Chapter 23:

Cap - 22 Guilt and Fear

Eyes of the Mind

After a few minutes watching the pot, Haruka took the pot and brought it forward from her face, she then turned her eyes to Sebastian who just watched her with a serious look.

"How does that work?

"You just need to remove the seals, after that what is inside the pot will do the rest.

Haruka then turned her hands to the pot and slowly began removing the seals from him, after removing all the seals she felt a slight breeze go through her face as she opened the pot, suddenly a black nevus came out of the pot and formed to the side of the girl entering completely.

" Haruka... What the one you're doing? Haruka!

Opening her eyes quickly after hearing her name called, Haruka noticed that she was in her house, suddenly the girl began to look around out of sheer curiosity as she searched for who called her.

Instantly Haruka was lifted by someone, this person held her in her lap as she passed her hand over her head, looking at that person, Haruka saw a short-haired woman with a dark shade of purple, her eyes were black and very calm, she smiled calmly while arranging the girl's hair.

"What did I say about playing with my Haruka things? You can't touch that. "Naomi said as she took Haruka away from the papers she was moving.

Haruka, while being taken away, noticed that she now had the body when she was 8 years old.

"You stand here, I'm going to clean up that mess you made, so be a good girl and don't leave here. "Naomi said as she placed Haruka sitting in front of a table.

At that moment Haruka tried to understand what test she would be going through, after some time, Naomi came back to her and lowered herself in front of her.

"So... How do you say when you disobey Mom?


"Haruka, remember that poorly bred children don't win...

Before Naomi finished speaking, Haruka hugged her at the same moment interrupting her altogether.

"... Trying a desperate affection like that won't make one get away with Haruka.

"Mom... I missed you so much. "Haruka said as she strongly hugged Naomi.

"What do you mean Haruka? I didn't go anywhere. "Naomi said.

Slowly Naomi pushed Haruka away from her getting her face close to the girl's face.

"What happened to you?

Haruka slowly took her hands up to Naomi's face, after touching her face, the girl wondered if what she was living was really real.

"Are you real?

"... Of course I am. "Naomi said after a slight laugh.

Naomi then got up and returned to her to-do while Haruka only accompanied her from afar without diverting her eyes.

"So... Haruka, why are you staring at me so much? You're a little weird, is there something bothering you?

"... I don't know what to say.

A slight noise caught the attention of the two, heavy sounds of knocks coming from a door, Haruka suddenly recalled something similar, she quickly turned her eyes to the door, she then saw Naomi opening the door, a shiver went up haruka's body after she saw the countenance of a homem in front of the door, he gotor talked something to Naomi that was almost inaudible to the girl, even if haruka struggled couldn't understand what they were talking about.

Suddenly Naomi turned her eyes to Haruka, her calm eyes accompanied by a warm smile bathed Haruka with a tranquility that the girl did not know how to define.

"I'll be right back, be a good girl and don't leave here, no, all right?

"Mom... wait!

Naomi then closed the door leaving young Haruka behind, at that moment Haruka knew what was going to happen, she had recorded in her mind every memory of that day, she at the same time ran toward the door opening the same way she did that day.

As she ran after her mother, Haruka remembered every second and moment, she found herself walking quietly looking for Naomi through the corridors just like that day, this time she was totally focused on not letting it happen again.

Running through the hallways of the apartment where she lived with Naomi, Haruka remembered where Naomi was when it all happened, quickly the girl headed to the terrace of the place as fast as she could.

Arriving at the entrance to the terrace Haruka had the same memories of that day.

"You know this decision is not right Naomi, we should warn the elders about it.


"His choice to bring it here will end up leading this world to chaos Naomi, listen to reason!

" Shut up... If you open your mouth to say anything else, I'm going to rip your jaw off. "Naomi said with a frightening face.

"... It was you, wasn't it? The one responsible for the deaths of the others?

Naomi then turned her eyes staring directly into theman's eyes.

"I'm not surprised... You're as rotten as he is, maybe I should have let you die in that place.

The man then took a scroll he was hiding.

