Chapter 12:

Training with the best


So after they had packed up for a few week's of food Edymaro Yakaza Isogita and Domimaro had gone in to the mountain's and to a  place where they could make a camp for the upcoming week's. In the first day Yakaza teached to them all the necesary hidden information that just an Elemental King would know the little detail's in the move's he didn't had any unnecesary move's and he could do any techinque at the maximum speed and damage. After a few hour's of training and perfectionating every Techinque of Lightning while Isogita teached to Domimaro how to use the Light Technique's, Edyamaro asked he's father to fight him and to show the techinque's like that because when he used the Moon Technique's against him he could see every move that he done at the littlest detail as well. 

So Yakaza showed him he's Lightning Technique wich he invented but couldn't perfectionate it so it isn't an all known Lightning Technique but he did invent an Sun Technique the 12th one the All Mighty Sun. So when he uses the 8th Lightning Technique the God's Thunder and Edymaro tried to counter it with the 5th Lightning Technique the Heat Lightning but it wasn't enaugh to counter it so Edymaro fall's down and says that he need's to learn more about that Technique. So after a few week's he had been perfectionating he's techniques to perform the Concentrated Mod and he had the opportuniti to use it when Edymaro for the first time since they started their training could face he's brother Domimaro in witch battle first Edymaro tryed to attack him with the 8th Lightning Technique the God's Thunder and after that the 6th one the Rumble and Flash but Domimaro countered both of the attack's with the 2nd Light Technique the Divine Flame's and with this attack wich is a single long range slash with golden flames around it just eliminated Edymaro's attack. Him foriusly that he's best techniques couldn't even touch his little brother he used used for the first time the Concantrated Lightning Mod wich gave him an electric aura and shield all around he's body and he's new sword reacted to that and he's left hand in wich was this blade had transformed into an demon's hand and with this mode on he used he's favorite Lightning Technique the 1st one the Thunderclap and Flash and he had some immanse speed and power boost but Domimaro used the 3rd Sun Technique the Raging Sun wich was now barely enogh to counter it and fast as the light Edymaro used the 1st Moon Technique the Dark Moon wich was a single slice from close range wich made an crescent moon form and just when he could touch Domimaro he used the 11th Sun Technique the Fake Rainbow wich made Edymaro's attack to just slice trough it and did not have any effect and Domimaro slashed from nowhere and he get's knocked down. 

This Technique ate up all the manna Domimaro had at that moment but he still managed to beat Edymaro who after this massive lose he became determined to train to it perfection the Moon Technique's because he had no chance with he's Lightning Technique's and he's Lightning Concetrated Mod needed training as well.

So after 11 of hard training they had battles after every month to registrate their progress Domimaro learned all the Light Technique's and the Sun Technique's as well wich Edymaro couldn't do but he had perfectionated he's Lightning Technique's and he learnt all the Moon Technique's and he had been using perfectly the Concatrated Lightning Mod and in some of the fight's he had the upperhand over he's brother but none of times he had beatan him just when Domimaro get's out of manna wich was pretty frustrating for Edymaro because he had been training so hard to overcome he's brother's Godlike power's but he was just enable to mach the Light Technique's.

But in their last fight Edymaro said that this time he will beat he's brother because he cannot go in he's next journey without a fight won in normal surcompstance's and he waited he's brother to attack first wich he did with the 7th Sun Technique the Beneficient Radies wich were slashes from close range and from every direction's but Edymaro used the 7th Moon Technique the Mirror of Missfortune-Moonlit with wich he's blade transformed into that longer katana with smaller blade's coming out from it's end and with this technique he countered all the slashes and in the speed of light he used the strongest Moon Technique that he learned the 11th one the Catasrophie-Crescent Moon wich was an slash wich mutated into many slashes with the darkness of the moon Domimaro tryed to counter it with the 9th Sun Technique the Sun Dragon wich was a slash wich made an huge Dragon enpowered by the flame's of the sun but when the two slashes collided they made an huge blast and in this time of unawarness of Domimaro, Edymaro used the 4th Moon Technique the Endless Moon wich was an insanly fast slash wich pentrated through the Dragon wich was made by Domymaro's slash and knocked out Domymaro who couldn't use an Technique in time to counter it so for the first time in a year Edymaro was finaly able to beat he's brother.