Chapter 4:

Bedtime story

Power of Fear

Its night time.

"There is only a single bed right here.." Emi said in a tired tone.

"Whats wrong? Lets sleep together." Ketsuki didnt feel even a tiny bit of embarrassment.

"The Fuck is wrong with you! Oh I know, you sleep on the floor."

"W-why?? The bed can fit both of us!"

"Its weird.....WEIRD  understand? A girl and boy sleeping together...." Emi put her face in her hands.

"Oh that... I dont really get that stuff and its not that Im going to do anything to you (she will kill me if i even touch a strand of her hair)."

"If you dont mind...then lets sleep" Emi said in a happy but also in a slightly disappointed tone. 

They both proceeded to sleep on the bed but there were alot of pillows between them.

"Umm is this necessary?" Ketsuki asked.

"These pillows are for PROTECTION!" Emi said with satisfaction.

"Ill say it again I will not try anything on you"

Emi removed a pillow and looked at Ketsuki like a little child  asking for reassurance from her parent, "You..wouldn't ..?" She said, while blushing a tiny bit.

"Yes yes I wouldn't."

Emi pouted and looked the other way.

"H-huh whats wrong?" Asked Ketsuki, who was totally confused.

Emi was always insecure about her looks even after getting this 'confidence boosting power' it didnt help her get completely over it. She didnt want Ketsuki to try anything but him just completely saying no without hesitation made her feel like he doesnt see her as a girl.

"Hey..if you would have gotten the chance to sleep with Rachel..would you have gone for it?" Emi asked.

"Of course not! That will make me feel so uncomfortable." 

" dont feel uncomfortable with me?" Emi asked in a sad tone.

"It is because Rachel feels... well 'felt' more like a stranger to me but you are more like..." Kestuki was blushing.

"Like what?"


After a moment Emi laughed loudly and uncontrollably, holding her stomach like it was the funniest joke she had ever heard.

"W-why are you laughing!?" Ketsuki hid his face in his blanket.

"Sorry sorry Im just surprised that you dont feel anything sleeping with me but you feel embarrassed calling me family." Emi starts laughing again.

"I- well....just forget it!" 

Emi shifted over and touched Ketsuki's nose and said," We were family for a long time and always will be....Ketsu." 

Ketsuki was stunned.

Emi laughed more " Sorry again! Teasing you is more fun than I thought. I always wondered why Kumojoshi did this."

"L-Lets sleep!"

"Yes yes goodnight.. 'Ketsu'."

"Please stop....."