Chapter 399:

Chapter 399: All for the Plan

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 399: All for the Plan

Narrator: Back to the heroes in the area full of trees.

*After defeating all the werewolves, the heroes that are not currently fighting are contemplating their next move*

Joe: What should our next move be?

Commander Zupek: Lady Harmona’s battle is too dangerous to approach. We need to find Dayna’s base. Let’s search for it.

Kurt: Right!

Zaydra: We’re moving out, everyone!

*They all start moving and head in the direction that the werewolves retreated to*

*Zaydra approaches Sasha*

Zaydra: I can tell…

Sasha: Tell?

Zaydra: I can tell that you fear your power. One day, you will fully control your power.

Sasha: But what if I can’t? After all… I’m just a demon.

Zaydra: Stop that. Being a demon isn’t inherently bad. A demon can still make good choices. I believe in you.

*Sasha stares, not knowing what to say, but then smiles a bit*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Zenfaro.

*Zeth and Zenfaro fight the feral Dayna outside of her base. Dayna violently slashes while Zeth and Zenfaro dodge*

Zenfaro: Her feral nature makes her easy to predict and dodge.

*Dayna then releases a shockwave of energy that knocks Zenfaro off his balance. Dayna then tries to slash him. However, Zeth kicks Dayna away from Zenfaro*

Zeth: Sorry, but it’s hopeless for you. We won’t lose to someone like you.

*Zenfaro looks at Rayna*

Zenfaro: As you can see, your daughter is failing horribly.

*Rayna looks irritated*

Rayna: I can see but this is nothing more than a minor roadblock. Nothing will stop the plan. Everything we have done is all for the plan.

Zenfaro: What even is your plan!?

Rayna: To bring an end to Heaven and Hell as they currently are.

Zenfaro: That doesn’t say how you plan to do that!

*Rayna smiles*

Rayna: Stick around and find out. We’re about to have one hell of a party when light and dark meet.

*Zenfaro and Zeth look nervous*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona continues to fight Poleon in her Savage Lion form. Harmona tries to punch Poleon but it turns out to be an afterimage*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) Enough of your afterimages!!

*Harmona then gets pierced from behind by a purple magic spike and she roars in anger. She quickly rips it out and turns around to throw it back at Poleon but she doesn’t throw it because she is anticipating that Poleon is leaving an afterimage. Harmona then immediately throws it when Poleon appears somewhere else*

*Poleon then gets pierced by the magic spike, dealing him heavy damage*

Poleon: Gaaahh!!

*Harmona then rushes towards Poleon and punches him multiple times. After getting hit by a lot of punches, Poleon rips out the spike and tries to stab Harmona with it multiple times but she dodges all of the attempts*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) You can’t defeat me!!

*Harmona gut punches him to stop his attacks. Harmona then does a downward diagonal punch to his right cheek to knock him down and rolling on the ground. When his body stops moving, he starts coughing badly*

Poleon: *cough* You really are *cough cough* the monster I thought you were… *cough cough*

*Poleon then looks up to see Harmona walking towards him with an expression of pure hatred on her face*

*Poleon begins to have a look of fear*

Poleon: (Thinking) Is this… fear? I fear her? It was supposed to be the other way around… BUT…! My goal is in sight! Zeth and Sasha are here somewhere! All I need to do is find them and I won’t even need to defeat Harmona to complete my plan!

*Harmona continues walking towards Poleon. Poleon’s fear turns to anger*

Poleon: Don’t you dare look at me like that as if I’m the real villain here!! YOU are the one that started all of this!! YOU are the one that sent an entire species, the one that I watched over, to extinction!! YOU are the reason that I am doing what I am doing!! I should be the one looking at you like that!!

*Once Harmona gets close, Poleon stands up a bit quickly and throws a punch at Harmona*

Poleon: Go burn, Harmona!!

*The punch fails as Harmona punches Poleon hard in the back to knock him face down on the ground*

*Harmona picks up Poleon and holds him above her head*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) That’s right! I have earned your eternal ire! But leave my children out of this!! They have nothing to do with what happened!!

Poleon: You think it all just stops with you!? It’s not just you! This whole system is corrupt—!!

*Suddenly, the lightning that has been striking all around Harmona then strikes Poleon directly. Harmona then slams him back down on the ground and stomps on him. Poleon now has numerous wounds*

*Poleon’s vision becomes blurry as his injuries mount up*

Poleon: (Thinking) I was so close… So close to being able to avenge the Zorens… I’m sorry everyone… I don’t want to fall to this evil witch…!

*Poleon focuses his eyes one more time and, in the distance, he sees Zeth and Dayna fighting*

Poleon: (Upon seeing Zeth) Light… (Upon seeing Dayna) Dark…

*Poleon stares for a moment and then has a sinister smile*

Narrator: Poleon is losing to Harmona but now sets his sights on Zeth and Dayna as his hopes are renewed!

Chapter 399 END

To be Continued in Chapter 400: The One Who Can Bring The End