Chapter 400:

Chapter 400: The One Who Can Bring The End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 400: The One Who Can Bring The End

Narrator: Harmona intends to finish off Poleon.

*Harmona charges her hand with a lot of energy*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) This is the end for you!!

*Poleon smirks*

Poleon: On the contrary!

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) Huh!?

*Poleon releases a large amount of energy and kicks back Harmona. Poleon then stands up and launches himself in the direction towards Zeth and Zenfaro*

Poleon: Hmhmhmhm! Hahahahaha! My moment has come!!

*Poleon charges a lot of magic and then releases the magic into the air. It forms a giant cannon pointing at the sky that lands on the ground*

*Harmona gets up as she sees it*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) No!

*Harmona goes after Poleon*


*The other heroes react as they notice the cannon*

Emily: What is that?

*As Zaydra stares at it, she starts to have a look of fear*

Sasha: What’s wrong?

Zaydra: That cannon…! I deciphered from Poleon’s plans that he would use a cannon activated by the powers of light and dark to create a dimensional tear!


*The fight between Zeth and Zenfaro against Dayna ends as Poleon swoops in and grabs Zeth and Dayna which shocks Zenfaro and Rayna*

Zenfaro: Zeth!

Rayna: What the hell are you doing, Poleon!?

Poleon: Completing our plan!

Rayna: That’s my daughter, not Sasha, you dumbass!

Poleon: I don’t care! It’s now or never! Our plan is more important than your daughter!

*Dayna’s feral state ends and she returns to normal*

Dayna: Hey! Put me down!

Zeth: Let go!

*They try to make Poleon let go of them but fail*

Poleon: Congratulations, the two of you are being used in our plan! Now, fire!!

*The cannon lets out beams of energy that envelop Zeth and Dayna. Poleon then lands on top of the giant cannon*

*Haunch and other Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers arrive*

Haunch: Lady Dayna! Release her at once, you beast!

Poleon: Not going to happen!

Haunch: Fire!

*The soldiers start shooting their guns that are filled with the green Mortalment goop at Poleon but he releases a wave of magic that hits and kills most of them and injures the others, including Haunch*

*Poleon is distracted enough that Zenfaro zips right past and knocks Zeth out of the cannon’s energy. However, Zenfaro gets caught in it instead*

*Zeth starts falling down from high up as he looks at Zenfaro in shock and holds his arm out*

Zeth: Why!?

Zenfaro: I can’t let my little brother be used as a sacrificial victim again!

*Zeth has flashbacks of Kyle knocking him out of the way of Kazan’s blast that ultimately killed Kyle*

Zeth: Not again…

*Tears flow from Zeth’s eyes as he falls*

*Zenfaro and Dayna are sucked into the cannon*

Poleon: Not Zeth but oh well. Zenfaro works just as well! Hahahahahaha!

*Zeth still falls with total despair on his face. Someone, at incredible speeds, swoops in and grabs him. It’s Harmona who is still in her Savage Lion form*

*Zeth is still in despair*

Zeth: Mom?

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) I’m sorry! I failed to finish off Poleon quickly enough!

*Harmona looks at Poleon and then sets Zeth on the ground*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) You won’t take Zenfaro!!

*Harmona suddenly launches up towards Poleon. He isn’t ready for her speed and tries to defend himself but she is still able to rip off his left arm as she zooms past him*

Poleon: AAAAHHH!!!!

*Poleon falls off the cannon and is in a lot of pain. Harmona lands on the ground. She stops and turns around to face Poleon*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) First, I took your tail! Then, I took your arm! Now, I will take your life!!

*Harmona launches towards Poleon again but the cannon fires up to the sky and the massive energy release disrupts her attack and she stops*

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) I’m too late!!

*The beam fired by the cannon starts to tear a hole in the sky*

*The other heroes have been moving their way towards the cannon and they react to the cannon firing as they move*

Zaydra: No! It’s been fired! Don’t tell me that he got Zeth!

*That possibility brings fear to Sasha’s face*

Sasha: No…!

*They start running even faster*

Poleon: Tell me, Harmona… Your daughter found out about my plan by infiltrating one of my lairs. Do you truly understand my plan?

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) You wanted to create a dimensional tear and bring destruction to everyone!

Poleon: Then you don’t truly understand it. The dimensional tear is only the first part of it! It’s the part after the tear that will bring destruction…! it will bring… The End…!

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) What do you mean!?

*The projection of Rayna steps near Poleon*

Rayna: The one who can bring the end will be released.

Harmona: (Vicious Sounding) You!! You must be Dayna’s mother!!

Rayna: That I am. But a deity has been released.

*Harmona looks shocked and confused*

*The dimensional tear finishes and someone starts floating downward from the tear and lands on top of a massive rock formation. Poleon jumps towards the person and Rayna’s projection also moves towards the person by floating. Poleon stands on the person’s left side while Rayna’s projection stands on the person’s right side. All three of them look down at everyone in the area*

Rayna: He is Zenos. He is the Deity of The End.

*As for Zenos’s appearance, like most deities, he has a human-like design. His hair is light brown and it is curved back and straight. He has Dark Divine Eyes, He has rounded ears as opposed to pointy demon ears. His teeth are like a human’s as opposed to mostly sharp teeth like demons. He is 7 feet tall and he gives off a very confident vibe. He is wearing a mostly purple uniform*

*Zenos confidently smiles*

Zenos: I have waited a very long time for this.

Narrator: Zenos has been released! What horrors is he capable of!?

Chapter 400 END

To be Continued in Chapter 401: The Deity of The End