Chapter 0:

Chapter 1

Shattered Aeon

Sweating, shaking, endless nightmares, still don't know what to do.


The memories keep flashing on.


Familiar faces.


Friends, comrades, enemies, screaming, growling.

*Zombies keep growling*




*Multiple gunshots*


No no no no no NO!!!!!




6 hours ago.

As the soldiers were waiting outside the north part of the mall, they surveyed the windows to see if the zombies were watching them. They saw none, while they were waiting. The commander got out of his Humvee and saw his soldiers waiting for him, the commander looked around and inhaled deeply, assuming that something terrible occurs on this mission.

He barked through his microphone "All right lads, this is it! We all know that this mission will be bloody and dangerous". He senses his men were anxious, not knowing the mission unfold before them. The Commander added, "Once we finish this mission.

Maybe we can share some drinks, it's all on me gents". Causing the men to smile at their commander's gracious offer to them.

The Commander saw his men's faces jazz up, and they looked forward to that offer when they finished the job. As they went into their respective positions, the Commander went to a soldier inspecting his M4A1 w/ silencer and his NODS.

"Private Abner Nathan" the Commander called him, causing the man named Abner Nathan to turn around and saw his commander stand before him.

He greeted and asked, "What do you need Commander?"

The Commander replied, "This is your 50th mission since the outbreak erupted 11 years ago. When we finished this last mission, I will promote you into Staff Sergeant back to the base". Abner smiled;

Frantically he knew that something worse will happen, he always knew that every day. "Aye, I don't think I deserve that rank; I was doing my job, that's all," Abner humbly said as the Commander patted his hand onto Abner's shoulder. "You think you don't deserve that? It was you who saved your family and friends from their deaths, it was you who stand up when everyone was afraid, it was you who saved us when the military's chain of command was on the brink of destruction, you share your knowledge, experience, and most of all the insights on how to deal the infected. This is your reward for your hard work and dedication to save humanity." Abner flustered.

"I don't know, sir, let's see this through. " Abner just nodded and the Commander added.

"For now, you will be a temporary leader of this operation. " After that, he left when Abner heard this, surprised, but he got no time to ask his commander. He let out an enormous sigh and went to his position.

As Abner and his men were in position as they were standing at the entrance of the mall, Abner addressed his men "This is Temporarily Leader Abner Nathan of 11th Company. Alright, this is where it goes, Squads 1 and 2 will position on the Ground floor, and the 3rd squad will position on the 2nd Floor accompanied by the 4th squad to the hallway to prevent us from splitting up. Squad 5 and 6 will position on the 3rd Floor that links to the food courts, Squad 7 and I will sweep the inside of the food court then proceed to the south part of the wall and the 2nd Platoon will hold this location until we killed the inhabitants of this building, are we clear?". When his men heard their respective orders, they nodded and entered the mall. As they entered the entrance of the mall, they greeted a small infected force, "All Squads be advised, aim from the head, they died an instant if you shoot in the head, I say it again aim for the head, over and out." Abner advised when he killed the infected and another, his men followed the advice and move forward with their objectives.

When they reached their destination, Abner and his men position themselves outside of the food court, "Alright, we reached our objective, here's the plan. James, Norman will stay at the entrance door, Douglas, Daniel will check the perimeter while me, Doyle, Lucas, Benjamin, and Caleb will sweep through the center, then clear one by one counter after clearing the middle part of the food court then to the restroom after that, go to the 2nd floor to clear each store. Are we clear?" Abner declares, that his men nodded, and they went inside and they met heavy resistance.

As they went inside, the infected attacked Douglas and Daniel, they killed them immediately, Abner and his team rushed inside as they encountered a small infected running towards them. They eliminated them and slowly move forward as they killed the infected one by one along the way, Douglas and Daniel went to the corners and covered Abner and his team while they went towards the center of the food court. "Scepter 1 to all Stations, what's your status over" Abner called out his men.

