Chapter 9:

Follow the dream to crush it (3)


Liam was back in the class, quietly passing through all the remaining periods. His eyes were dull, showing the zero interest he had in his surroundings.

Before he went to that club room, his mind and eyes were only focused on Keily, but now his thoughts were a mess and his eyes had no clear destination to glance upon.

‘It’s all making sense now.’

Liam remembered the things that happened before and after he entered the school.

‘The girl on that stall…’

["A word of advice, it is better if you stay away from all the girls of Y. C. S. C. You weirdo."]

‘She didn’t know about my previous schools, she was warning me about A.C.S.’

Liam’s eyes moved around the class, ‘no wonder the boys are sitting separately from the girls.’

‘How is this school even allowed to do all this?’

‘’See you guys tomorrow.’’ A 40yo male spoke in a bored voice as he collected all his stuff and left the room.

'And those people in the morning, they weren't practicing any script, they were afraid of A. C. S.'

Liam left the class like everyone else and moved towards the main gate of the school, his mind was filled with puzzles to solve, even though Zoey told him to be in the club room after school ended, his mind wasn't in the right state to even remember.

["I… I have been a good person through and through, why on earth should it have to be me? Have the gods forsaken me?"

"The fault is all mine, I should've never been given a chance to breathe."

‘’Can’t see, my eyes! My eyes!’’

"Excuse me, I'm looking for class 1A, can you help me find it," Liam smiled, showing a gentle side, "I'm new and don't know my way around."

The girl, after hearing that, ignored Liam, moved her head away, and quickly walked past him.

'What kind of idiot is he?'

"Yo! You okay, man?’’]

'No wonder the only person who talked with me was the glasses dude.'

Liam got on his bicycle.

'However, the most shocking thing was what that girl said in the club room.'

["To have a solid representation of our rules, our members can't and won't date or have a relationship even outside of the school grounds."]

Liam paddled, still in confusion as he remembered the time his parents told him not to talk with girls who aren’t in his school.


Summer of 2015

A group of kids was riding their bicycles through the pathways of a park. They were enjoying themselves which was visible on their smiling faces.

Behind them was a young girl, unable to match their speed and struggling to control her cycle. Keily Young, age: 8.

She was wearing a light blue gown and her hair was shorter.

‘’Slow down guys, I can’t go any faster.’’

Keily yelled in the last attempt after not being able to reach closer to them. She was desperate to not be left behind and lose track of her friend.

Her fears became a reality when a pebble on the pathways connected with the front tire of her cycle. Losing control in an instant, she fell hard to the ground. With nothing but her hands as landing support.

She instantly looked towards her friends, who were riding away, smiling and laughing with none of them noticing her fall. Tears slowly formed in her eyes, at the sight of being left behind by the people she so desperately wanted to catch up to.

Her clothes were dirty as an aftermath of that fall, her hands and knees bruised, with no strength or courage to get up.

In that moment of no hope or as she saw it as a dark moment of her life, the sound of some random bicycle stopping entered her ears, along with a young concerning voice of a male.

‘’You good?’’

The boy stopped near her, staring at her about to cry face.

Liam Reid, age: 8


Keily couldn’t say anything, all that left her lips was a sound of sadness.

‘’That fall seemed like it hurt,’’ Liam got off his cycle, leaving it on the stand, and moved towards Keily advancing his hand.

‘’Will you be able to get up?’’ He smiled at her, making her feel a little better. Slowly forgetting why she was on the ground in the first place.

Keily grabbed his hand without any hesitation, ‘’um… thanks!’’

This was a bad decision, the moment she got up, the bruises on her knees stung, making her feel the pain that her actively warm body wasn’t feeling to the same extent before.

‘’Ow ow ouch…’’

Liam scanned her, trying to understand the reason behind her painful voice. He found it, the bruised left knee with blood slowly racing down.

This image made him gross out, a normal expression by a normal kid, he stepped back as his face was slowly engulfed in disgust, as he left Keily’s hand and stepped back.

‘’Ewe… gross, its blood!’’

Liam pointed towards Keily’s knee, which made her look at it aswell. However, her reaction was far different than how Liam reacted.

‘’You are a jerk,’’ Keily was angry yet cute while being so, ‘’instead of helping a girl in need you are making fun of me.’’

‘’Well forgive me, your highness, I wasn’t born strong enough to stare at other people’s wounds,’’ Liam yelled.

‘’Sniff, Sniff,’’ Keily’s moved her eyes away. ‘’You are a jerk… and a moron.’’

Hearing her broken voice, Liam felt guilt, part of him realized that what he said appeared as a mockery of her situation. In the depth of that realization, he went near her, placed his hand above her head, and spoke with a happy expression, ‘’calm down, I can give you a ride to your home, so stop crying.’’

