Chapter 405:

Chapter 405: Dark Matter Spreads

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 405: Dark Matter Spreads

Narrator: Rayna stands on the roof of a building in Kunasha City and she is ready to unleash the dark matter.

*Rayna starts charging magic*

Rayna: Now, let the fun begin.

*Rayna uses her index finger and creates a horizontal cut in the air. The purple-colored dark matter starts to spill out from the cut. Dark matter spills out at a fast rate and starts to cover the city*

Rayna: Yes! This city will become the first home of dark matter on Earth!

*Chaos happens as people try and fail to run from the spreading dark matter*

Rayna: Yes, truly magnificent. Now then…

*Rayna pulls out a cell phone and starts calling someone*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Miranda’s house.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Miranda hear all the panic outside and look out the window to see the dark matter spreading out in the distance. Zeth opens his eyes wide in horror*

Zeth: No way…

*The phone in the house starts ringing*

Sasha: Someone is calling?

Miranda: At a time like this?

*Zeth walks up to the phone and answers it*

Zeth: Hello?

*Zeth’s expression turns to shock as he hears who it is*

Rayna: Hello, Zeth. It’s Rayna. These mortal devices they call cell phones are quite interesting.

Zeth: What the hell do you want!?

Rayna: I just called to let you know this city is being covered in dark matter as we speak.

*Zeth looks annoyed*

Zeth: I can tell.

Rayna: Oh, no need to sound so angry. This will be fun.

Zeth: Define fun.

Rayna: You come out and try to survive. It’s that simple. I wonder if you can pull it off? You know, I thought I saw someone leaving your house just a bit ago. I wonder how he’s doing?

*Zeth has an expression of terror on his face*

Zeth: Dad!!!

*Zeth hangs up on Rayna*


*Rayna laughs as she puts away her phone*

Rayna: Hahahahahaha! This is too great! This will be even more fun than I initially thought!


*In Miranda’s house, Zeth starts running towards the door*

Zeth: Mom, you need to escape this city! Sasha, let’s go! My step-dad is in danger!

*Zeth and Sasha run outside*

Sasha: Not only is your step-dad in trouble, but so are Emily, Joe, and Keith.

Zeth: We will do what we can for everyone!

*The dark matter continues to spread through the city*

Sasha: We have another problem! What exactly are we going to do about the dark matter!? We might be dooming ourselves just by running into it!

Zeth: I know but what else can we do!?

*They head towards the dark matter that is spreading out in their direction*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily, Joe, and Keith are still inside the weapon store as the dark matter spreads around outside*

Emily: What the—!?

Joe: Is that… dark matter!? This isn’t good.

Keith: It doesn’t look like it’s getting inside so far.

Joe: Don’t bet on it staying that way!

*The dark matter starts turning the people outside into purplish zombies with glowing yellow eyes*

Keith: It looks like we are about to be a part of a zombie outbreak!

*The zombies start trying to break into the store*

Emily: This isn’t good…!

Joe: If they break into the store, there won’t be anything stopping the dark matter!

*Despite that, dark matter starts to seep in before the zombies are able to break into the store. Not only that, the zombies’ banging starts to leave cracks on the glass windows*

Joe: Shopkeeper, you better hide somewhere! This is about to get ugly!

Shopkeeper: Right!

*The shopkeeper goes through a door and farther back into the store*

*Joe, Emily, and Keith stand back, clenching their teeth waiting for whatever will happen next*

Keith: We have no idea what kind of effects the dark matter will have on us since we are not ordinary humans.

Emily: There might be no escaping it. We have to fight.

*The zombies break the glass and they and the dark matter start going into the store*

Joe: This is it!


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona is approached by the female angel general, Zentano*

Zentano: My goddess, the city of Kunasha is being covered in dark matter. What are your orders?

*Harmona is shocked*

Harmona: Did you say Kunasha!? That’s where Zeth and the others are!

*Harmona punches a hole in the wall next to her*

Harmona: Damn it! I want our forces sent down there right away! We can’t let that city fall!

Narrator: The dark matter has begun spreading through the city! Can the heroes stop it?

Chapter 405 END

To be Continued in Chapter 406: The Woman’s Secret