Chapter 401:

Chapter 401: The Deity of The End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 401: The Deity of The End

Narrator: The Deity of The End has arrived!

*Zeth falls to his knees and punches the ground in frustration*

Zeth: First, my father! Then, my brother! Why do others keep being sacrificed for my sake!?

*Zaydra and the other heroes arrive. Zaydra looks confused*

Zaydra: Who is that? I saw nothing of this person in Poleon’s plans.

*Harmona is also confused*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) Zaydra had your plans deciphered. We thought we completely understood your plans.

Poleon: Hmhmhmhm! Clearly you didn’t. Your biggest mistake was assuming I kept some form of record of every part of my plan. Everything about Zenos never left my mind.

*This information shocks Harmona and Zaydra*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) Damn it!

*Zenos looks at Poleon*

Zenos: Now that I am freed, I will be taking back the power that I lent you.

Poleon: Of course, Lord Zenos.

Zenos: I will allow you to keep any power you gained over time.

*Purple magic begins to leave Poleon’s body and enter Zenos’s body*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) So that’s how you gained so much power over the last 30,000 years!

Poleon: Indeed, but I used that power to gain so much of my own power. Don’t think I’m back to being weak.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Hell.

*The Dark Goddess is walking through a hallway. She suddenly stops and then puts her left hand against the wall. She can feel Zenos’s overwhelming power*

Dakame: (Talking to herself) To think you were still around, Zenos. It looks like I will have to take you down before I can begin my next invasion of Earth.


Narrator: Back on Earth.

Zenos: Zothena’s plan to stop me has now failed.

*Zenos looks at Harmona*

Zenos: I assume that this Light Goddess is her brat?

Rayna: That is correct.

Zenos: Fascinating.

*Harmona is even more confused*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) What are you talking about!? What do you mean about my mother!? What plan of hers!?

Zenos: After all this time, have you really been left out of the loop? Almost 300,000 years ago, Zothena trapped me in a separate dimension.

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) Wait! I’m almost 300,000 years old! Then that means…!

Zenos: She was trapped as well.

*Harmona has a flashback to when she was 34 years old and angels told her that Zothena is gone*

Harmona: (Thinking) I thought she was killed by the Dark Goddess, Zenta! Why did no one tell me the truth!? Why!? Why!!? Whyyyy!!?? WWWHHHYYYY!!!!!????

*Savage Lion form is hard to control and Harmona’s mental stability begins to worsen as she tries to comprehend what she has learned*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) What became of my son!!?

Poleon: If you must know, neither Zenfaro nor Dayna are dead but they are now stuck in the Dimension of Deities’s branch dimension that contains Dark Matter.

Zenos: You won’t need to worry. Soon, this entire world will be covered in dark matter. It’s funny that even after all this time, my sister’s foolish dream still has not come to pass. Oh, dear sister, you may be called the Deity of the Divide but you are nothing more than a hopeless dreamer.

*Both Zeth and Sasha have a flashback to being told about the Deity of the Divide from Hamura and Harmona*

Zeth and Sasha: This guy is the brother of the Deity of the Divide!?

*Zenos looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Zenos: That is correct. I’m the son of the first-ever Dark God and Light Goddess. That makes me over 4 billion years old and almost as old as the Earth itself. My foolish sister believed that light and dark could be brought together through peaceful means. Ha! What rubbish! The only way to bring them together is to destroy both and start from scratch! I will accomplish that.

*Harmona’s mental stability completely breaks down and she launches up towards Zenos with monstrous rage*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) RRRRRAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

*Zenos smiles as Harmona launches towards him*

Zenos: Let’s see how strong you are.

*As Harmona gets in point-blank range, Zenos slams his hand on Harmona’s face and the hit blows her back a far distance with the release of his magic energy*

*Harmona is now lying on the ground very injured and bloody*

*Everyone else is shocked*

Zenos: I have far more power than any of you could possibly comprehend. Surrender and I will spare you. You will get to be a part of this brand-new world that I am building!

*Everyone is scared now*

Zaydra: He… He just beat mom with a single hit! And it was just a basic attack! We… We can’t beat someone like that!

*A loud voice now echoes around the whole area*

???: Do not fear!

*Everyone is alerted by the voice as the clouds open up and Sonzen flies down from the heavens*

(Author’s Note: Sonzen is Heaven’s guardian. Appearance Reminder from Chapter 261: The giant bird creature is covered in gold, orange, and red feathers that are all angled backwards. It has a long, rounded tail. From the back of its neck, all the way to its tail is a thin trail of black hair. Pointy orange feathers surround its eyes to the point that they look like suns.)

Zenos: Well, this was unexpected.

Sonzen: (Talking to the heroes) Stopping Armageddon isn’t my only purpose! So is stopping Zenos!

Narrator: With fear settling in, Sonzen arrives to bring back hope against the Deity of The End and his overwhelming power!

Chapter 401 END

To be Continued in Chapter 402: Sonzen vs Zenos