"Ground Floor East Hallway Clear"

"Second Floor East Hallway Clear "

"East side of the Stores Clear"

"1st and 2nd Floor Restrooms Clear"

Abner sighed in relief "Scepter 1 copies all, we will sweep the entire floors and stores on my call, over and out". He informed them as his team was clearing the food stands, one by one, while the two of his soldiers were holding the restroom. This caught Abner's attention as he was about to leave the area, "Hunter 1-4 to Scepter 1-1, we heard noises from the bathroom, what's your call, sir?" Hunter 1-4 asked as he readied himself to clear the area with fear in his eyes. Abner turned around and saw 4 men standing by at the food court entrance, "Iron 1-4, Iron 1-5" Abner called them, causing the two soldiers to move at his position. As Abner turns around and saw the two men were frightened and nervous. Abner and his two men back up the soldiers at the bathroom entrance, Abner give them a signal and start clearing out. As they cleared the first restroom and went to the other one, they were going to clear out. They saw a pile of corpses covering the side of the restroom, this makes the four soldiers shocked and trying to forget the scene before them. Abner, however, was stunned by what was in front of him, this fueled his anger even more. His hate for the zombies was unquestionable, the nightmares suddenly pop out of his head.

"All right men, back to your formations, we have people to save". He exclaimed as he shook his head.

The five men left the food court to clear the mall and finish their mission. 50 minutes later, as they almost finish their mission, Abner was standing in front of the wooden door as he saw his men were coming downstairs and the others were running behind him to prepare for the worst. He gave them 10 minutes to rest while they were regrouping before they start the mission. Abner immediately observed him, men, the only thing he can describe was fear. That he and everyone knew from the start, as Abner was going to order his men. Suddenly they heard a crack coming from the front door and multiple noises causing the men to flinch, they immediately step back to get a safe distance. Abner ordered one of his men to check the commotion outside and the soldier was going to open the door, an explosion erupted from the outside, causing the men inside to lose their balance, not knowing the commotion outside. They heard a roar and Abner paled as he heard that roar.

"Gobbler!!!!!" he shouted as the door shattered open, clearing the way from the infected that was attacking Abner's men.

"RUN!!!!" the soldier yelled and they run for their lives. Abner cursed as he stalled the enemy, giving his men some time to escape, but, they were too many of them.

They heard multiple screeches coming toward them and the soldiers shouted, "WITCH INCOMING!!!!"


The soldiers pull out their respective grenades from their breast pockets, the infected slowly gaining on them as the witches bypass their own to deliver a crushing blow.

Abner pulls off the pin and drops it as he runs away; his men did the same thing. After that, they went into their position buying some time for others to escape, an explosion erupted causing Abner to change his mind. "Scepter 1-1 to all stations, change of plans, go to the vehicles, I repeat, go to the vehicles. We have no chance to counter-attack. The explosion will alert the infected the entire area, we have 10 minutes to get out of here, over". Abner informed his men as they continue to run towards the east wing of the mall.

*Meanwhile, at the outside of the mall, the east wing*

The commander and his bodyguards were confused and nervous about the explosion that erupted inside the mall, the commander noticed this and informed his men to prepare for the evacuation of his soldiers inside the mall. He remembers his conversations with Abner before the operation begins.


As the Commander relaxed at his Humvee, thinking if the operation will go smoothly. He saw Abner waving at the front window. He opened the door and asked, "Commander, do you have a minute?". The Commander nodded and replied, "What is it Pvt. Abner?" Abner looked around and suggested, "Sir, I want you to know if the operation failed, I need you to prepare the extraction point fast". This shocks the commander to the core as he glared at Abner in curiosity. He has a gut to say that. "Commander, if you hear the explosions, it means we have 10 minutes to leave this area alive. I don't know if many of us will survive this upcoming massacre before us". Abner explained. The commander nodded at his concern and a backup plan. Abner releases a heavy sigh. The commander noticed this and asked, "Nervous, my child?". The Private nodded as he inspects his M4A1 again and look again at his commander, "Always". He looked at the sky and continued, "Everywhere we go, troubles always follow. Things change so quickly, and we adapt too much. All of us will never be the same," Abner continued as he and the commander looked at their men, who were fidgeting and anxious about the operation. Causing the commander acknowledges Abner's concern, Private Abner salutes his commander and went back to his post.

*Flashback Ends*

"All right, men! Go back to the vehicles! Abandoned Operation, wait for our men to return ready for departure gents!!" The commander barked his orders as he waits for Abner and his men to return.


Abner pulls himself together, and he got up, looking at his back. The smoke blocked his sight, not knowing if they delay their advance; they heard screaming in the distance, knowing that they were out of blood; he got up and saw one of his men were struggling to stand up while the others were running; he helped him, and they both left the area. They heard a roar and screaming behind them. After that, he saw a gobbler out of nowhere and was going to explode. One of his men saw it and he shot, causing the giant zombie to explode. And the men who were in the explosion radius screamed in pain. Abner cursed under his breath as he continues to run while carrying the soldier who was struggling to keep up.

