Chapter 397:

Chapter 397: The Savage Lion Strikes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 397: The Savage Lion Strikes

Narrator: Harmona has gone through a beastly transformation. The Savage Lion prepares to strike.

Poleon: A form I didn’t know about?

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) A form that I lost control of and killed my own allies. I swore I would never use it again. But I want to kill you!

Poleon: I see. You caught me off guard with this form but it won’t happen again. I will kill you.

*Poleon stands up*

*Harmona starts rushing towards Poleon like a four-legged beast. She does a quick slash attack. Poleon tries to block it with his arm but Harmona’s nails leave large cuts on his arm which shocks Poleon*

Poleon: What!?

*Harmona keeps circling around Poleon, trying to get in slashes but Poleon starts dodging instead of trying to block*

Poleon: (Thinking) Blocking won’t help guard me against her attacks. Her claws are too fierce!

*Harmona gets in a jump kick which knocks Poleon back. Harmona immediately continues pursuing him*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) I won’t even give you a moment’s rest!

*Harmona leaps towards Poleon and grabs his neck, thrusting him down to the ground*

*Harmona is about to pound on Poleon’s face but Poleon forces her off by having two dark matter raptor heads push her off and bite down onto her*

*Poleon smirks but Harmona easily rips them off and curb stomps them to destroy them*

*Poleon is shocked again*

Poleon: They didn’t even have a slight effect!?

*Harmona does a slash attack with her nails but Poleon dodges. However, a magic effect was produced from the slash and it cuts into Poleon’s left shoulder and the left side of his upper chest. Blood spills out of the wound and Poleon is still in utter shock*

Poleon: This can’t be…!!!

*Poleon coughs up blood and starts to become angered. He looks down at his wound*

Poleon: No…! I have come too far…! I won’t lose to you….! Not now! Not ever!!

*A strong purple aura surrounds Poleon as he increases his power*

Poleon: (Angered) Bring it on!!

*Lighting starts striking around both of them now*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) Poleon!! There is nothing you can do now!! You have sealed your fate!!

*Harmona rushes towards Poleon again*

Poleon: I’m ready!!

*They begin slashing at each other but end up blocking each other’s attacks with their own attacks*

*Poleon gets a slash on Harmona’s face which leaves cuts but she just looks angrier and roars like a lion as she punches Poleon back*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) That was nothing!!

*Harmona begins slashing with her claws again and they leave the magic slash effects. Poleon starts rolling out of the way to avoid them. They are so strong that they create tears in the ground and make it rumble*

Poleon: I won’t be hit by those again!!

*Poleon jumps in the air and launches towards Harmona with his hand thrusting forward while it is glowing with a lot of magic*

Poleon: Harmona!!

*Harmona also launches towards Poleon*

Harmona: (Vicious Roaring) Poleon!!

*The magic in their hands collide and create a large explosion of mixed purple and red colors*

*Everyone else in the distance sees the large explosion*

Commander Zupek: Hooolyyy shit. They’re fighting without regard for collateral damage. We might need to get farther back.

*The smoke clears and they both have taken damage. They have their hands grasped against each other’s as they push back against each other in the crater caused by the explosion*

Poleon: Die, Harmona!!

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) You first, you absolute piece of garbage!!

*Harmona is able to overpower Poleon and punches him, knocking him on his back. Harmona follows up by doing multiple magic effect slashes which again tears into the ground and Poleon is unable to avoid having part of his tail cut off*

*Poleon’s eyes are wide open as he looks at his partially cut-off tail*

Poleon: My tail!!! Damn you, Harmona!!!!!

*Poleon’s screams can be heard all around*

*Rayna also hears his screams from Dayna’s base and stops watching Dayna’s fight with Zeth and Zenfaro to look out the window towards the battlefield Poleon is fighting at*

Rayna: Sounds like Poleon is having trouble defeating Harmona. My daughter needs to wrap up her fight soon.

Narrator: In her Savage Lion form, Harmona gains the upper hand on Poleon as they both release an extreme amount of power! Will Harmona finally put an end to Poleon!?

Chapter 397 END

To be Continued in Chapter 398: Double Star Blitz