Chapter 7:

Magician Girl

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Why did I rebel? Damian was contemplating. Because I don’t want to lose my humanity. But, is humanity that important? A smartphone won’t feel sadness, isn’t that great? The Enlightened One concludes that “Because nothing is permanent, a life based on possessing things or persons doesn't make you happy.” Then why did I try so hard to change this nation?

Damian leaned on a pile of junk in the landfill. Because I’m a rational person, I hate irrationality, suppressing emotions that much isn’t common sense. I also want to binge an interesting anime. So I just want to be happy, as everyone does.

“Master, why do you contemplate? You look dumb,” Bunny said and sat beside Damian. Bunny held Damian's stolen rifle.

“Shut up, Bunny,” Damian said.

“Oh, as I thought, you would be here,” Damian could hear a woman who said that. He then looked at his surroundings.

There was a woman in her 20s near Damian. Her long blue hair was held by pearl clips with portions of the back pulled over her shoulder. She wore a black witch hat, white stockings, and a black blazer high school uniform. She also held a black stick with a blue diamond on one of its tips.

Joshi Kousei (means 'high school girl' in Japanese)?” Damian asked.

The woman closed her eyes and smiled. “Hmm, I’m not a high school girl, but I’m not old,” the woman said.

“So you are old.”

“Shut up, will you?” The woman dropped her stick and grabbed a pile of junk. She then dropped the junk in front of her and took a deck of cards from her jacket. “System Check,” she said. Then she said with a robotic voice, “The 7th ultimate cyborg, version 1.0.0, codename: the Super Magician Girl.”

The woman also took a piece of black fabric from her jacket and put it on top of the pile of junk. The pile of junk became a table!

“My name is Kazuha Hikari, a card magician, let the show begins! Ta-da!” Hikari said and spread her arms.

Finally, a Japanese name! Damian thought.

Ouch! Something bit Damian’s neck. Damn it, are there mosquitoes in the morning?

“You, Sir, please choose a card from this pack,” Hikari said.

“Ah, Joker,” Damian replied.

“Okay, please write your name on the card, anywhere,” Hikari said and threw the Joker card and a pen to Damian.

Damian wrote his name on the Joker’s picture. He then threw back the Joker and the pen to Hikari.

Two drones appeared behind Hikari and floated around Hikari’s shoulders. Each drone carried a brown music box and began to play BGM.

“Now, focus on my performance, Sir.” Hikari held and showed Damian’s writing with her left hand. She then shuffled the Joker with the other cards.

The cards had a red back design and were on Hikari’s right palm. Hikari stopped shuffling and covered the cards with her left hand, and then when she uncovered her right hand, Damian’s card was on top of the cards!

“Wow,” Bunny commented.

Hikari took Damian’s card with her left hand and showed its back design. She rubbed the card on her right hand, and after a while, she flipped the card and the picture on the card was gone! Not only that, there was a Joker picture on Hikari’s right hand!

“OMG, no way!” Bunny commented again and clapped his hands.

Damn, what the f*ck is going on? Why does she perform here? Is this landfill actually a stage?! That singer and now this woman, Damian thought.

Hikari threw away the card and showed that she didn’t hold any cards in her palms. She covered her mouth with both hands, and when the BGM reached its climax, she quickly uncovered her mouth and showed that she bit Damian’s card on her mouth! There was Damian’s card in her mouth!

“Woooow!” Bunny clapped and shouted hysterically!

“Wait, wait. What the f*ck is going on? Why are you here, Ms. Hikari?” Damian raised his right hand and asked.

“Awww, you are no fun, Master,” Bunny complained.

“Bunny, shut the f*ck up.”

Hikari threw away Damian’s card and said, “What the hell did you do in the city, Number Ten? Lexi, I mean Number Four, notified the other Ultimates that you are a terrorist and must be found dead or alive.”

Oh, sh*t, Damian thought. “Look, that’s just slander. I didn’t do anything. I don’t have any clue about what happened in the city. I just heard an explosion so many times.”

“When you met Number Four for the first time, you said that you are drunk. That’s suspicious, that’s a crime. Dent Wolfman bans alcoholic drinks because binge drinking leads to many vehicle accidents, assaults, and date rapes, so it’s the source of dishonorable behaviors that are against Perfect Adult. The explosion incident from two months ago also happened near you after you entered the city,” Hikari explained.

Sh*t, I messed up again. Damian then said, “Then why just don’t drink excessively?”

“Dent worships human rationality. Alcohol leads to a lack of judgment and people don’t obey the rules that much, so yeah.”

