Chapter 398:

Chapter 398: Double Star Blitz

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 398: Double Star Blitz

Narrator: Meanwhile with Haunch.

*Haunch and his soldiers are moving back towards Dayna’s base*

Male Soldier 1: (Masked Voice) I can’t believe we were defeated.

Male Soldier 2: (Masked Voice) We will simply need to come up with a new strategy.

*In the far distance, they notice the explosions from Harmona’s and Poleon’s battle*

Haunch: What is going on over there?


Narrator: Back to Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro continue to fight Dayna. Zeth notices that Zenfaro is getting slower because of his wound*

Zeth: You can’t keep fighting with that wound, Zenfaro!

Zenfaro: And not fighting is not an option. I’ll be fine.

*Dayna punches Zenfaro to knock him back, but then Zeth kicks Dayna back in the other direction towards a wall*

*Dayna uses the wall to push off of and launch right back towards Zeth*

Dayna: Rrraaaaarrhhh!!

*Zeth is unable to dodge as Dayna forms a magic sword and slashes Zeth, dealing significant damage. Dayna then kicks him back which deals even more damage*

Zenfaro: Damn it! No!

*Zenfaro goes into Raging Star Mode and launches towards Dayna while charging magic into his fist. Dayna notices and puts up a strong magic barrier to block his punch*

Zenfaro: No way! Just how much power does this barrier have!?

Rayna: As much as I think she needed to take you both on.

*Zeth also goes into Raging Star Mode and tries to go around the barrier but, suddenly, it extends so that it goes from wall to wall. Zeth also tries to punch it but it has no effect*

Zeth: How are we going to deal with this barrier?

Zenfaro: We could probably destroy it with a Super Nova explosion but we would get caught in the blast too.

Rayna: Oh well for you. Look at it this way. Whichever of you is the first to surrender will be spared and used in our plan.

*Dayna opens her mouth with magic charging in it. A small hole opens in the barrier for Dayna to shoot her magic through. She starts releasing a barrage of magic blasts which Zeth and Zenfaro start dodging*

*Both Zeth and Zenfaro observe the hole which Dayna is shooting through*

Zenfaro: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Zeth: Yeah!

Zenfaro: It’s time to use what we practiced. Let’s use a Double Star Blitz.

Zeth: I’ve been waiting to try that out!

Zenfaro: Let’s do it!

Rayna: Whatever you are going to try won’t work.

*Zeth forms the basis of a Shooting Star in his hands. As they continue to dodge the barrage, Zenfaro adds his own Shooting Star power to it which causes two stars to circle around each other. They keep dodging while being close to each other*

Zeth: It’s getting difficult to control while dodging like this!

Zenfaro: That’s alright! Release it now or we’ll lose it!

Zeth: Here we go!

Zeth and Zenfaro: Double Star Blitz!

*The two stars circling around each other accelerate towards the hole like a speeding bullet. Dayna is unable to close the hole before the stars pound into her forehead which blows her back*

*Zeth and Zenfaro are then able to blow through the barrier*

Zeth: Awesome!

Zenfaro: Just as planned!

*Rayna is shocked as the stars blow Dayna back through multiple walls*

Rayna: I can’t believe they were able to do that…

*Zeth and Zenfaro chase after Dayna*

*Eventually, the stars dissipate and Dayna crashes into a wall but it doesn’t break. Dayna holds onto her forehead and screams in pain*


*Zeth and Zenfaro arrive, followed by the projection of Rayna*

Zenfaro: The fact that that attack did not crack your head open and kill you proves just how strong your mother is.

Rayna: My daughter, in order to save you from that pain, I will temporarily turn you completely feral.

*More power goes from Rayna’s projection to Dayna and then Dayna’s eyes become unfocused*

*Though Dayna only has some werewolf characteristics, she begins roaring like one and charges towards Zeth and Zenfaro. They do not look amused*

Zeth: Brother?

Zenfaro: Yeah.

*Outside of Dayna’s base, a blast from the inside destroys a wall as Zeth and Zenfaro have knocked Dayna to the outside of the base*

Narrator: Zeth and Zenfaro have gained the upper hand against Dayna! Now all they need to do is finish her off. However, there is an elephant in the room. What exactly is the plan that Poleon and Rayna have put together?

Chapter 398 END

To be Continued in Chapter 399: All for the Plan