With her watery eyes, Keily looked at Liam and spoke in the cutest way, ‘’what about my bike.’’

‘Is she for real?’

Liam glanced at her cycle, then back to her, not knowing how to say no.

‘’Well… you see…’’

He was unable to find the right answer and was left with no choice but to bring her cycle with him somehow.

‘’Hmm…’’ Liam pondered.

‘’I have an idea.’’

Hearing Liam say those words, gave Keily a ray of joy. But what Liam planned wasn’t so joyful. He dragged her cycle near his own, took his off the stand, and told Keily to sit on the back seat while holding her bicycle.

She tried to lift the bike while sitting but her arms weren’t strong enough.

‘’Okay, plan B, how about we place your bike on the main seat and you sit in the back.’’

Keily looked at Liam in disappointment, ‘’who will paddle? My bike or some ghost?’’

‘’Didn’t think of that.’’ Liam went into his thoughts again, ‘’how about I place the bike on your head, that might work…’’

He stopped talking as his eyes saw the disappointing and judging look on Keily’s face, ‘’you aren’t so bright are you?’’

‘’Haaaa,’’ Liam gasped in disbelief, ‘’are you mocking me? If you are so intelligent, why don’t you make a plan?’’

Keily got off the back seat and stood in front of Liam, ‘’Listen to me now,’’ Liam stared at her with questioning eyes, ‘’place the bike in the back, and I will sit in front of you.’’

Hearing that Liam blushed, he looked away, blinking rapidly, ‘’but isn’t that something adults do.’’

‘’Don’t make it sound creepy, you weirdo.’’

‘’Umm… sorry?’’

‘’Mom! Dad!’’

Liam entered his house cheerfully, ‘’guess what?’’

His mother and father were sitting on a blue sofa watching T.v. On the lap of his mother, Liam’s 3-year-old sister was playing with a plush toy.

‘’What?’’ his father replied while focusing on the T.V.

Jared Reid, Age: 27

A thick beard, silky combed back black hair, brown eyes, a fit body of 5’11, and an office dress code pant and shirt were the visual details of Liam’s father.

‘’I made a new friend today,’’ Liam spoke with happiness.

‘’That’s great honey!’’

His mother looked back smiling.

Sadie P. Reid, Age: 26

She was beautiful, possessing eyes the same as Liam, purple in color, with light green hair. A height of 5’6 complemented with a little more flesh on it than what is considered slim, she was wearing shorts that were perfect for the hot weather of the summer.

‘’Yes, it's great…’’ his father was still focused on the T.v.

‘’Hungwy.’’ His sister entered the conversation with broken words.

Harper Reid, Age: 3

Possessing the hair of her mother and the eyes of her father, wearing white pajamas, was the only person in that room with something going on in her stomach.

‘’Yes, and she asked me to play with her again tomorrow.’’

His mother didn’t respond with words, she went silent staring into nothing.

His father on the other hand quickly got up and rushed toward Liam, ‘’Wait, did you say SHE?’’

‘’Uh oh…’’

Sadie seemed to know the reason behind Jared’s sudden change in focus, as she said that, Haper looked at her with questioning eyes, trying to figure out why she said those words. The words Harper was used to hearing when she did something wrong.

‘’Listen, son…’’ Jared placed both of his hands on Liam's shoulders and got on his knees to look him straight in the eyes, ‘’it's bad manners to be friends with anyone who doesn’t go to your school, especially girls.’’

‘’But…’’ Liam looked down in sadness, ‘’my school doesn’t have any girls.’’

‘’One day you will wake up to realize how messed up your life is… I mean one day, you will go to a school that has girls and on that day, you can have as many girls as your friends as you want.’’

Jared gently placed his right hand on Liam’s cheeks, ‘’so, promise me, until then you won’t talk to any girls outside of your school.’’

‘’But why dad?’’

‘’It’s bad manners to talk to girls who don’t go to your school.’’


‘I always believed that you can’t have any kind of relation with girls outside of your school, but that seems not to be the case, as explained by that scary-looking girl in the club room.’

Liam was laying on his face in his room.

‘’Maybe… I should talk to my parents to simply change my school.’’

Liam turned his position and lay straight, ‘but they will ask me questions as to why I want to change on the very first day, better have some excuses ready.’

As this thought was ending, Liam’s eyes widened, he quickly sat up grabbing his hair with both of his hands, realizing something he had ignored in the past. Something so obvious that it made his mouth open wide in shock.


‘’Wait just a damn minute,’’ Liam yelled in anger.

‘Did my parents already know about this damn club?’

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