Chapter 3:

When it rains...

Dreams of Reality

       I found myself in a weird room. It looked like a kitchen and a bedroom melted together, but there was something strange. It looked dirty. It looked like there is a war going on, it was a total mess. I stood up and looked out the window. Everything was gray and unpleasant. I was a few silhouettes walking down the street.

       Even though I could see far, but there was nothing more than a grayish field with a few natural roads where the people were walking. I wasn't sure what to do. The only thing I could do was to open the door and step outside.

       I stuck my head out and looked into the hallway and froze, because when I did that, a woman probably in her twenties who was passing by, was just staring at me for a good 3 seconds. I barely understood what is happening, let alone think of something to do. When she stopped, she just walked away as if nothing happened.

       I was waiting for a while, and then I opened the doors fully and began my march thru the hallway. Every wall was white a window here and there. The tiles were black and white, and cold. That's when I noticed that I had no shoes. The hallway seemed endless, just white walls, windows, and doors which probably led to similar rooms like where I was. I tried to find a door that would lead me outside.

 "Is there anything you need?" a voice behind me asked. 

       When I turned around, I appeared back in that bedroom, sitting on the bed. But I was not alone this time. Some girl dressed very defiantly was with me, preparing something on the kitchen desk. "What do you want to do?" she asked. I avoided her look for a while, and when I looked back, she was gone.

       It was a little confusing, but I paid it no mind. I stepped out of the room and kept walking again. To my surprise, I found doors that led outside. I found myself on a street where everything looked dusty and wrecked, with not very many people walking around. The only option for me was to walk and hope that I will find something.

       But what was I searching for? For what was I looking? Suddenly I felt someone gazing at me. I kept moving forward, but it was becoming unbearable so I had to look. When I turned my head back, I saw a wall. I was in a class full of people I didn't know. They were standing, sitting at desks, and talking to each other. Everything was so loud, but somehow I knew that they are celebrating something.

       I turned to the side where the windows were, and I could not believe it. The houses that were on a lower level than the building where I was, were installed fireworks, aimed at us. We will be shelled. In the distance, the announcer said that the firework show would start at any second. Truly after a few seconds, the fireworks were detonated.

       All of them flew in our direction, but instead of hitting the walls, something pulled them to the wall and directed them from us, and when they flew in the other direction, they started to explode.

       I wanted to be surprised by what happened, but something in me knew what was happening, and it seemed normal. As the fireworks were exploding, I noticed how many there were, and that this entire show wasn't going smoothly as anticipated.

       Most of the fireworks did not go as high as they should, some of them even exploded near us. I was watching, frozen by all of this. I noticed people outside, trying to hide or dodge things such as desks and pieces of a wall falling from above. From the many people who were there, I saw my favorite ice hockey player, who was quite young.

       I wanted to shout at him to go hide inside the school because he is too young to die and we need him to live, but I couldn't. I was screaming in my mind. All that was left to me was watching stuff and torn bodies from the explosions fall from the sky. Before I realized that I was in a school building, I was finally released from this.