Chapter 47:

7.5K Reads Milestone Raffle Results

ALTaccounti's Roasting Book! (Discontinued)

Its been 3 days!

Okay before I announce the obvious winner imma go on a bit of a rant prepare to get y'all booty roasted!

Last time people apparently had brain cells and took the opportunity for free clout and marketing well this time nobody was here.

Bruh Ya’ll be shilling 24/7 but when you get the chance to get something that people aren’t willing to do unless your reader base is massive Y’all be sleeping.

Like you couldn’t just take off 2 min of Genshin Impact to post a quick comment.

You were unable to stay 2 min off League Of Legends to post a comment.

You couldn’t just pause your messed up NTR Hentai for 2 min in order to post a comment.

Heck if y’all weren’t even able to do that, then when do y’all even shower, or go outside?

No wonder everyone is maidenless!

Everyone's writing skill is way better than me using big English words with complex characters and plot developments, nonetheless for some reason don’t even 1 IQ to spare to have a chance at free content for your book to get that shilling in, as it doesn’t only benefit me but also you my G!

Well tbh I don't even benefit myself that much since my novels read count is pretty the same lmao.

Anyways among big brains there were 2 Einsteins, the ones that possessed true intelligence which are Kuromaru and ArufaBeta the only 2 that entered in the first place!

Congrats to both of you!

Kuromaru has won 1 chapter of Bullshit Style!


ArufaBeta has chosen 3 chapters of Parody style!

So from now on the projects are w.i.p.

Btw for people that triggered, don’t be It’s clearly a joke, however I am still a bit disappointed tho T-T eh whatever!

Also I made A Youtube Channel simply called ALTaccounti where I will be posting the Audiobooks and make additional content so drop a sub if you want!

Until next time!

Kuromaru (クロまる)