"I'm going to put an end to this right now.

"You don't expect me to just stand here watching you do it, do you?

The man's eyes at the same moment turned to the entrance of the terrace where Haruka was, at that short moment, Naomi struck a blow towards the chest of the man who overtook him, at the same moment, the scroll he held opened a portal that began to suck the two into the unknown.

"Why are you doing this... Naomi?!

"... You wouldn't understand.

Naomi then turned her eyes to Haruka as she was slowly dragged to the portal, she stretched her hand at the girl while looking at her with a worried look.

"... Mother!

Naomi was then sucked into the portal next to the man to some unknown place in the spirit world leaving Haruka behind.

Reviewing that scene for the second time, Haruka was completely motionless and silent, everything around him began to lose color and be taken over by a complete darkness.

"It happened again... But why?

Slowly a presence began to form, Haruka could feel something close to her, but the girl did not know what it was.

"She abandoned me...

A soft and depressing voice caught the girl's attention, when she turned her eyes back she saw a version of herself sitting on her back with her face between her knees hidden by her arms, slowly Haruka began to approach that version of her.

The closer he got to that girl, Haruka began to understand what all that meant.

"... I must have done something wrong, maybe she never loved me, why didn't she ever come back?

Haruka understood that she had never gotten over Naomi's departure, even after so long, she still felt lonely and depressed.

" You did nothing wrong. — Haruka said as he leaned his hand on the shoulder of his other version.

"How can you know that?


"If I didn't do anything wrong, why did she never come back?

"I don't know...


" But we canno longer hold on to this past, it is more than time to overcome this, we meet new people and now we have new goals, they are still alive, if we want to see it again we need to move on.

That depressed version of Haruka slowly lifted her face and looked aside at Haruka, she could see the girl now back at her age of 16, half tremula and slow, the girl stretched her hand toward Haruka, the girl then took the hand of her other version helping her up.

After getting up, that sad version of the girl slowly began to fall apart and disappear leaving behind a calm and calm smile.

Haruka couldn't tell if she had done the right thing, but she felt like she had lifted a weight from her chest, she felt calm.

" That's ridiculous.

A serious female voice echoed through Haruka's ears, she suddenly turned her eyes to the sides quickly looking for the origin of that voice.

"Who said that...

However she did not receive any answers from those who had said it.

"A memory as distorted and unreal as this one does not affect me at all, even though you are equal in every proportion, do not think you can defeat me without that damn weapon that the divine have delivered to disgusting creatures like you.

Haruka then spotted a black shape with yellow eyes holding a man by the neck, the creature staring at him with a frightening look, when the girl saw it his soul froze at the same moment.

"But what's all this about? Why this memory? "The strange creature was asked.

The girl slowly began to take slight steps back without taking her eyes off that creature, even increasing the distance between her and whatever that could be, Haruka still listened loudly and loudly to what she was talking about.

" Cursed humans... you are still as insolent as at the time while you were still strong, time was not generous with your race is not it even Herkyun? Even though it's not the real you, the fact that I can squeeze your neck and watch you get apart in front of me is so gratifying that I don't know how to define, all I wanted now was to be able to open your head with my own hands and stick my hands in your heart, just like you did to me on that day when the divine decided to betray us and help your cursed race.

The girl listened to those words while looking for a way to escape that illusion, and it was then that the creature turned its eyes to Haruka at a surreal speed.

"So... Are you behind all this? What do you want with this, your filth?

"... Who are you? "He asked Haruka as he tried to hide his apparent fear.

" You are a very troublesome stone, what happens if I kill you now?

At a surprising speed that black form approached Haruka, seeing it the girl did not think twice and began to run away from it, she ran as fast as she could without looking back, all she felt was a cold climb ing up her spine while fear took over her body, she could know that it was approaching and that if she was caught would be the end.

As she ran, a glimpse of a light caught the girl's attention, she instinctively began to run toward that light non-stop.

"You don't really think you're going to run away, do you?

The strange creature then caught on to Haruka stopping in front of her, preventing her from proceeding.