Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 (Ambushed!!!)

Ankh Holder (Season 1)

At the meeting hall of Gammian Palace, "My lord there are sightings of Taterains' ship landing on our planet. Most of the sightings come from these areas. They might be doing something....." A general said and showed the satellite pictures of Taterians on the screen. The King looked at them carefully. "Well.....In the last decades, we have sent a few spies to Tatera. Now, the Taterians are on our planet. That's.....That's a kind of coincidence. I must say," The king said slowly. One general said, "I think we should teach them special lessons,". The king nodded his head, and said "Yeah....A special lesson, of course"

The next day, Zeya was in a large vehicle along with 199 other soldiers. They were equipped with guns and metal armors. Each of them was also given a watch (with GPS) and a combat helmet. They can talk to each other with these helmets. The helmets also granted them heat-vision, which is so useful for missions. Especially like this one. They were going to the area where the Taterians were sighted.

Most of the soldiers were no less than 20 years of age. Only Zeya was 15 years old in the team. And no soldiers dared to mass up with him. They had known about his powers and abilities. Some even looked at him with curious eyes. Zeya ignored most of them and just focused on his mission.

The area had a jungle-like biome with wet weather. There were trees all over there. The trees from Planet Gamma were significantly higher than the ones from the earth. Unlike humans, the Gammians rarely cut down their trees as they knew their importance.....

As soon as the troop arrived. Zeya flew up to the sky to search above but it wasn't an easy task because of the tall trees which blocked his view. Zeya had to rely on his helmet for heat-vision. This jungle and tall trees are somehow similar to the places on earth, making Zeya think about his home. But then, Zeya refocused on his mission. He didn’t want to get distracted while flying. Otherwise, he’ll fall.

Suddenly, Zeya detected some moving heat waves in his vision. Unlike the typical forest creatures, these waves looked different. It was from the deeper sides of the jungle. Zeya looked at his GPS watch and said “I saw some movement from 144.30 east/ 785.47 north”. Other troop members replied, “Copied that”.

Zeya slowly landed down near the place. Some of the nearby soldiers were also there, some joined later. Zeya viewed his heat visions again after landing, but he couldn’t find the waves this time. The team had to be very careful while searching the place. They had to watch out for their steps carefully, keep their eyes keen, and keep their ears sharp. As they were inside the jungle, the foes could attack from random places.

Zeya heard the sound of something moving. Something was there. He raised his hand as a signal to the other soldiers. They all prepared for incoming attacks.

Zeya used his heat vision view again. But this time, what he saw had shocked him. Many heat waves were surrounding the troop. Some waves were beneath the ground. The heatwaves of creatures. Zeya knew that they were ambushed “We are under attack!!” he yelled. But he was too late.

The Taterian soldiers appeared from the ground and the bushes. Some came down from the trees. They all began to attack the Gammian troops. Zeya used his gun and shot at the Taterians. He flew up higher so that he could shoot them from above. Zeya used his strength when his gun was out of bullets. He beat many Taterian soldiers barehanded.

But suddenly, he felt a strong wave. His head became dizzy and he suffered a very painful headache. And soon, he felt like he fell onto a cliff……