple from every part of the world would take place and from every land the King's had come to cheer their hero as well but just Danaka Miyamara the Fire King had been missing wich was pretty suspicius but they couldn't do anithyng because there got a respond from him that he is in an very important mission in the desert's of Dressrosa in the south of the region. Edymaro was realy sad that not even Azuwa wouldn't come to the festival but not even that but the fact that he didn't replied in the last few week's to he's mail's sent to him but he promised that after he get's over the 1 year training with he's dad he will go to search him no mather what but he can't do that at the moment because everybody who enter's or left Dressrosa need's special permission from Danaka to do that. But Edymaro has a realy strange feeling about this but he doasn't want to ruin Yakaza's welcome back party so they had been partying for a whole night long and everybody had the chance to thank him for he's sacrifice for the world and everybody brought something for him.

At the morning packed with a lot of stuff and food they had gone back to Yakadon Village where they would get ready to go a into the forest's where Yakaza knew a few place's where they could perform theyr extreme training and not destroying all the willd-life. And where Edymaro could train to use the Moon Technique's and after an soul eliberating ritual done he received the sword wich was in the posession of the 3rd Demon King Eddy without that he couldn't do all the technique's because after the 7th Technique the sword need's to transform and to become a much longer one with smaller blade's at the front of it. This could be done with one of the 21 Cursed Katana's special ability that they adapt to he's Elemental User and Technique's.