Chapter 406:

Chapter 406: The Woman’s Secret

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 406: The Woman’s Secret

Narrator: While the chaos outside unfolds, Miranda is up to something…

*Miranda is walking through her house*

Miranda: (Thinking) It’s time that I make my move. No more charades. I have to fight.

*Miranda starts walking down some steps into the basement*

Miranda: (Thinking) I will finally unsheathe it.

*Miranda walks in front of a bookshelf and starts rearranging the books on the shelf*

Miranda: (Thinking) I will enter in this secret place for the first time in a long time

*She finishes rearranging the books and the bookshelf slides to the right and reveals a pathway*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Within the weapons shop, Emily, Joe, and Keith start fighting the zombies that rush into the shop. They start off by punching the zombies which are effective but the dark matter spreads into the store, giving them something else to worry about*

*The dark matter spreads quickly and it soon covers the entire room. However, it doesn’t appear to do anything to the heroes*

Joe: We’re not zombifying?

Emily: Probably because we’re not normal humans.

Joe: Works for me!

*Joe punches a zombie but it does minimal damage*

Joe: My attack didn’t do much!?

*Emily and Keith notice their punches aren’t doing much damage either*

Keith: Yeah! What gives…!?

Joe: We’re not zombifying but our attacks are becoming weaker!

*Emily immediately takes out her Ability Sword and slashes at a zombie. The sword makes a sloppy cut and doesn’t do much damage either. Emily is shocked*

Emily: Sword! Red!

*Emily’s sword glows red and she does another slash which cuts the zombie in half*

Emily: I know it made a clean cut but the fact I need to use a highly lethal ability to take out a zombie is disturbing!

*Keith goes into his red demon form*

Keith: It’s like attending a drunken rave! If we have to go hard, then so be it! I’m going to need a drink after this!

*Keith rushes towards some zombies and punches the front zombie hard, knocking it into the others which knocks them all back*

Emily: Even now, you’re still referencing and wanting alcohol!?

Keith: You’re damn right I am!

Joe: In a time like this, we all need something to look forward to!

*Joe charges up his magic. He creates a lot of razor hail in front of him*

Joe: Gale Force Winds!

*The winds knock all of the zombies out of the store and back them onto a building across the street. The winds also send the razor hail flying towards the zombies*

Joe: I’m sorry everyone, but I have no choice!

*The zombies all get shredded by the razor hail*

Keith: That’s all of them coming after us.

Joe: Until just a bit ago, those were just ordinary people… I feel terrible.

Keith: You did what you had to. We don’t want to hurt these people but we have to protect ourselves.

Emily: He’s right, Joe. Now, we need to get out of here and try to find Zeth and Sasha.

*They leave the shop and run out onto the streets. As they leave the shop, the zombified shopkeeper comes out from his hiding place, revealing that he too could not be saved from the dark matter*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha enter the dark matter and encounter many zombies at a park. Zeth tries to punch one but it barely does any damage*

Zeth: What!?

Sasha: Let me try this!

*Sasha summons Hellhounds and they bite onto the zombies but, once again, not much damage is done*

Sasha: These zombies can’t be that strong!

Zeth: Maybe it’s not them being strong but us getting weaker! We have no idea how the dark matter affects us!

*The zombie Zeth punched now tries to punch Zeth. Zeth tries to block with his arm but the punch is powerful enough to damage him and knock him back*

Sasha: This is ridiculous!

*Sasha summons her Hell Serpent, a giant snake. The serpent gobbles up the zombie that punched Zeth and swallows it*

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: It’s clear that we are going to use a lot of power to take them out.

Sasha: We will rely on my Hell Serpent! Hop on!

*Sasha and Zeth get on the Hell Serpent and ride it while it starts eating the zombies*

Sasha: This seems like a good tactic at the moment. As long as my Hell Serpent can eat them, it should save us a lot of energy.

*Sasha is then blasted off the Hell Serpent by an energy beam from the side*

Zeth: What the hell released that!?

*Sasha sits up on the ground and rubs her shoulder*

Sasha: I guess “at the moment” was right…

*They look to the side*

*The beam came from a tree that became monstrous because of the dark matter. It even has a jack-o-lantern-like face. The tree prepares another energy beam*

Zeth: You have to be kidding me…!


Narrator: Back to Miranda.

*Miranda enters an ancient-looking room. There, she finds a very old-looking chest on a table at the end of the room. She goes up to the chest and opens it up. There is a sheathed katana lying in the chest.

Miranda: I will finally wield this blade again…

*She picks it up and leaves the room*

*When Miranda gets back to the family room, she sees a zombie enter her house along with dark matter. The zombie is a zombified Jack. Miranda has an almost sorrowful look on her face*

Miranda: I’m sorry, my dear husband.

*Zombie Jack starts rushing towards her while moaning*

*Miranda quickly unsheathes the katana and slashes. After finishing the slash, she has a serious expression on her face*

*Zombie Jack has a clean cut on his chest and dark matter spews out of the wound. He falls to the ground. A close-up of the hilt of the katana shows that it has a demonic skull on the guard*

Narrator: The heroes begin a more difficult than expected battle against the forces of dark matter! However, Miranda has shown that she has secrets… The katana has a demonic skull on it. What does that indicate?

Chapter 406 END

To be Continued in Chapter 407: The Difficulty Only Goes Up From Here