Chapter 403:

Chapter 403: What Happened Nearly 300,000 Years Ago

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the start of the 13th arc, the Dark Matter Chronicles: Dark Matter in Kunasha Arc.

Chapter 403: What Happened Nearly 300,000 Years Ago

Narrator: With the mission in Basiege ending, everyone’s focus turns to figuring out how to stop Zenos.

Zeth: (Narrating) Before we left, we tried to find Master Dom, Jane, RAG, and Sandy but they were gone. In all likelihood, they are still under Rayna’s control.

Narrator: After returning from Basiege, the heroes have returned to Heaven.

*Harmona and the heroes meet with Sonzen*

Harmona: I need to know. What happened nearly 300,000 years ago?

Sonzen: I suppose it is time. Before I start, I want you to know that Zothena requested that I never tell you what happened.

*Harmona is surprised*

Harmona: But why?

Sonzen: That will be explained in the story.

*The flashback starts*


Narrator: Nearly 300,000 years ago.

*Zothena walks through a hall and into the large room that Sonzen is in*

Zothena: I take it that you felt it too?

Sonzen: Yes. The dark matter. How did dark matter get on the Earth? I don’t like this feeling that I have.

Zothena: I was about to go check it out. I want you to come with me.

Sonzen: That’s a good idea. We don’t know what we will find.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Sonzen is flying down to Earth and Zothena is riding on top of him. They land on the ground at an unspecified location and find a pool of dark matter*

Sonzen: Did you take a look at this area from Heaven before we came down?

Zothena: Yes, but I did not see anything other than this pool. I wanted to see it up close. At least it is in an unpopulated area so mortals aren’t likely to run into it.

Sonzen: The only way I could see this dark matter being here is if someone put it here which means… Wait, Zothena! This must be a trap!

*The dark matter starts bubbling and someone starts rising out of it. It is Zenos and he is smiling confidently*

Zothena: Who are you!?

Zenos: I am Zenos. I wonder if you have heard of me.

*Upon finishing his sentence, Zenos immediately launches at Zothena and she barely has time to block his punch with her arms. Zenos’s fist is covered in dark matter so she gets some on her arm*

*Zothena opens her eyes wide with some distress and then kicks Zenos back*

*Sonzen is shocked*

Sonzen: It can’t be! How did you escape the Dimension of Deities!?

Zothena: You know him?

Sonzen: Yes, he is the one born from the first Dark God and Light Goddess. He is the Deity of The End.

Zothena: Wait, he is that Zenos!?

Sonzen: Unfortunately, yes…

Zenos: That’s right. You may be the Light Goddess Zothena but you are about to die.

*Zenos launches towards Zothena again*

Zenos: If you don’t struggle, it will be quick and painless!

*Zothena prepares to defend herself but, suddenly, Zenos is coming from behind instead of the front. Zothena notices too late as Zenos punches her in the back and then kicks her to knock her away*

Zenos: There is no reason to resist. Just let it happen.

*Zenos then forms a missile of dark matter in his hand*

Zenos: Dark Matter Missile!

*Zenos launches the missile at Zothena*

Zothena: Oh no!

*The missile gets close to Zothena and explodes*

Sonzen: I won’t let you kill Zothena!!

*Sonzen releases an orange beam at Zenos and it lands a direct hit, damaging Zenos*

Zenos: Ah, I forgot you were even here for a second, Sonzen. Don’t worry, I can kill you too… or at least as much as a being like you can actually be killed. I know you’re not like ordinary living beings.

*Zenos forms another Dark Matter Missile and aims it at Sonzen. Before he can release it though, a Raging Star Blast comes flying in and hits Zenos, causing an explosion and damaging him. It was released by Zothena who is now in Raging Star Mode*

*Zenos looks back at Zothena*

Zenos: I see, so you survived my attack. I guess I underestimated you a little. If you think you can defeat me, then come at me. I will destroy you.

*Zothena launches toward Zenos while Sonzen charges up another attack*

Zothena: I don’t know what your deal is, but we will not stand down!!