“You know what, I think that man needs to get laid and understand what happiness is. Oh, wait, he already has a daughter.”

“Anyway, I have been thinking. Is this nation on the right path? Or actually, does this nation lead to the demise of humanity? I'm always not sure, but you hide very important facts from me,” Hikari said and took her stick with her right hand, “people die when they are killed, and so many sacrifices have been made for the sake of our new ideology. Isn’t that right, Himura-san?”

WHO THE F*CK IS HIMURA-SAN? I’m Damian! And of course, people die when they are killed! That character is so stupid! Damian scratched his head. Do you mean Himura from that magical girl anime? Ah, I don't know, let’s just play along! I'm so tired right now! Damian then stood up and said, “Is that wrong, Magical Girl Hikari? There is no win without sacrifice.”

“If you are trying to kill hundreds of people, then I must stop you. Because that's so cruel, and I’m a magical girl!” Hikari said.

“It’s not me, but Dent who does that, God damn it! He kills so many people and dumps them here for the sake of his ideology!”

“But you also killed many people, Number Ten. Although we haven’t found their bodies, I’m sure that those generals are already dead. That was what happened in history.”

“Why didn’t you tell the other Ultimates that I’m here then?” Damian asked.

Hikari curled up her lips and said, “Because you are my former colleague and also my friend. Magical girls won’t hurt their friends. That’s why I want to ask you, please don’t kill anymore. We can change this nation without killing others.”

Damian said, “No, we cannot, Magical Girl Hikari.”

“You might die, and more people might be sacrificed. That’s so sad,” Hikari replied.

Damian just closed his eyes.

“I’ll show you that, friendship is powerful. We can overcome this dystopia together!” Hikari said.

“I always have been alone. Friendship won’t last long. There are times when you have to spend more time with your loved ones. But love betrayed me: I got NTRed,” Damian said.

“Phu-,” Hikari held her laughter. “I won’t betray you. I’m a magical girl after all. A cyborg cannot resist against its designed role.”

“Ha. Enough, I’m tired. Just leave me alone. Or else, I’m going to kill you.”

Hikari bit her bottom lip. “Is this the only route that we have, Number Ten? Alright, I’m going to fight you. As long as I have your processor and memory, I can bring my sex doll to life after all.”

Wait, wait, wait, HOLD UP, GIRL! Damian thought.

“Let’s fight, Number Ten!”

Damian quickly crouched and grabbed a can below him. Then he threw the can at Hikari’s head, but Hikari just smiled, and the can missed Hikari’s head.

What? Damian was confused. He then grabbed and threw another can, but Hikari just twirled, and the can missed again.


Bunny shot Hikari with Damian’s rifle, but Bunny missed Hikari although Hikari didn’t move. “Master, my calculation wasn’t wrong, but I still missed her.”

What’s going on? Am I that tired? No, Bunny also missed although he still had much energy, Damian thought.

“It’s magic,” Hikari said.

“Wow, no way!” Bunny exclaimed.

“That’s a bullsh*t, Bunny,” Damian commented. Why? What has happened so far? She appeared, then the drones also appeared. Aha!

“Bunny, shoot in a random direction around the music boxes!” Damian shouted and grabbed another can.

Bang! Bang!

Accidentally, Bunny hit the music boxes, and when Damian threw another can at Hikari, the can hit and separated Hikari’s left arm from her body.

“AAARGH!” Hikari screamed.

“I got you! You see, music and performances can be addictive. Alcohol can also bring a lack of judgment. The mosquito that bit me must have been a robot and must have injected alcohol or emotional drugs into me. That’s why we missed you. Because Bunny just wants to see your show and I lack judgment. That whole show was just a misdirection!” Damian said.

“As expected from you, Number Ten. In that case, let’s end this conflict with a bang like in those magical girl anime,” Hikari replied calmly although she had lost her left arm.

Is she going to use a magical beam thing? But that’s impossible. I don’t think that the diamond on her stick can cause a beam or a big explosion like in those magical girl anime. Heck, those are just anime, Damian thought.

The diamond on Hikari’s stick was shining, and Hikari then shouted, “Super Syntax: Magical Beaaam, FIREEEEEEEEEEE!”



The diamond blinked. Then a round blue explosion was formed, and the round became larger and larger. Everything that went through the explosion was lifted, and then it ceased to exist!

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Damian thought. He, Bunny, and Hikari were thrown away by the explosion so they were still alive, but the landfill became a huge empty dumpster in a second.

Is that diamond a nuclear weapon? Damn it, a society with advanced technology is indeed scary!
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