Chapter 402:

Chapter 402: Sonzen vs Zenos

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 402: Sonzen vs Zenos

Narrator: Sonzen has arrived to help stop Zenos!

Sonzen: I never thought I would see you again!

Zenos: Ah, don’t be like that. We’ve had some fun times.

*Harmona sits up now and the high damage attack returned her to her senses. Her Savage Lion form has also ended*

Harmona: (Thinking) Sonzen woke on his own?

Sonzen: I will finish you, Zenos!

Zenos: (Smiling in excitement) Let’s see you try then! Hahaha!

*Sonzen charges a lot of magic energy in his mouth and releases an orange beam at Zenos*

*Zenos and Poleon jump away. Rayna is just a projection so she simply watches. The beam destroys the large rock formation they were standing on*

*Sonzen flies towards them*

Zenos: Hahahahaha! Yes! Come at me!

*Sonzen fires another beam at Zenos. Zenos jumps above Sonzen to dodge and then punches Sonzen in the back which does a decent amount of damage*

*Sonzen then slams his tail into Zenos which knocks him away*

Sonzen: I could never show my face to Zothena again if I lose to you this time!

*Sonzen follows that last attack up by releasing some sun rings at Zenos. The sun rings bound Zenos which keeps him from moving. Sonzen then fires another orange beam at Zenos which lands a direct hit*

*After the smoke has cleared, Zenos has taken some damage but still smiles while Sonzen releases another beam*

Zenos: Star Reflector.

*A shiny, white, reflective surface made of stars forms in front of Zenos and the beam is reflected back at Sonzen at an incredible speed*

Sonzen: No!

*Sonzen can’t dodge and so he tries to fire another beam to counteract it. The beams make contact very close to Sonzen and explode. Sonzen has taken a good amount of damage*

*Zenos smiles again and breaks free of the sun rings*

Zenos: I just wanted to feel what a direct hit from your attack would feel like so I waited to use Star Reflector. You’re still as powerful as I remember Sonzen.

Sonzen: And unfortunately, I see that the same applies to you.

Zenos: You don’t have to worry about showing your face to Zothena. You won’t be seeing her again.

*Sonzen looks angered*

*The heroes watch the battle and Zeth feels anxious*

Zeth: He can use Star Magic. He really is of both light and dark! Where is this Deity of the Divide to help us!?

*Both Zenos and Sonzen prepare for their next attack. Before anything happens, Zenos feels a sudden pain and his power lowers*

*Sonzen flies towards Zenos and releases a barrage of magic-charged feathers at him. Zenos jumps away from the attacks in time and lands near Poleon*

Zenos: We will be leaving now.

*Zenos opens up his own dimensional tear*

Sonzen: I won’t let you get away!

*Sonzen fires another beam at Zenos and Poleon*

Zenos: Dark Skull of Torment.

*A large black demonic skull rushes towards Sonzen but it takes the hit from the beam which destroys the skull. The skull taking the hit leaves Zenos and Poleon safe*

Zenos: Don’t worry. You haven’t seen the last from us. Now that the initial tear has been made, I can come back whenever I want to, where I want to.

Poleon: And just so all of you divine scum are aware, the three of us all have our reasons for wanting to destroy both Heaven and Hell.

*The dimensional tear closes which leaves only Rayna’s projection still around*

Rayna: Now you have all seen it. What Poleon and I have been working towards for a long time to was to free Zenos from the dimension he was trapped in by Zothena.

*Harmona looks angered again*

Rayna: I’m sure you have guessed this by now Harmona but yes, I am the true leader of the Crow Beak Divine Killers. It was quite an interesting experience being a divine being that led an organization about killing divine beings. With Zenos released, I no longer have any need of them so do to them whatever you like.

*An injured Haunch hears that while hiding behind a corner of the base and he looks angered. He then walks away*

Rayna: With all that said, I shall be leaving too. Until next time.

*Rayna’s projection ends*

*Sonzen lands on the ground and looks frustrated*

Sonzen: I failed to take out Zenos again. And why did he suddenly feel pain and get weaker?

*Harmona and the other heroes approach Sonzen. Sonzen looks at Harmona*

Sonzen: I can tell. You want to talk.

Harmona: Yes. Tell me what happened to my mother nearly 300,000 years ago and how she tried to stop Zenos.

Sonzen: Very well. Let’s return to Heaven and we shall talk there.

Narrator: The heroes have survived their first encounter with Zenos! But what was the cause that led to Zenos leaving the battle?

Chapter 402 END

To be Continued in Chapter 403: What Happened Nearly 300,000 Years Ago


Arc Completed: April 25th, 2017

Author's Note: A note for the next arc. The next arc is the first in a series of arcs that all fall under the label of "Dark Matter Chronicles".

Author's Comment: Also, I may not post any chapters for the next couple of days. We'll see. It is kind of amusing though that this lines up with one of my actual hiatuses because after I wrote this chapter, I put BTS on a one-month hiatus because the burnout was starting to affect me.