Chapter 8:

Chuunibyou Have Their Own Charms (1)

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

That diamond didn’t contain much Uranium, right? So this landfill wouldn’t be radioactive for a long time, Damian thought, but regardless, I cannot hide here anymore. He stood up and walked around the dunes to search for Hikari.

“Master, why didn’t you give me a beam like that diamond?” Bunny asked while he walked beside Damian.

“Your machine learning, or artificial mind, is like a child: curious and irresponsible. You probably will try to detonate it on a whim,” Damian replied.

“Yeah, I will do that.”

Damian flinched and stopped for a moment. Damn, aren’t you dangerous, Bunny?

After a while, Damian found Hikari who lay behind a dune, and he approached her.

“As I thought, you are stronger than me. Now I even cannot sit,” Hikari said softly and looked at Damian.

“Don’t tail me anymore, I won’t kill you.”

Hikari just chuckled. “I don’t think I can stay alive on my own, Damian.”

“Just ask for help from the other Ultimates. Also, I'm cu-,” Damian replied.

“Ugh!” Damian suddenly felt so much pain in his head. He gripped his head and got down on his knees.

“Damian?” Hikari asked.

“Master, no need to be dramatic,” Bunny said.

"I'M NOT!" Damian replied. His right eye turned red.

“No, that’s not it! Damian, are you craving a human organ?” Hikari asked and teared up.

What? Craving for a human organ? What are you-? Damian thought. “Yes… a human brain… What the hell is happening?”

Hikari was shocked and silent for a moment. She then caressed Damian’s left hand. “It's alright. Eat my brain, Damian.”

“Are you… serious? What the f*ck is going on, Ms. Hikari?”

“You have GLD symptoms. GLD, Gore Lust Disease. If you don’t eat a specific human organ in 30 minutes, you will die, and your vicinity will spread the disease through the air until someone gets infected. The cause of GLD isn’t clear so there is no cure.”

WHAT A F*CKING DISEASE IS THAT? Isn't that just a fetish?! But if this is indeed GLD, I have to get away from here. I’m so damn tired. I don’t care about this nation and my life anymore. Why must I try so hard?

“Magical Paralytic Card.” Hikari took a card from her jacket. She threw the card and scratched Damian’s left leg with it. Damian couldn’t feel his left leg anymore. “Damian, I don’t want you to die. Isn’t it sad when your favorite anime character dies? Their death will also haunt you for days,” Hikari said.

“Are you crazy? Look, you can have my processor and memory to revive me, Ms. Hikari.”

Hikari shook her head slowly. “We both know that either you will be a flat, robotic person or you will have fused personalities in a new human body. There is no other way. Your body and your original personality will be gone, Damian, and I don’t want that. I was just bluffing about having a living sex doll. I would just keep you somewhere so you wouldn’t be naughty.”

Keep me somewhere? Isn’t that, scarier? Damian wondered.

Hikari curled up her lips and pulled down Damian. She kissed Damian.

“L-lewd!” Bunny exclaimed and put his hands on his eyes.

“It’s alright. Hurry, Damian,” Hikari said and looked dearly at Damian. “Bunny, that’s your name, right? Make a hole in my skull with this.” Hikari threw a metallic card to Bunny. “It’s called Magical Surgery Card.”

Aren’t you just attaching “Magical” to whatever you own?! Damian thought.

“Goodbye, Damian. I love you.” Hikari closed her eyes and said, “System Sleep Mode.”

Damn it, you are crazy. Love is indeed stupid, Damian grumbled. “Bunny, drag her away!”

Bunny shook his head and said, “Master, a robot must obey orders that are given by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law of the Three Laws of Robotics.”

“Bunny, when did you become a filial robot?!”

“Master, if you die here, I’m going to spread your nudes to the world.”

F*ck. Damian lifted Hikari’s head. “Alright, I’m going to eat her brain! Hurry, cut her skull!”

Bunny just didn’t want Damian to die. It was natural because Damian was his creator and caregiver like a parent.

A robot couldn’t resist its programmed nature. Damian was just too emotional so he didn’t remember Bunny’s nature: its nature to protect him.

After a while, Bunny had cut Hikari’s skull and Damian had eaten Hikari’s brain, but Damian didn’t eat Hikari’s processor and memory that were planted in her brain.

Sh*t, I’m so disgusting, Damian thought. He had a motherboard in his stomach, so he opened it and kept Hikari’s processor and memory on the motherboard. Since I have her processor, I begin to understand how to make that diamond thing and other Super Magician Girl’s stuff. I probably can also use her Super Syntax. So it’s very useful to have other cyborg processors.

“Bunny, wake me up if someone is coming,” Damian said.

“Aye, Master,” Bunny replied.

You said that you are my former colleague. Now, let’s dive into your memory and see who are you, Ms. Hikari, Damian thought, and he closed his eyes.
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