Those who remain behind were now sealed in their fate. As Abner and his remaining men continued running towards the evac point, they were now in the middle part of the mall. Not knowing what will happen next, suddenly. They heard the glass breaking one by one. Abner looked around to see which part of the glass was breaking. He saw the shards of glass falling from the ceiling, looked up, and staggered by what he had seen. The zombies were breaking it through on top of the glass ceiling. Abner yelled in fear, "Zombies incoming!!!" hearing this, the soldiers look up and paced up their speed to outrun the falling zombies. They heard glass breaking one by one, and Abner saw zombies falling one by one. Some fall to their deaths and others catch the running soldiers. It scares the soldiers how they are easily subdued by them; Abner tries to help his fellow soldier until they slip, and he saw the zombie crawling toward his men. The soldier tries to break free, but soon the zombies dominated him from all sides, causing Abner to abandon him. This broke his heart to see them leaving behind. He will avenge their deaths and their efforts will not be in vain as long as he lives. He runs while the zombies fall, trying to capture him.

*Meanwhile Outside of the Mall*

While the Commander and his men were waiting for Abner and his unit, they heard multiple sounds coming from the mall. When they heard footsteps coming closer to their position, 4 soldiers scramble towards their position, aiming their rifles at the front door uneasily. The Commander looks at the door nervously, sweating that the footsteps were getting closer and closer.





"Survivors?" The Commander thought. He saw the two soldiers looking at each other nervously. He ordered the two soldiers to open the door. They nodded and went to the door to open it. As they were about to open, a soldier kicked the door forcefully, giving away for his fellow soldiers to hop on the truck. The Commander easily recognizes the soldier. It was Sgt. Davis, Arne wore a black PMC outfit, armed with his favorite FN SCAR w/ Red Dot Sight and Suppressor. He walked toward the Commander to bring the grave news, "Son you look like shit" The Commander jeered, and Davis looked at his outfit, full of blood, he shrugged off "Sir, the operation was all out of control, the zombies caught us off guard and suddenly overrun our position. We run for our lives and Abner was catching up, he will be here about a few seconds," Davis reported. The Commander dismissed him, and Davis saluted. However, the Commander called his attention and told him he will hop up at his Humvee. Davis thanked him and went inside.

*Meanwhile Inside of the Mall*

As Abner and his remaining unit were running for their lives, one by one, the zombies caught his men on all sides. Abner outruns his men and zombies to avoid being caught. Heartbroken, all I can hear is screaming along the way.







When I turned around, I saw the zombies caught the five soldiers and started eating them alive, the soldier was trying to save them, but he gets caught from the left and the zombies started eating him, Abner turns around and saw the zombie trying to grab him. He killed it and keep running towards the exit. He looked around and saw the zombies were trying to catch him, along the way he saw they ate his remaining men alive or turned into one of them. When he saw the last remaining men got captured and struggling to break free while the zombies eating them. They screamed in pain as the zombies growled and ate Abner's men like there was no tomorrow. Abner yelled in frustration as he paced up his speed and he saw the light. He makes a run for it, he heard a soldier screaming "COME ON YOU CAN MAKE IT!!" Abner yelled as he ran as best as he could. The zombies were slowly gaining on him, as he reaches the door the soldier grab him and they both ducked as the machine gun fired at the entrance, killing the zombies inside, this giving some time for both of them to get up, the commander calling out for Abner to get inside of his Humvee, Abner and the soldiers parted their ways then entered their respective Humvees. Davis looked at Abner as he entered the Humvee, "Sir, what happened? " He asked before Abner going to answer, they heard the glass breaking and they turned around and saw zombies falling from the building as they were breaking it through the window.

Commander startled and yelled, "STEP ON IT!!!" the driver drove and they left the area, as they left, the Commander saw through the rearview mirror, he counted the vehicles, and the zombies were trying to catch up with them on the background. With approximately 6 vehicles unexpectedly, the gobbler slammed into the m939 truck, and soon after, the zombies swarmed the truck and its people inside, even though they collide with each other. The remaining soldiers, including himself, were downhearted and miserable for what they have seen. They lose so many men, the people they work with, and spend time together, both fun or worse. Where now gone forever, Abner gritted his teeth and clenched his hand as he slammed the door to let out his frustration, anger, sorrow, and most of all guilt, he weeps for his friends this gave Davis a sob as he wanted to save his friends as well.

The Commander stared at Abner, and he too feels awful for what was happening today. He knew that this was the price they pay. Right now, they were going back to the base to replenish their strength and fight for another day until they exterminate the zombies forever.