*Zothena tries rapidly punching Zenos. He takes a few hits but blocks most of the punches*

Sonzen: Move, Zothena!

*Zothena backs off as Sonzen’s beam reaches Zenos. However, Zenos confidently smiles and uses Star Reflector in a horizontal motion to reflect Sonzen’s beam at Zothena*

*Zothena is unable to get out of the way as she has a look of shock. She takes a direct hit from Sonzen’s beam*

Sonzen: Zothena! Are you okay!?

*Zothena falls on one knee as she is heavily damaged. She is breathing heavily*

Zothena: *huff huff* How can you be so powerful…? *huff huff*

Zenos: It’s simple. I’m far older than you. I’ve been around for over 4 billion years. I’ve had plenty of time to increase my power to levels you have never seen.

*Zenos looks at Sonzen*

Zenos: Oh, and Sonzen, if you want to know how I got out, it’s because Zothena’s brat left the door to the Dimension of Deities open when she went in.

*Zothena looks stressed*

Zothena: (Thinking) It’s not Harmona’s fault! It’s my fault for not keeping the key more secured! Harmona cannot learn of this! I don’t want her to blame herself for whatever destruction Zenos causes! I have to stop Zenos… even if it costs me my life!

*Zothena stands up and crosses her arms mummy-style with her hands touching the opposite shoulders. A gold aura surrounds her body*

Zothena: Stay back, Sonzen!

Sonzen: What are you going to do!?

Zothena: What I have to do!

Zenos: This is amusing. Do you think you can defeat me by yourself?

Zothena: Yes, I do!

*Zothena starts running towards Zenos with her arms still crossed*

Zothena: Saykomera!

*Zenos looks excited*

Zenos: You’re just running in a straight line! Such an easy target!

*Zenos launches a Dark Matter Missile. Zothena takes a direct hit but continues running despite the massive damage and begins her string of Saykomera attacks by slamming into Zenos, releasing a lot of gold energy*

*Zenos looks surprised*

Zothena: Uppercut!

*Zothena uppercuts Zenos into the air*

Sonzen: (Thinking) What is she thinking by taking that attack!? With that damage, she will probably fall unconscious at the conclusion of this attack!!

Zothena: Light Speed!

*In an instant, Zothena is in the air and punches Zenos hard*

Zothena: Diving Torpedo!

*Zothena grabs Zenos and launches themselves down towards the pool of dark matter*

Sonzen: What are you doing, Zothena!!?

Zenos: Yes, what are you doing?

Zothena: I’m taking you down with me!!

*Zenos and Sonzen are shocked*

Zothena: Sealing Stiches! I hope you like your dark matter dimension because that is where you will stay for an eternity!!

*Zenos finally decides to try to break free from Zothena’s grasp but it’s too late as they land in the pool of dark matter*

*The dimensional hole starts to become stitched up*

Sonzen: Why, Zothena!?

*Sonzen then hears Zothena’s voice*

Zothena: I am sealing myself with Zenos is the Dimension of Dark Matter. Please grant me one last request. Do not tell Harmona what has happened. I don’t want her to blame herself for this. Farewell…

*Sonzen looks down with sadness*

Sonzen: No…

*End of flashback*


Sonzen: She didn’t want you to feel shame. In the end, I didn’t tell anyone else the specifics either. I just said that Zothena was gone. By the time you launched your invasion of Hell, I was already back in deep slumber.

Harmona: I see. But with the seal undone, why didn’t my mother come out as well?

Sonzen: I wish I could say for sure. It is entirely possible that she is dead but I won’t say that like it’s confirmed. She could have other reasons for not leaving. It’s going to be difficult to defeat Zenos but I noticed something. He felt pain and weakened in the battle we just had. The fact that he decided to retreat after that means he must have a big weakness. We need to find out what that weakness is.

Harmona: Agreed. We need to figure out our next step.

Narrator: Sonzen has given the backstory on what happened to Zothena! But now they must find a way to defeat Zenos!

Chapter 403 END

To be Continued in Chapter 404: Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm